Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates/10 Signature Moves

[ Music ] >> Hi, this is my 10 signature moves tutorial This is where I show you how to get the most out of your accelerator

One of my favorite exercises in the Pilates workout is the Pilates 100 because that increases your circulation and warms up the heart and lungs We usually do it by breathing in and out through our nose for a count of five and pumping our arms But, you can do the same thing and accomplish the same thing by pumping your legs instead I love using the accelerator for this exercise because you will be pumping your legs, sculpting your legs and you will be sculpting your arm and it will help you pull into your powerhouse So, Alyssa you're going to put your handles on your feet, good

I refer to these as slippers now because they're going on our feet In order to keep those slippers on your feet, you want to keep your heels together and either flex on the mat or when you lift the legs up you need to have that resistance towards top and you need to keep your heels together, alright Now, take your bar and let's roll your resistance towards up This is also great because it helps you to warm-up your wrist and you fingers It's great for people who have arthritis and other ailments in their hands

Pull your tummy in and roll down vertebra by vertebra, that's it, beautiful Now, you're going to extend your arms over your head, that's beautiful Bring your knees in and stretch your legs up and lets lower the legs down as comfortably as you can Hold the tummy in, hold the ribs in, lift your head and shoulders up, up the mat So, here we go pumping the legs and inhale and exhale

So, she's doing a running motion and she's breathing 'cause she's increasing her circulation And she's also sculpting her arms The nature of this position will help her pull into the powerhouse a little bit more So, that's really an extra added bonus, good And again, keep your breathing even, that's it

Sometimes I call this running with no place to go 'cause she's stationary But this is also great, again, for your circulation it gets your heart rate up, that's it, one more, inhale, exhale breath that all the air, beautiful Now, I want you to bend your knees in as you roll your resistance cords on your bar and place your bar on your shins, lower your head down And that was your running 100 This next exercise is a personal favorite of mine

I love to do the advance criss cross and sometimes it's a little bit difficult to control But when you use your accelerator you've got the resistance cords to help you do this exercise it makes me feel like I'm really accomplishing something, and I feel my powerhouse, and I feel my buttocks So, let's make that connection and let's put our slippers on our feet Remember, this are slippers now when they're on your feet, you're going to keep those slippers on, you're going to keep your heels together, right? Especially on this next one, you got to squeeze that inner seam, I know So, let's our bar and roll the resistance cords up on the bar, good

Warming up the fingers and wrists, this is great Now, pull your tummy in and roll down on the mat, beautiful Oh, now here we go, are you ready for this? A little rock and roll as they say Now, I want you to stretch your arms out And I want you to lift your legs up, squeezing your heels together you really have to squeeze here, squeeze the buttock

So, what we're going to do is going to roll to one side and balance on your hip, here we go, rock and roll girl Come on, there you go up Now, pull your center and in come up to center, that's it And up squeeze your legs together, don't forget to breathe and come back to center You see how those cords help you, it's great

And come up, good You should try this without the cords, it's even harder, there you go And up, I think we can do two more, make sure you squeeze those legs together Pull the tummy in and reach long, rock and roll it girl, come on, one more time And up, that's it

And pull your tummy in and come back, good Now, roll your resistance cords up on your bar, bend your knees and lower your head down And rest your bar on your legs, good Now, that's what's rock and roll if I ever saw it It's the advance criss cross, rock and roll

You know, breathing is such an important part of working out How many times have you come to a difficult exercise and you find yourself holding your breath That's the worst time to hold your breath, you will now always constantly breath through the movement so that you can feed oxygen to the muscles so they can perform more efficiently So, now we're going to do an exercise, that will help train you to do that And you're going to get a little butt workout to

So, take your bar, this is all you need is the bar portion of your accelerator, you're going to lie down on your bag with control, good Now, raise your arms up and then one of the thing about this is, well, as if this is the same way that we do it on our piece of equipment called the Cadillac in the studio So, you're going to roll your hips up, and take your bar to your thighs at the same time as you inhale then you're going to hold your breath So, let's try that Here we go, inhale roll up and reach down and hold your breath, three counts, that's it

Now, you roll down, vertebra by vertebra So, you're stretching your spine as well and bring the bar up Again, you're going to inhale, press the bar down, good, breathe deeply into the lungs, that's it Pulling the ribs in, squeezing the buttocks And rolling down through the spine and bringing the arms up

Again, scooping the hips up and reaching long with the arms So, now we've got the shoulders down, the chest lifted, you're holding your breath You're getting your body ready and exhale, rolling down Let's do one more time And inhale, squeeze the buttocks, good

Reaching with the arms, you see how that can support you to keep your shoulders down So, there's many different uses and exhale rolling slowly vertebra by vertebra, that's it, exhaling Now, bring your bar and rest it in your lap That's a great breathing exercise and it will help you with all my accelerator workouts The teaser is a signature move of Pilates, it requires balance, control and a very, very strong powerhouse

Most people find this exercise very challenging But the use of our weighted bar, this is portion of our accelerator that I love, will help you pull deeper into your powerhouse and give you a little bit of support that you can do some of this challenging exercises a little easier So, I'd like us to demonstrate to you how this works This is a single leg teaser, take one leg over the bar, good Now, she's balancing, she's seating up tall but she has the foot down here obviously to help her

So, were going to take that luxury away from her Stretch one leg out, the bottom leg out and stretch your arms, good, there's your balance Now, roll down vertebra by vertebra scooping the hips underneath you, lift the head and roll back up, reaching with the arm, one more time Rolling down and lift up the head and rolling up, now take your hands to the middle and circle your legs around with control, good, beautiful and roll down, and lift your head and come up One more time and roll down, lengthen those legs out, use your powerhouse and roll up vertebra by vertebra

Hook this leg over Put this foot on the mat and sit-up tall So, you've just done the single leg teaser which is a lot of fun, isn't it? Yeah, you enjoyed that Did you? Good But it is really nice to use our weighted bar portion of the accelerator to help you find your powerhouse

This is my muscle sculpting teaser and it does work every area of the body from the top of your head to the tip of your toe, wouldn't you agree? We do the side kick series and the mat work and we usually do it without any support and I love using the resistance cord portion of our accelerator because it's going to help you get deeper into the muscle and it's going to get your results so much faster Look at this, you pull and your resist or whenever you're using this, remember, don't pull and just like let it go because that's not good for the muscle Think of the resistance cord as being part of your muscle as you work, that's what's going to get you the great result So, we're going to demonstrate an exercise that we do called leg up and down for our inner thigh and our other thighs So, let's put the loop around one foot, good

Hold on, lie down on your side, in your side kick position And remember, you're good posture when you're lying down, your chest is up So, don't be like this when you lying down Everything is open and lifted and beautiful The leg is slightly rotated open to the knee is facing towards the ceiling and the foot is pointed

If you find that you resistant cord doesn't feel stable there, simply take your arms out a little further and that will help you All right So, we're going to lift up and down, six times Here we go, lift the leg now resist it down So, you're reaching through the air

Again, lift and resist it down So, when you come down lift the leg up, it's almost like I'm pulling your leg and making it longer with each move So, you have to really reach from your hip So, you're using double resistance, you have a coming up and then you make it more coming down, that's it Up and resist, and one more time, and up and resist down

Now, keep the legs there, see if you can reach that leg a little longer, come on, you can do it, see Now, let's keep the leg that long and lift up Let's do two of these and reach it long, good Again, lift up and reach it longer, that's what I'm talking about Now, you've just completed a side kick sculpt

I think one of the hardest places to sculpt and slim on a woman's body is the inner thigh area It's very difficult to do on your own And now, we have this resistance cord that will help you get into that area deeper so you can sculpt and slim your inner thighs in no time One of my favorite things to do is the thigh squeeze So, we do this in our side kick series

So, take this and place it on your foot The loop goes on the bottom foot now, not the top foot So, the top leg is free, good Now, nice posture in the upper body and lets lengthen this leg up about six inches, right to there What you're going to do is pull on your cords and lift the leg up to the other leg, here we go

One and two, gosh, that's not enough of a challenge for you, I think that we can lift the leg up just a little bit higher, that's it, now, you're working your inner and outer side Here we go, lengthen the leg and lift up one and down, that's better, good Now, do you feel that? I sure hope so, good And up, resist it down, two more, up and down, that's the way you do it with control Remember, we love that control, good

Now, take the loop off your foot and come to a seated position And that's a great exercise for the inner, wouldn't you agree? That was my thigh squeeze There are many different uses of our accelerator, one of my favorite is to take the resistance chords off the accelerator with the door attachment and put it behind the door So, you have security Now, voila, we have like leg springs that we use in the studio with the Cadillac

Everyone loves the leg springs Nothing tones and firms and lengthens the legs more than the leg spring series You also increase your flexibility, you work on balance, control, you have to use your powerhouse, you use your whole body So, it's not really just about the legs, you engage the whole body in this work One of my favorite things that demonstrates that is the bicycle

I call it the bicycle burn, all right? So, I'm going to hand this to you This is our handles but now we're going to put them on the feet so there are going to be slippers, there you go It's wonderful to do the leg springs, it really is a nice way to also improve your posture And keep your shoulders open and neck long So, let's stretch the legs out and let's do a slow bicycle so you can see what the movement is

So, one leg goes down and the other knee bends, that's it good Nice and slow and smooth Now, it's relatively easy to keep your body still while you do this nice slow movement But we're also working on the coordination of it, what is this movement? This is how we coordinate it Now, once you've learn that, you know I like to ride fast and I bet you do too, that's where we get the burn

So, let's go fast, here we go and one, two, three, four, that's it Now, you're still using your powerhouse to keep your torso still, that's beautiful The neck is long, the shoulders are down, the arms are helping you, here we go, another 10, one, two, three, that's it If you feel that burn, you feel the back of the leg and the buttocks, good, that's enough for me, excellent Now, bend your knees in and take your resistance cords off your legs

And let them go and come to the seated position and that was the bicycle burn One of my favorite exercises with resistance cord is the circles I love the circles because it promotes coordination, you're going to get your legs long and lean, you're going to work into your powerhouse, you have to concentrate on what you're doing and it works on your coordination These are really nice also because one of the problems that we have in the studio with leg springs is that when we stretch them sometimes things get caught when they come back So, we have a beautiful comfortable sock over this to prevent that from happening

And you still have the same great resistance for results So, let's lie down on the back Now, it's also important to note that you will be more comfortable if you just have you bare feet and no socks It will help you grip this a little bit better Here we go, take the handles and to put them on your feet, good

Right on the arches that's really important also Now, couple things to know when we do the leg circles 'cause we're moving up and down with the legs is not to start your circles too high because when you pull down your back may arch So, also don't take the legs too low because your back will definitely arch So, find what your range of motion is Be focus and aware of that, be focus on your body, know where you are

That's one of the key components of Pilates Now, you're going to take your legs down just path to 90 degree angle The other thing important to note is that if you lock your knee with these resistance cords you will not get the same benefit that we get So, you're going to bend the knees slightly, just keep it soft And then what happen it goes right into the buttocks and the hamstrings which is a really difficult place to work out, this is a great opportunity for you to lift your buttocks and feel more flexibility in your hamstring

So now, I want you to make sure that when you circle you're thinking about your coordination and your breath so that you go to the same place each time so you have to focus one of the main components of Pilates is being aware of your body and making a mind body connection, this really helps you Hold the tummy in, good So, it's all about the powerhouse and let's do some circles And open around together and up Open, see it flow

Now, your legs are flowing and your breath is flowing, you're pulling your tummy in for strength and control and you're lengthening your legs out for elegance and beauty So, you're sculpting and toning the legs as you go increasing your flexibility working on your coordination, that's beautiful Let's try to reverse it, make sure your legs go to the same place each time And you're working evenly both sides, that's it, and around, good I like lying down to do this because you can actually look and make sure that you're doing all those points, that's it

One more time, that was beautiful Did you feel your buttocks a little bit? I know, bend the knees and let's take the resistance cords off your feet and come to a seated position and those were my long lean circles One of the most important things for everyone to engage probably doing any Pilates exercise is the powerhouse You hear us talk about the powerhouse all the time But everybody is like, well, I can't find my powerhouse, where is it? Now, we have a solution for you

This is the weighted bar, and the resistance cords together hooked easily behind your door I love using the weighted bar to help you focus and find your powerhouse There's no better tool for this and we use this also in the studio to help you find your powerhouse while we're doing the role down bar on the Cadillac Just to note, Joseph Pilates also used a weighted bar to help people find their powerhouse So, it's a very, very important tool

I love also that you can twist these weights off and just use hand weights so there's so many versatile uses of the accelerator, all right? So, let's stretch out and try, let's show how that roll down bar works, all right So, I want you to have when you first do these, it's always a good idea to have your knees slightly bent and your heels down for more support Remember, this weighted bar is used now for support And many times when we use the weighted bar it's also used for burning But that's a different exercise it's so versatile as you can get your whole body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes

So now, I always talk about C-curve, and what is that? Now, you have something to hold on to is something to focus on to help you find your C-curve So, you roll back on your tailbone and just a little bit and you curve your upper body forward away from that So, your tummy is pulling in and your upper body is coming forward So, you're making a beautiful letter C in the spine and what this does is it stretches out to the spine and helps the spine become more healthy So now, we're going to continue that C-curve and we're going to deepen the C-curve by using the powerhouse

Squeeze the buttocks, that's also very important and roll down in fact I have to say there's an extra added bonus, squeezing the buttocks will help you lift up your seat Now, lift your head, pull those ribs in and curve over, that's it It's almost like you have a C-curve in front of the body as well, sitting up tall So now, the resistance cords become part of your arms and your spine

This is a support system for you to really find your powerhouse that you can get the best results in all our Pilates exercises that we do with the accelerator Let's try it again, hold the tummy in, curve getting to that beautiful C-curve first Then you begin to roll down activating your pelvis pulling it underneath you as much as you can and we try to tell everyone to go a little bit deeper each time Lift your head up hold in and this helps to train you to do some of the roll ups and the teasers that we do without any apparatus And pull the tummy in and scoop under, under, under, under, good, that's it

With our apparatus here, with our beautiful accelerator, we also do some exercises that require you to really pull deeply into your powerhouse This will help you get ready for those exercises plus it stretches out the spine and makes you feel really good, add some breathing So, with breathing with the movement, inhaling all the way down, scooping deeper, deeper, deeper that's what I'm talking about Now, you can really feel like you're leaving an imprint of your spine as you roll up through the spine to sit-up tall Now, that was good work

You can come back to a seated position and that was my powerhouse roll Have you ever heard the term muffin top before? Or I think they call it donut waist or– so many different terms I don't know about you but I've seen it on myself a few times putting on my tightest pair of jeans and all of a sudden there's this extra roll around your waist Well, I hate it, I don't know about you but I'm sure you do too Now, if this weighted pull and resistance cords behind the doors safely, I have an exercise that you can do to fight that

You know, we want to be skinny and lean and through the waist so it's not just working crunches and working your abdominal area is going to give you the waist that you want You have to work the sides as well and we're going to be able to do an exercise that you can't do without some support So, take the hands on the padded part of your weighted bar bringing it above the face and now she's framing her face very elegant Now, lets split the legs apart in like a stag position for more support, right, beautiful Now, she's going to reach over lengthening both sides of the body long then she's going to come back up and crunch into her waist

This is the place, isn't it? I think that's the place, yeah Let's try that again So, we can see for sure And come up and crunch over my hand a little more, good And, reach out long and breathing, good

So, we're using all the principles of Pilates here, you're using your powerhouse, you're using concentration, you making a mind body connection, that's it Reach out long, good And pull in, wouldn't it be nice if we could just tell our mind, I'm going to be thin now and the body does it, that's not the way it works You have to do the work to make everything fall into place and get the long lean body that you want That's why this whole system is so fabulous, we have so many choices, there's so many different things that you can do with all the different ways that we make our accelerator, and reach out one more time

And pull up, use your powerhouse so stretch over, let's give yourself an extra little stretch here So now, we're stretching on this side, that's it And let's do one more for good luck No more donuts, there we go Pull it in, that's it, squeezing the buttocks

That was beautiful, thank you That was my fat burning side sit-ups

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