Lateral Breathing for Pilates and Core Workouts

Hi everyone, this is Luci from Pilates with Luci! I have a small studio in Niceville, Florida, but due to the current situation we're all in this together changing adapting, so I've decided to take my business online, which in a sense is positive I've been wanting to expand online and reach more people around the world

I have an Instagram account a Facebook page, Pilates with Luci and I will be uploading tutorials on my YouTube channel So this is all kind of new for me, but I want a sense of normalcy and I believe that now more than ever, it's so important that we exercise, we breathe, we stay connected even virtually and encourage one another and believe that this will pass and we're going to come out stronger and better prepared in the future so with that said Thank you for watching today's Tutorial is going to be on breath I'm gonna do a series of tutorials for my clients And mainly for the new people interested in joining my classes via zoom, I will post more details about that But I want everybody to kind of have a sense of how I teach what my focus is on so this first tutorial is going to be on breath and breathing and So I'm gonna talk about why breath is important how we breathe in Pilates and Demonstrate Shortly exercise to show how breath is applied through exercises So let's start with the why Breathing is key to everything Everybody knows that breathing helps you de-stress Correct breathing can oxygenate your muscles More importantly your brain right now So I have discovered through my Pilates practice the lateral what we call lateral breathing in Pilates So but I guess before I explain that let me talk about the two main breaths people do so the first one is when we're stressed and a lot of people have this it's the chest shallow breathing and It's like where you see It's kind of like this like your shoulders go up and down and so I've been doing a lot of that lately and I can actually feel like muscles tense in here because of stress and because of that type of breathing So that's chest breathing the other type of breathing and my yoga people probably know this very well is the belly breathing and That allows you to take a full breath and the belly expands

It's also involving its diaphragm breathing That's a better breath than the short I call it the rabbit breath However, the belly breathing makes your stomach expand and when it expands you can't keep your muscles tight so in pilates Joseph Pilates the genius that he was Just checking on my kid He came up with this idea of called lateral breathing and what lateral breathing is is you think of the rid rib cage Instead of breathing into the chest or into the belly you end up breathing into your rib cage and Expanding that rib cage kind of like a balloon laterally to the side so this type of breathing the reason it's important and we need to practice that before we even start moving is Because when you're doing the core intensive exercises that pilates are known to be to be about you want to keep your abdominals engaged so you don't want to take a belly breath in the middle of the hundred which is a I'll demonstrate later a very intensive exercise So another benefit of this type of breathing is that it actually increases your lung capacity so they're taking a a Deeper breath that's my little boy playing with his truck Mama's doing the tutorial Okay, so It's important breath is very important and learning how to do correctly I believe is the first step in beginning a good Pilates method How to do it so the way you take a lateral breath is You put your hands I'm very much a tactile cue ER so it's good to touch your body Yes you put your hands on your ribcage and you take a deep breath in and try to feel how your rib cage expands and then You exhale and I called this closing your ribs your you'll hear me say that in my classes well closing your ribs just means That you're pulling your rib cage together, okay

Bubela sit down for a second let me finish So from here as you inhale, so let's practice that again The rib cage expands Exhale the rib cage closes and you feel that connection even through your upper abs So let's do it again inhale Exhale Notice I was inhaling through my nose And exhale through the mouth The last breath I just did I call it a a soft exhale Sometimes it works better than the forced exhale So try both of them try going or try going I find that when I do the softer breath, it helps me just kind of like gently and naturally pulled the rib cage down So you can play with that So we covered the why it's important We covered how to do it

Now I'm gonna show you Now I'm going to show you a quick litter size on how we can implement it so I'm gonna turn sideways this exercise right here is uh, it's gonna be a modified roll down and What you want is maybe I can lose myself a little bit further you Want to have a seat with the feet parallel and Knees bent Okay So from here, we're gonna inhale through the rib cage You're gonna exhale Tuck the pelvis under I'll explain that concept in another tutorial and pull your abdominals in So let's practice again a neo coming up Exhale Holding the abdominals in breathing deeply through your mouth inhale And exhale Feeling the air Just expelling all the air all the breath out and feeling that contraction Go into your abdominals as all the air comes out now one of the things you'll hear me say in my videos is that you should breathe through your back and I find that very helpful when you're trying to figure out this breath, especially laying down So if you're laying down on the mat Right here and you do a deep breath Laterally not through the chest not through the belly You want to inhale laterally and feel like the back of your ribs? The ribcage is pressing into the mat So I'm gonna just raise my arms Maybe so you can see So if you take a look right here you'll see that my ribcage actually here let's do this so this is Ribcage flaring this is ribcage closed

So when I say close the ribcage close your ribs This is what I mean so instead of laying on the ground trying to exercise with the back like this and the ribs flaring out and Breathing this way would be breathing through the chest with the ribs learn you're gonna try to breathe by keeping the ribs connected and breathing into your back here into the portion of your back that connects to the mat and then when you exhale You keep pulling the abdominals The abdominals in and pulling everything together So from here if I were to get ready for the hundred the exercise I mentioned earlier and you lift your head up shoulders And you're trying to breathe in instead of letting so here's me breathing through my chest Notice the belly the ribs kind of separate if I breathe through my my rib cage I Can still keep everything together so deep breath in through the rib cage and then Exhale you start pumping the arms for the hundred We're not gonna do the hundred today, but I just wanted to show you why it's important to keep those ribs connected when you're working your abdominals and Breathing through the back through the rib cage really helps that out keeping this part connected So that your belly doesn't pop out and then you're not getting the deep abdominal engagement so to quickly Summarize Breathing is important because it creates good movement it oxygenates your your body your brain and It helps you connect at a deeper level through your abdominals How we do it we breathe into the ribcage Allowing it to expand exhale Pulling everything in inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth and the last part is We implemented in exercises Usually when you're doing the most work on the exertion part That's when you want to exhale because it's important to find that good connection in the abs and on the inhale The inhale comes when you're not working as hard when your abs are not challenged as deeply I hope this all makes sense to you I'm open for questions You can reach me via text message Whatever platform I'm on Facebook Message me if you have any questions, and I hope you'll consider joining me Via zoom Very quickly zoom Yes, baby through zoom and I am still um, I'm in the stage right now where I'm trying it out, but by the time Next week, and I should have a pretty good grasp on the whole technology and how we can integrate it Thank you so much again and stay tuned for my next video, which is gonna address pelvic floor and how everything connects Into the core and into proper deep muscle activation

Thank you very much Bye be safe

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