Leg Shaper Workout | Pilates To Tone Thighs & Bottom

welcome to tabatha yoga and welcome to a Pilates class to sculpt your legs and bottom today's class is all about creating nice long line smooth muscles and really looking great in your clothes or at so if you like what you see please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga so before we begin in every practice class I'm in every other class it's really important to connect your breath just to settle in a moment it's no good just brushing it roll your matter and here we go quick quick quick move I want you to relax and enjoy it so just take a moment to find your seat relax your shoulders relax the muscles of your face draw a line under your day and just sucking into your body notice your breath soften everything in your body here nice smooth edges and then you're going to take a nice deep breath in so I'm like yoga we breathe in through the nose and we breathe out through our lips and again breathing in through your nose and out through your lips and continue taking these nice steady breaths in through your nose out through the lips and whilst you're doing this I'd like you to imagine that you have this magic corset on and I'd like you to imagine that your corset is being pulled really tight like full tightness tying those ribbons so that everything is nice and pulled in and then I'd like you to feel like you really lift through the muscles of your pelvic floor like really scoop them up into your lower belly and then release those muscles off by 50% okay and try and keep that tone with you throughout your class and keep that corset bond throughout your class okay so a little bit softer and the shoulders we're a little bit more settled and grounded now let's get going and allows those hips to begin with so I'd like you to lie down on your side now I've placed a cushion here because sometimes it's easier for your neck if you suffer from neck stiffness you might want to rest your head on a cushion I mean it's entirely up to you I actually prefer to just use my arm but always check out check what feels most comfortable for you it might be better for your neck okay so bottom leg is just slightly bent just for stability now you've got your corset on so your tummy is pulled in which would mean that your waist lifted imagine the spines like a t-shape hips across and spine up lovely and from here all you're gonna do is lift and lower nice pointed toe because that just means that the legs toned all the way so you lift and lower and you're bringing your leg down on resistance so imagine that you're pushing the leg down push it down ease down keeping the tummy in nice pulled in belly squeeze it down and just keep this going for as long as you can you might also want to try coming up onto your forearm you just do get less movement in your hair so for I'm pushing or laying on you're already starting to feeling the burn and my bottom and keep rubbing it whenever you need to tell me pulled in three two one now keep that leg parallel to the floor and I'd like you to take tiny circles these circles just going round and round kind of dinner-plate size so smooth smooth circles going around already feeling the burn and my bum it just means it's working and the thing is enjoy about your bottom muscles so many and but they're good and strong and big and they can cope with this so you can keep going yeah it's been a little but that means results and take your circles the other way just avoiding your furniture time you pulled in waist lifted three two one lovely rest down give my bottom a little tap a little rub and then again your toes pointed and you're gonna drop the toe down in front but notice my heels nicely up and then I'm gonna drop the heel down behind me good big rotation drop down and again drop behind so keep that going dropping down it's a strange feeling but I'd like you to imagine that you're drawing a rainbow with your foot heel up heel down tummy in keep that breath going lovely keep it up I know it's passing your bum needs a break but let's keep going three two and one Tori you forgot to tap a little bit of a rub little bit of up nice get your fists into that big muscle now I'll be coming into clam so I like your knees together and your feet behind you in line with your bottom and all we're doing here is lifting them you're wearing but they don't want you to lift and then drop down because that's just quite easy I'd like you to open and then squeeze down imagine that you've got a big sponge between your knees and you're squeezing the water out but you know it's solid and it requires a lot of effort that's what I'd like you to feel like you're doing squeeze the water out of your big sponge no do some things that come out of my mouth sometimes squeeze it down squeeze squeeze so you're working your inner thighs squeeze and your bum squeezed two and one wonderful now from here similar exercise come onto your forearm but I'd like you to lift your hips reach your arm up and that just gives you that sense of the lift in your chest and it's the same movement lift and lowering good tummy in trying to smile through the pain three two and one lovely drop down back to that extension with your arm and you're going to straighten the bottom leg and drop this top leg and that feels really good because you get a really good stretch here and your bottom give it over up and then your lower leg I'd like you to lift squeeze inner thighs really draw them together squeeze your pelvic floor muscles as well let's work that too much we're here good keep squeezing squeeze lovely keep lifting really draw those sides together four three two one hold it and let's pulse eight seven six five four three two one lovely rest down that should do for that inner thigh last section on this side on your forearm how to your head now you're going to roll back onto the fleshy parts of your bottom so you're kind of hovering and that shoe this is including a little bit of core work so you're getting a little bit of a court bonus in this class too in a straighten out and then tuck him squeeze straighten out point your toes tuck in a squeeze straighten and tuck and five more so eight all together four three two and one hold it then hold it lovely and then less wheat to the other side and do all those wonderful exercises on the other side now make sure again it's really important to get to your alignment right so you just spend a moment or two making sure everything's right the waist is lifted your corsets still on you don't take it off yet and your pelvic floors lift it to okay point the toe nice long line through the body all the way down to your toe to the fingertips lift and lower lift and lower just getting a nice load of movement here in your body keep your waist lifted if I lift my leg all the way up here my body slumps down into the floor so it's not about flexibility necessarily it's about strength so you want to keep your waist lifted and you'll find that your leg only comes up halfway lift and lower good everything is still nice and tight here remembering your smooth breath three two one keep the toe pointed and draw a little dinner plates eyes circles with your toe good nice strong long lines as well remember the whole body from the toe all the way to the fingertips and then take your circle the other way good already starting to feel it feel it in my thighs as well which is nice increasing the strength in my legs three two one I'm just checking my room at home I might just squeeze up a bit come front to my fall toe down heel to ceiling paint that rainbow with your foot toe down and then heel down it's a lovely movement in your hair passionately it feels really natural it's just a nice to move moving your hip joint so you're lubricating the joints keeping you mobile motion is lotion remember that lovely saying so we're just keeping things moving keeping healthy hips nice strong legs tummy in three two and one it doesn't always do what your hearts telling it to do okay community clam so in clam your nice wannabe forward your hips are stacked and the feet in line with your bottom behind you so again forearm but I prefer for people to rest out on their arm in my class just because we get this nice line in through the body and you can really work on lifting the waist so lift and squeeze closed lift squeeze closed keeping a pelvic floor engaged and lifted into the lower belly so pelvic floor engage might not mean anything to you but keep everything down there lift it into your lower belly and you're sure to work your pelvic floor lift three two one brilliant come up onto your forearm and lift your hip feel stable lengthen up open the chest root down reach up and open and close and we do eight keep going how this lifted sculpting the inner thighs and what's count now let's say five more four three two bringing your leg forward resting down and give your hip a nice welcome tap or a little nuzzle in with the knuckles which always feels great bottom leg straights let's work the inner thighs lift it squeeze as you lift lift 5 4 3 lift and last lift and hold it at the top as we pulse pulse pulse 6 5 4 3 2 & 1 rest down completely ok next stacked on to your forearm hands to move your head roll back onto the cheeky bit of your bottom and draw in with a squeeze extend draw in with squeeze and its end squeeze it out breath in breath out 3 do one lovely and remembering yourself up to sitting having your feet in front of you just we're just going to release off those hips hands behind and having a little rock from side to side good just tick tocking and releasing your hips lovely and then that's always really important to stretch these hips once you've wiped them and stretch your legs once you've worked them so I'd like you to cross your right leg over your left knee now maybe your legs out straight in front of you like this and that's absolutely fine but the deeper you get the deeper the stretch in your legs so we're gonna really stretch this part of our less so you don't wake up for your stiff when you get up in the morning I'd like you to work on lifting your chest that's your in breath out breath is rounding your breath lift out background in breath out breath round from swap sides so of course in your left over doesn't matter if you're not deep as me been doing this stuff for years lift and round in breath lift and round go ahead take a lift and round your back lovely release it off cross your legs take a lift up your chest and round and then interlace your fingers push away moving your arms up release off from the nice big stretch and roll your shoulders and there you go a nice simple quick Pilates session to sculpt your legs and bottom I really hope you enjoyed it namaste

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