Neuro Pilates: Cool down

So hopefully we're all ready for the cooldown now I'm sure we're all ready for the cooldown now! So what we're going to do is just start off with a little bit of walking on the spot

Similar to what we practiced in the warm-up, just lifting one heel and then the other Breathing in breathing out Let us really think about that posture Think about your helium balloon, the gap between your ears and shoulders The shoulders being relaxed That ribcage is still soft, your pelvis is in the neutral position

Does everybody still have their pelvic floor, and lower abdominal muscles working? That lovely gentle contraction Ok, so let's just do a few more of this walking on the spot to flush through the ankles We'll do three, two and one more and let the heels rest Then turn okay so what we're going to do then is we're going to bring in your band Now if you've got a piece of band at home I'd recommend using the band

but I would also recommend you using a pair of safety glasses, if you don't already have a pair of glasses on the off chance that the band might snap and catch If you don't have a piece of band, you might find that a scarf or a belt or something similar will give you the same movement As long as it's not digging into your foot and it feels quite comfortable So what we're going to do is we're going to pop that band around your foot making sure that you have got the ball of your foot supported in the band And then we're going to start off just pointing the toes and lifting it to us

So we point and we lift Make sure you're keeping that posture Still got that helium balloon attached to the crown of your head You can think about your favorite colour, and anytime you see something that color think that your balloons that color as well We're going to take it round in circles, so nice big circles with the ankle

Making sure the movement is coming from the ankle, the hip is nice and still, the knee is nice and still So keep the heel resting on the floor And pausing there we are going to change the direction and we'll do two, and one, and then keeping that leg out in front of you, pulling the toes towards you we're going to lean forward to stretch out these hamstrings So I want you to keep the back out nice and straight and leaning forwards from the hips till you feel that stretch in the hamstrings So we're going to hold that stretch for 20 seconds or so

Lovely, and let's bring yourself back up tall And we're going to swap to the other foot So the other foot is starting out in front, and we point and we lift the foot So point, and lift Again the movement coming from the ankle using the band to assess that pull up if youneed to

And suddenly if you feel that the foot is turning inwards, pull a little bit on the outside of the band just to bring the foot back into line As we point and we lift and let us take the foot round in circles So keeping the heel on the floor so we know the movements coming from the ankle itself And changing the direction And then keeping that foot out in front, pull the toes towards you as we lean forward from the hip

Again keeping that back lovely and straight, so the movements coming from the hip and you're feeling this stretch in these hamstrings Good, so holding that stretch for another three, two, one And bringing that leg back in Lovely! Let's pop the band down by your side It's a little bit more with the upper body

So let's bring the arms out in front of you and also breathe out We're going to bring one arm to the side and follow it with the head to open that chest We will breathe in to hold that stretch and then breathing out to bring the arm back to the starting position And then the other side, so let's breathe out to open and turn Breathing in to hold and breathing out to return

So we're keeping the knees facing forwards, the knees still hip-width apart You get a lovely stretch in through that spine Lovely And resting these arms down by your side As we come on to our upper body roll

So for the upper body roll, we're gonna roll one shoulder back Reach down to the side Now if you have osteoporosis just bring yourself back up to the starting position from here Otherwise we're going to roll forwards and gently restack that spine bone by bone, so we're back up into our starting position And the same to the other side, roll the shoulder back, reach down

Either hold the stretch then come back up, or we roll forwards and restack bone by bone And again so we'll roll back we'll reach down We'll roll forwards, and restack our bones at a time And then one more time And let's reach the hands up to the ceiling

And then as we breathe out we stretch up We stretch up We reach up, and we reach up And we'll let the arms melt down by your side and that's us finished for today! Well done!

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