MS Active Together | Seated & Standing Pilates Workout for MS

Hi My name is Beth Svarovska and this is my client and friend Alvina

I specialised in teaching Pilates for people with MS and we're happy to share a session with you today which involves seated and standing exercises We have some resistance bands here quite long ones These are quite easily accessible from sport shops If we start with the stronger side leg first of all I'm going to wrap the foot

Let me help here Putting the centre of the band underneath the pad of the foot, wrapping around, And then you've got the two ends to hold on and the foots really secure in the band there It's fine to do these seated exercises on a dining chair, or in your rolater for example, whatever is the most convenient for you, most accessible Alvina, if you're happy just to gently lift that leg Do you feel secure ? Yeah

Yeah Lovely So finding your best posture just there That's it And then working through making the alphabet there with your foot

Now, of course you could make different shapes You could write a positive message for yourself or you could be sketching a picture, or you could be composing some music Notice how the band here is providing both facilitation and resistance This is helping to keep the ankle mobile, the feet supple

And notice the feel of the band under your foot Alvina I mean if you can to relax the shoulders Keep the head centered That's it And the lightness and the lift through the spine at the centre

So where did you get to? Did you go through the alphabet? 'U' 'U' Waouh Let's zoom on to 'Z' Happy days *Laughter* You're ready to rest? Yeah Okay So let's unwrap the foot And put it down and just notice how that feels

And then we'll move on to the other side Yes please Okay Excuse me So we'll just go through this again So the center of the band goes underneath the main ball of the foot and then one end wraps around

We've got the foot wrapped up there and then you can hold both ends You might find your own best way to do this So again when you're ready Comfortably upright

Notice the nice gentle length at the back of the lower leg And aiming to take your foot through its comfortable range of movement And if you're doing musical notes or letters, you'll notice it moves your foot in all sorts of directions So if you're walking and your foot encounters an uneven patch of pavement, your foot will have been moving in all sorts of directions and perhaps makes it easier to respond to that It's going to help with your stability, balance, ankle strength, keeping the calf supple

and as we're always looking to do, try and resist the foot drop, as much as we can Aware of the rest of your posture So you remembering to keep your head as centered as you can over the pelvis Relaxing the shoulders and continuing to breathe as deeply as is comfortable for you There I saw the 'Z'

That's it Okay, so let's unwrap Okay so again if you just notice how that feels Even on both sides Good, lovely So

You can try standing up now but you could do this exercise very well seated Should we see, should we test your legs? Okay So just coming up to standing So Alvina is bringing her weight forwards They're Nice and secure

Okay, all right So, if you take this behind the mid-upper back So, I'll just slot it behind for you Alvina And then just holding the band quite lightly Okay

Rather than having them crossed over That's it Just holding them there Okay All right

And then lightly across the body, feel the shoulder blades broaden And opening up elbows can come free of the body It's a really nice postural Opening the chest exercise here We can be light and flowing with your movement

With comfortably tall shoulder blades moving closer to the spine and then further away from the spine again We're breathing in as the chest opens Exhaling As we feel the shoulder blades broaden Okay

Let's make this the last pair Lovely And then when you rest your arms down Alvina, just take a note of of how that's feeling for your upper back? Lovely Okay So that's gonna help us stay more upright and open hopefully

Okay Feel ready for another sit down? Yes Yeah Okay All right

Let's have a seat just here That's it So bending the knees reaching the bottom back into the chair Feel your weight distributed as evenly as possible between the two sitting bones That's it

Okay So we can continue with the band here We're gonna wrap the legs This is a great exercise for leg strength And as such will also be helping with balance That stability required for balance and walking

You can hold the band here If you hold the two ends there Now Alvina could also have tied this When you hold the band, it's going to give your arms extra exercise But you could just focus it on the legs, by keeping the bound tied up

Okay So when you're ready We'll take a breath in to prepare, and then exhaling open the legs into the bound Yeah Can you feel the side of the bottom work? Yeah

Good And when we need to breathe in Let the legs coming back together again So just keeping it moving here Listening to your body

And return Breath in to prepare Breath out to move Can you feel the pelvic floor lifting ? The tummy connecting as you breathe out? It's all fired up It's all fired up It's great So muscles waste after twelve to twenty-four hours of inactivity

And so regular fire ups make all the difference, in terms of keeping us strong and able to do things we want to do in life So you can feel your arms working here, can't you? As you help provide the resistance for the legs Let's do two more if you're feeling okay for that That's good Breath in to prepare

Breath out to move Go to the end of the out-breath Feel the tummy connect as you breathe out Well done Lovely

Okay All right So shall we test the legs again? Yeah So ready to stand up Okay

So feet coming slightly behind you Weight coming forward Use the bottom to catch the top Lovely I'm going to come around the other side

This is our ballet series Okay So we can use our ballet bar here for support You could turn your rolater to the side as well That's alright

There you go So I'm gonna make sure Alvina got all the space she needs just here Okay alright So let's take our arm up in front So we just sink the shoulder blade down and let the arms float out to the side

That's it feel the chest opening there And then we'll follow that with the leg Let's slide the one leg away And then Can we open it to the side? That's it And then bring it in

And again So as if pressing through a thick liquid, feel the side of the bottom working Notice how it feels for the other leg Let's do one more here Feeling comfortably tall

Shoulder blade moving Chest opening And return Are you happy to stay on this side? Alright So, we'll take the leg behind and then out to the side

Okay So we're going to have the arm float up in front And now the legs extending behind Fill the buttock connect And open us at the front of the hip

And then we'll open out to the side again And then slide it back in Towards the supporting leg Okay, let's go again Reach out with that arm

Shoulder blade drops down Keep open Let's sweep it out to the side this time Just slide it out to the side Yeah

Okay Let's do one more just here Head centered Gaze to the horizon Lovely for posture

Got that leg That's it Imbalance Take the leg out to the side Graceful flowing movement

And return Just spend a moment here Notice how that's feeling So have a little sit down here That's it

So you may be aware of the squatting exercise But it might not be that every day you're quite up for some squats We will do some standing ones towards the end But how can we do it in in seated So let's shuffle our bottoms forwards

And we can kind of walk the bottom forward as we do So we're not going to aim to actually stand up We're just going to kind of go through the process that we might do in order to stand up This is our seated squat So if you feel your feet secure beneath you

Just hinge the body slightly forwards That's it And then press into the floor through the feet Feel the bottom connect the pelvic lining lift And then just relaxing down

So great for leg strength You don't even have to stand up to get a really good workout with this one So push into the floor through the soles of your feet Feel the sitting bones come together Pelvic floor lifting into the tummy

Okay So as ever the breath in to prepare And then the breath out to get the work on Push the floor away Feel the bottom come together

And resting down So you should feel the thighs working, the bottom working and the tummy working here And there Relaxing just there *Laughter* That's it

As you hinge forward I hope you feeling the stretch around the back of the body there I have got the stretch Lovely Okay

Okay And coming up when you're ready Okay Going to do some spine movement now Lovely in terms of keeping the spine feeling comfortable and also good for our responsiveness in terms of any unevenness in the in the pavements etc

And everyday life, reaching for cups and and the crafts that we that we want to do So we'll use the resistance bands again now for a lovely exercise which is going to help strengthen the arms, open the chest So great for our posture and and for our balance as a result Okay, so Okay

So if we hook these under your feet Alvina Okay There we go Okay lovely

So again So lifting the breastbone gazing forwards And then on the exhale draw the band backwards And then if you are ready to breathe in And there we go

So aiming to avoid hunting the shoulders If we can shoulder blades come together at back Collarbones open out So if you'd like to do this in standing you could have a partner or a friend to hold the band for you, or you could just sling it round a door handle or a banister In fact, Alvina has got several resistance bands around your house

Haven't you? In different positions One in every room Yeah So different exercises for every room So Alvina got straight arms here

Where are you feeling this working Alvina? In the top of my arms, and my chest, and my shoulders Yeah Lovely And at the back of my arms Okay So it's quite as strong exercise isn't it

But you could have the band looser if you wanted to make it that bit easier Or tighter if you wanted to add more resistance and they come in different resistances as well So you've got full full flexibility Let's try some with the bent arms So sliding the bent arms back alongside you

That's it We've got a bit of a bicep curl That's nice There we go Okay How's that feeling? Wonderful

Lovely Okay So let's do two more like this Just giving a taster here So keep the breastbone up, the gaze up

The back of the arm is now lengthening as Alvina bends at the elbow That's it A length around the back of the arm and then controlled opening at the front Breath in to prepare As you exhale again

Feel the tummy connect Maintaining your natural upright posture And then smooth steady, asking the same of each side Yeah Lovely

Let's come up to standing So it may be that standing feels like a challenge And if it does you could have all the chairs around you to support you You could have people to support you But it's great to get your body weight up in standing if you possibly can

Important for bone health, bone density We can try a little mini squat here You could go deeper if you wish So chair behind you There could be a chair in front for support as well

So Alvina if you That's it So wide stable position Reaching the sitting bones towards the chair as if you're going to sit into it Not necessarily going to touch the chair that wouldn't be necessary the goal That's it

And then, push the floor away Feel the sitting bones connect Pelvic lining lifts into the tummy That's it So you might have a very high bar stool in your mind's eye behind you

Or it could be a dining chair in your mind's eye or a beanbag Just getting the knees bending, ankles melting and bending, hips moving Moving is going to be developing control and strength around these major joints Bring the bottom through as she come up to standingWill take a breath in at the top

So let's do two more here Bending at the hips, knees and ankles Reach the bottom behind you Sitting bones have widened and then push the floor away Knees and hips on fold together, fully straight at the top gaze on the horizon

Let's make this the last one Strong leg, stable legs, mobile ankles mobile hips Everything working together Well done So noticing how that feels

And we'll have a little bit of spine mobility to finish off here All right So just thinking of your pelvis noticing where it is to start with, and then we'll go into a scoopy forward bottom here Feel the spine respond, let the gaze come down The length at the back of the body

And then in the other direction, we're breathing out the scoopy backward bottom Tummy stretches a gaze heads up towards the lamps Yeah And again Scoopy forward bottom

Feel the spine respond Comfortable length all the way to the back of the head, and then in the other direction Tummy stretches The shoulder blades slide together Let your gaze go up as the breastbone lifts

Yeah Let's do one more like this Well done And this the last one You're the figurehead on your own ship

Gaze Yeah Come on back into alignment Okay And a little rotation Let your arms come in front

The arms could be rested down if you wish, but reaching forwards And let your head turn in the opposite direction And then coming back through the center And in the other direction and reach away Let your gaze lead your head

Feel the shoulders moving The whole of the spine moving The pelvis is free to move Okay We'll make this the last pair

Notice here the weight going down into this leg And then notice the weight going into the other leg That's it Yeah And then coming back into alignment

All right So either seated or standing now, we'll just have a quick review of how you feel Okay Just notice the contact of your feet to the floor beneath you Aware of your ankles

The direction your knees are pointing And the support around the pelvis Noticing the length of your spine, all the way to the top of your head Notice the space across the chest, and the space across the upper back The mobile shoulder blades, and acknowledging the arms, acknowledging the fingers

And you can bring one or both hands to your tummy if you wish If you feel secure If you feel happy to let your eyes close, please do And again just letting your breath settle Noticing how that feels

So opening your eyes when you feel ready And that brings us to the end of our standing and seated suggested exercise sequence with the MS Society today But we'll look forward to when you are joining us again soon

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