Killer Calves Workout ? Summer Song Challenge #3 ?

Hey guys, It's Cassey here So we are continuing on with the Summer Song challenge series and today you have voted for calves

So, new stuff We're not doing our regular lifts We might have a little bit of that But we are adding some elevations so check it out You are going to lift one heel at a time so look Up and down Up and down To the side Up and down Lot's of balance

And then to the back Lift and lower Up and down So we're working things, we're working legs, we're working balance which also means core So it's gonna be a great workout The song is called 5:30am

and um I don't know Are you working out at 5:30am? I have no idea But at least you're working out Let's go ahead and start that music Okay Leg forward

Toe pointed Hands out

And 321Let's lift and lower Up

and down Sqeezing you core Staying balanced Good

Four more right here four and three Really lift that heel One more 1

to the side lift Oh this one is hard I feel my outer thigh

I feel my glutes Nice Four more Four And three

You're doing so good And I am feeling that kicking To the back! Here it is Lift and ah woo Up and place it, nice and low Good Four more! Let's go! Lift and lower

You are doing so good Come on lift that leg a little higher Lift Perfect Other side

Here it is Up ooh I almost forgot to lift I just kicked with my leg

Up and down Perfect Really elevate And lower Good Two more right here

One more! Now to the side Let's go Up Woo! High Let me see that heel go up

Up And lower Good stuff Really stabilize those legs Long arms

Flowy fingers To the back Push it back! Up and down Really pointing your toes You feeling this? Yup Everyone who voted for calves, this one's for you and

everyone who did it Oh that was not a nice one One more One

Okay now Up Up Up Arms

Arms Come on let's go High High Really lifting those heels

Good Now heels together Toes out Lift Lift

Lift Beautiful Come on You're not even touching the floor You want those tennis player calves? This is gonna do it Up

Up Four Three TwoToes together

Now lift Ooh oh we are done Well I'm gonna make you go for a little bit more Give me 321

Hold it And bring it down My gosh! Those calves are on fire! Okay now, give this video a thumbs up if you made it to this point And whether you rested or not it doesn't matter You made it here, I'm super-proud of you

And you just finished yourself a song challenge Let me know in the comments below what muscle group or body part we should attack next And I will see you next time I love you so much guys Bye!

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