Mat Pilates: Stay at Home Exercises

In this video, we're going to do some mat Pilates exercise that you can do from home Start with laying down on your back with your knees bent, with your arms long by your side, your pelvis and spine neutral, and slowly lift your right leg to tabletop and lifting and lowering, alternating while keeping your pelvis in neutral

All of this exercise is to keep your pelvis and your spine neutral while you're moving your legs So make sure you feel the muscle in your core rather than in your legs If you started feeling your back, you could stop this exercise So inhale, when you lift, exhale when you lower your leg Inhale, then exhale

Inhale, then exhale Inhale with your nose, exhaling with your mouth Then we progress to single leg stretch Slowly extend your right leg out, then reciprocate with your other leg Then reach

Exhale when you reach Inhale when you, when you switch Exhale when you reach So it's challenging your coordination and sustained endurance while contracting your abdominals Slowly bring your hands behind your head and curl your upper body up

Then extend your leg reaching for the other wall So you're in a flexion position in your spine, feeling your abdominals, building up your endurance And add a twist, right elbow, left knee, left elbow, right knee, working your oblique muscles Inhale, then exhale Use your oblique to flex and rotate the spine rather than pushing with your head forward

The next exercise is double legged stretch, imprinted back Hands outside your knee Slowly curl your upper body up, extend your arms and legs Then circle around Inhale, then exhale, circle around

Inhale, then exhale, circle around So extend the arm as far as you can able to keep your thoracic spine in flexion Inhale, then exhale Inhale, then arm circle around Then we'll progress to hip roll

Slowly melt your back to the mat Then raise your hips up to the ceiling Engage in your hamstring and your glutes First, roll your hips, imprint your lower back Lift the hips up

And concentrate on engaging your muscles in glutes and hamstring One of the principles of Pilates is concentration and to a point you're moving your body correctly, that you're, it's already in your subconscious It's not about the number of repetition you do It's about the precision of how you do the exercise And Pilates is not about the number of repetition you do, but it's more focused on precision rather than repetition

We'll progress to shoulder bridge Slowly raise your hips up with your right leg vertical and slowly lift and lower, while pointing and flexing your ankle for your coordination This exercise also challenges your multifidus It's a stabilizer in your deeper spine that prevents you from rotating So it's the one that's keeping your pelvis from not dropping

So that's your multifidi or multifidus So inhale when you lift, then exhale when you lower, keeping your glutes and hamstring engaged, keeping the pelvis in stable position Next one is scissors And slowly curl your upper body up Both legs up

Then lower your one leg down, then pull the top leg So inhale when you switch, exhale when you pull So [breathing] Then bring your both legs together and lower your head down Then feet down Thanks so much for watching and til the next video

Bye [music]

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