LONG LEAN LEGS AND TONED THIGHS ?? Standing Pilates Workout

hey guys it's Bailey and today we have a lunge series for long lean legs let's get started for this workout I'm using a pair of light hand weights however if you're a beginner I would recommend you do the workout first without them and then try it with them let's get started just take a soft Bend through the knees and really think of pulling your belly button back towards your spine sticking your tailbone out from here we're gonna take the left leg and start tapping it back and then pulling it forward good tapping it back and forward so right now all you're thinking about is lengthening through the leg and then tapping it in lengthening out tapping it in good so this is really working through those lower abdominals as well and starting to just warm up our glutes and thighs before we got into any lunging it's really important to activate your glutes so that you don't end up working your quads too much which is what causes bulking so we really want to get those glute muscles fired up so that we can focus on long lean legs and a peachy bottom three more good for two beautiful this time step all the way back transfer your weight into your lunge and reach the arms to the sky good step forward step back reach come forward lunge back beautiful so it's almost like a yoga warrior lunge step forward so you should already feel the glutes on that right leg and forward so really think of as you lunge growing nice and tall and then pulling it in so really reach and step man this is one of my favorite lunge series is series it I don't know Fitness Instructor not an English teacher but it's so good for toning the legs definitely my favorite lunge exercises let's do another three for two you should feel that burn beautiful good last one now from here what I want you to do is bring your weights to your chest little pulses down and up so really thinking of dropping that right knee towards the mat feeling the lengthening through the thigh beautiful 4 4 3 4 2 now hold it press your right heel away really pulling up on that right thigh and then bending it in reach and reach good this is really good for just lengthening those quad muscles three good for two beautiful from here what I want you guys to do is reach down towards your foot and then step in so now we're lunging back stepping forward catching ourselves really pulling down getting nice and low into those lunges and make sure that you're lengthening that left leg back good let's start to make this a little bit harder for ourselves now we're going to come in and pull the knee in using those low abdominals lunge back and pull in beautiful lunge back good catch your balance here lifting from the top of that thigh you're ready to take it one step further we're gonna add a press overhead and then lunge back beautiful lunging up have a nice long spine form is everything on these ones really keep that spine nice and long your leg nice and long and then pressing up and for this one too you really want to slow it down it's a lot of balance and stability and those slow controlled movements are really what create that length through the muscles good just one more lunge back then we're gonna hold it up let's bring the weights to our chest you're gonna lengthen the leg and Bend reach and Bend again really create that length through the thigh point those toes now it doesn't matter how high your leg is you can keep it down here I just want you guys to think of pulling up on that thigh muscle creating that length you can hold it high beautiful three four two last one reach and hold five four three two and one good shake it out let's go right on to the other side goods are starting with that soft Bend through the knees sitting back sticking the tailbone out we're going to take the right leg this time start with that tap and then pulling it in tap back and pull it in good so really reaching that by nice and long and then using those lower abdominals as you pull it forward beautiful reach and so really starting to activate those muscles through the glutes first to take the work out of our legs too too much we want to focus on that lengthening today three two good now we take it all the way back drop into our lunge to reach the arms to the sky and then step forward step back reach pull it forward good so you really take that nice long strap drop the knee reach your hands pull it in form is everything on this one make sure you're bending the thigh on these first for you good really think growing tall stepping in growing tall stepping in I love this lunge series because for me if I put on weight or when I was doing like traditional lunge exercises I found I was just really bulking up my thighs so this is great because it really does help me lean them out and tone them and lengthen them and it'll help you too good for the balance beautiful two more gret we're gonna hold this next one reach the arm and then pull them in dropping the right knee down and up good little pulses so you should really feel that lengthening through the right thigh for four three two good from here coming into those presses so pressing the heel back really lengthening all the way down that right leg bending it in a little crisp and a little press and Ben so you feel like you're really pulling up on that thigh muscle beautiful three four two good now keep the leg long from here we reach down towards the foot step forward little curl so again nice and slow with these big step back keep the spine nice and long don't hunch make sure we're keeping it nice and long and then stepping in lunging back pulling it in really good for our abs too from all the balance beautiful you're gonna feel those legs working nice and hard remember for these ones you're stepping the right leg back and keeping it lengthen two more from here we're gonna try to really press our weight down into that left heel pulling the leg up from the thigh slow in control think long lean muscles strengthen and stretch at the same time slowing it down beautiful lifting from my thigh let's start to add on with that overhead press lunge down try to get nice and low long spine I'm bringing it in slow and control press create some length here beautiful let's do another three or two we're gonna hold this one so finding our balance bring those weights to your chest coming into that lengthen and back good abs are on tight here we reach and then think of pointing the toe create length all the way from your hip to your toe good really reach remembering range can be low or high wherever feels comfortable for you or 3 / 2 good reach and hold 5 4 3 2 & 1 bringing it in shaking it out let's take a little stretch just folding forward good releasing through the back of the body slowly rolling up good step back with the left leg nice big stretch step forward other leg nice big stretch good let's do a couple more of these just alternating sides lengthening through those thighs keeping everything long and lean good beautiful then just stepping forward nice big shoulder roll deep breath a and connect the palms bringing them to heart center giving yourselves a big round of applause thanks so much for working out with me today if you like the workout please subscribe I post new workouts and nutrition tips every single week I'll see you soon now let me see your booty work boots today we're doing a twerkout workout

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