Level 2 and 3 Pilates workout

Hi, hello everyone, this is Sam and This week we had the zoom class, which I was meant to record, but I forgot to record it So So I have to do it again

So this is a level 2 stroke 3 Pilates class for this week Here we go So back-to-back for me I've just finished aZoom class and now I'm going to do another one especially for you and I'm going to dedicate this to my mom who I know is following every single day and Also to my friends Monica who is also following and we I also heard that there is a very special boy Mateo who is also following the classes So I hope you enjoy it off we go Alright so I'm already warmed up but I will give you a nice little warm-up, so let's start feet apart knees slightly bands Bend the knees lift breathing in and breathing out two and Three and four Five and six seven Eight Nine Ten and release, okay Slightly apart toes pointing out We're going to swing the arms any length stretch

No swing Lift work with a breathing wrist and warming up some ice mrs Ebony Swinging those arms He needs like the bank through those leg muscles working and stretch For Three Two one Left elbow on your left knee Stretch the right leg up towards the ceiling without going down Towards go as a great Big circles stretching up the spine really not Three Four Five and release hold that position three units change And change so with the knees not to the bent feet pointing Isis Octopuses shouldn't write anybody writes me We're going to the really nice big step it's down close to flow and it's two Three Four Five and Hold feel the stretch and release good time Open your hands palms facing the floor bend the knees as you go down lift down lift work with the breathing breathing and and Spend those knees knees facing out lower the hands and then stretch down four Five Six Seven eight Nine ten and religious All right, let's bring our feet closer to each other Bend the knees just a little bit and we're going to do a forward roll chin down towards your chest slide those hands all the way down towards the floor And roll back up slowly one vertebra at a time and Again, relieving a nice roll down roll all the way down troops to slow And breathing out And to get repeat or anything it And breathing out Let's do two more warming up the spine nice roll down towards the floor And roll back up And one more chin down to the chest roll down And roll back good work Alright, so from there, I'm going to take the right foot back stepping back If you have knee problems, I suggest you stay here baby's still challenging your poor hips facing forward This season little bit banks

Okay and would work in the core? If you don't have any hip problems, you can go a little bit further down into a large as we stretch both hands up And return so welcome to right leg stepping back to your level This could be your level or launching on Twitter and Rita three and return and four keep those knees facing forward that the knees roll in as much as you can hips facing forward as well and fuck Return Four Three Two One and release stepping back with the left and I'll show you Level one you're just going to step back right knee just a little bit bends or else lunch all the way down Choose your level whatever works for you stretch those hands up and return to step stretch return stepping back with the left launching on the right knee and return four Five Five Four three Two one And Release good work or standing at the back of your legs So go to a forward roll walk return X into a plank position and then we roll back up This is quite fast paced Okay, so if it is too much for some of you that I suggest you stay in that position, okay? So standing out to the choreo mat Slowly roll all the way down toes What would flee or a bit warmer by now? We're walking forward with our hands into a plank position so nice stronger, the co few seconds in this position and Then walk back And we're rolling back up And we're repeating rolling down towards floor walk forward with your hands internal position go back straight hips in line few seconds and Walk back, this will really give you a nice Houston as you're walking back and Drill the lady back up And one more chin down towards your chest stretch all the way down Walking forward into the plank position few circuits And walking back breathing And row All right, let's sit down all flat Feet close to your body knees bent sitting on your sitting bones so you can might Want to find them a little bit and this is your starting position Breathing in to prepare as We breathe out to go to Carla to lower and down Okay, as we lean back, we're starting with our hands on your shins with us easier feel that your core is engaged these muscles are working and Lift as you breathe out Breathing in with lower spine meaning that As soon as you feel that those muscles around us where you're hold keep an eye on your shoulder and then make sure that's nice and relaxed and Breathe out And repeat it again leaning back And breathe out And they meaning but as you breathe in Karos – your core muscles working Shoulders stay relaxed head stays facing forward in line with the rest of your spine breathe out lift Five more nice and slow turning back And lift And for curling back Keep an eye on those shoulders shoulders relaxed head and neck relaxed No tension and breathe out And breathe in as you lean back And lift Two more turning back And lift And one more I'm going to make it a little bit more challenging now So we're going to curl back so Creating that curve in the lower spine and then from there go to lift one leg up followed by the other level Not lifting too high let's keep our hands behind our ties or on our shins for support and again heat when I impose have to the neck and shoulders hold for five four three two one and release And let's repeat so curving back with one foot of the floor Followed by the other elbow keeping the feet don't lift too hard Keep your hands supported on your tire of your shins and release So really morning but as you breathe lift and lift all three seconds And increase And again breathe in lift lift and hold And one more time lift lift And release Would you rather or its have our feet slightly further away and Will now reveal so the knees are still bent Feel two nominees, but this time we're lifting both hands up towards scenic We're going to start with a really nice sitting position nice and straight and again Simply as you breathe in go to start curling the spine down And then reach So we're doing the same exercise just making it a little bit more challenging so breathing in parallel the spine is reaching both hands up to Recife you're working and breathe out and return Breathing in turning back Bri that Written Really make sure that you are on your sitting bones You can actually really feel if you are working on them as you lean back and then you look forward for More rolling down and So the fact that our hands are above our heads now that makes the exercise a little bit more challenging So again keep an eye on that neck and shoulder area

No tension just because the arms are up Not really tension in the shoulder So more on your heel is rolling back lift One more rolling back I'm just going to change the position so you can see me And I want you to stretch one leg in front of you and bend the opposite knee if you can from there we go to stretch the hamstring so lean forward as far as you can and Feel it pull at the back of your neck and then Troy stretch And these change legs so stretch the right leg away Bend the left knee and again lean forward until you feel a stretch of the back of your leg and hold All right from that position going to lie down on our backs within these balance high inspire sides So take a moment to make sure you're in here it's fine So that's means that your back is not fully flexed and not we are sour in between so if you kind of slide my hand underneath But not all the way through and then my all which is kind of the muscles below our belly button are wrong or from de Rueda to Really that finished what I got going to take it on starting with the left leg If you both hands are shoulder them Every day, I'm gonna take both hands behind my hand as I stretch the left leg away and return Bring them stretch and return And this is a really nice easy exercise which is going to challenge a neutral spine that we started off with So the idea here is to really keep an eye on your lower back Are you marching? I'm flattening your back And you should really be keeping the lower back as steady and still as you possibly can as you move five more stretch in Working with you really Blah change legs So now it's Starting with the right leg in tapers off and this time I'm going to open my arms sideways So that's really old business just so as I stretch the right leg away I'm going to open both us Sorry – it's in our opening position and then written in relief ten eats my food slow Getting the idea is that you gray the leg and ours? In the starting position at the same time and you reach away at the same time Similarly to what? I've said before teaming on your neutral spine Making sure you're not arching of flattening By for nice and slow five release For Release Three Release Two And last one good and raise hands by your side or From there We're going to bring them to left leg up to take the top again and this time we'll bring the right foot So feet together knees slightly apart we're going to lower the right foot down tiptoeing down and Then we alternate so one day comes up as the other comes down Nice and slow

Am I try to place your hand on your hips? So the game will moderate what's happening here five six seven eight Nine Ten I'm showing great lift your head off the floor You'd like slightly bigger challenge and often go ten 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 short break besides head off the mat or on the back of every sees Yes and Matteo, we're doing another set off we go 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and release good work mini soldier chest and Stretch the right leg away We're going to left knee across your body as you look over your left shoulder And stretch the left leg away during the right knee and cross your body as you look over your budget Good Enemies, all right So let's get back into this position with the knees bent feet on the floor And our next exercises to Bridget and again, I'm going to give you two Levels

So for those who usually do that me – we're going to flatten the spine and lift the hips off the floor And I want you to hold this for about 10 seconds For those who usually do let me trade or today would feel like a bit of a bigger challenge We'll combine this with hip lifts on the lipstick the right knee and hip off the floor and Lower it down while as I stay in the region So choose eleven and three Four Five four slowly chosen them trees you can really control that core Please don't do this exercise if it gives you back pain if it does get to level two by excellent Version three Two One and release Cara that's fine down nice and slowly including nuts Let's repeat breathing in leg and that's fine leave the table off the floor as high as you can So 11 – you're staying in this position for 20 seconds lemon three will go in staff not Eight Seven six five Four three two One and release perilous find out and reach out or It is the one with flattening is fine The little finger slips up all of you just hold his position really feels loose working and Then slowly roll down one vertebra Let's just eat loose Let's place the right foot on top of the left knee bring that left thigh towards you and stretch And change left me or towards you pants Or let's finish the session with a little bit of stretching again, so we're back in the sitting position Experion come to the position for me This is a comfortable position for some of you it might be this or this right so it doesn't really matter and we're going to place our hands on our elbows and As we reach our going to twist to one side And return and breathe out twist to the other side Let's do that again, really Let's place one hand on our side Yeah stretch the opposite arm up as you breathe out And Change side stretch breathing out And it's one more time breathe out And release breathe out And release bring your hands forward walk forward with both hands feel the stretch in your spine drop the head down and Then walk back with your hands and his both hands are stretched And now Let's do that one more time breathing in stretch Breathe out lower

Let's finish with some breathing place your hands on your tummy Breathing it all the way in from your tummy rise as you root in and breathe out And Really in feel your tummy rises we breathe in hold that breath in again No tension here Breathe out and one more breathing in And breathing out Good well done Hope you enjoyed that Thank you for watching and stay safe and keep on moving Take care

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