Intense Pilates For A Stronger Body And Core

[Music] and welcome to your Pilates class for stronger body if you like what you see today then please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga okay let's get going I'd like you to start at the back of your mat standing in good posture like we always do in Pilates so have your feet hip distance apart a nice relaxed shoulders give the shoulders a little roll stand tall belly in public floor lifted and take a few nice steady breaths that you're breathing in through your nose and out your lips putting your belly introducing into your nose and out through your lips lovely and then from there I'd like you to roll down and we roll down safely especially as we've just started moving so chop-chop chin and then roll down one vertebrae at a time and your hands feel really heavy and they're reaching for the ground and you let your head relax too just as soon as you touch the floor or skip down as far as you can you pull your tummy in and roll all the way back up [Music] good I'm gonna go again so drop your chin roll all the way down reaching for the ground and this time take your hands to the floor bend your knees if you need and walk your hands out to a plan good job plan tummy in push the hands into the ground and then walk your hands back in just working on your flexibility every time you do this roll all the way up for a nice healthy spine roll your shoulders and then let's go down again drop your chin rather fingertips reaching and searching for the ground walk yourself out into the plank and you're gonna hold your plank here for some time now you can put your knees down if you prefer whatever reason hold it and looking between the thumbs keep breathing and your Pilates [Music] and then drop your knees and you bring yourself down to all fours but it's really important that you get nice alignment on all fours so your hands are under your shoulders knees under your hips and you're looking between the thumbs so cut right back here it looks really uncomfortable so draw your chin into your chest and look between the thumbs you're going to bring your meat in tuck it right in and take it away as you take it away really lift and extend through the toes and then tuck in that's your out-breath little grassley lift a breath in working lift and again out-breath and really moving elbow to knee this time and pausing just there for a second and all right [Music] hold your knee to your elbow and lift reach me to elbow and lift and final time need to hurry let me drop the toe down toxic awesome drop your toe down behind you pushing it away and then take the leg across squeeze your inner thighs together really squeeze and then bring your knee to your elbow and squeeze in a thighs together pretty tight and then lead to elbow pull squeeze push they either way knee to elbow please push your heel away and I want you to pulse here for eight so just wheezing your inner thighs together eight seven six five four three two one brilliant bring your knees together again let's do the same on the other side so draw your knees really far in that's your out breath in breath lift your chest build 40 for the bad good it out right little right a breath in breath out breath in right knee to elbow pause in breath knee to elbow in breath and get two more last one hold it and then take your toe to the floor and push your heel away push push push stretch your carbs and then take the leg behind you and cross and squeeze your inner thighs together okay then bring your knee take it across push away Miguel well [Music] meet elbow and across this is your last one meet elbow take it across push the heel away and squeeze and squeeze for eight seven six five four three two our super drop your knees down and I'd like you to just bring your hips to your heels as you're gonna take a little bit of a break pull her to the floor and hands behind you and because your fans have been bent like this for a while I'd like you to bring them behind you with the tops of your hands floor and give your wrists a little bit of a a little bit of a break give you a boot self permission to relax but your body can cuddle around your knees [Music] bring your hands to your bring yourself up and come to sitting on your bottom let's go to the front have your feet hip distance apart knees parallel and roll yourself down lovage you've got a hair bubble in you will need to take this out just for the safety of your neck just make everything and make sure everything's aligned and then roll yourself down tuck your knees into your chest have it in the wrong from side to side we're gonna concentrate on our tummies and take your legs up hands down by your sides or bit of a wriggle of your feet because that's always great and then I'd like you to if your bottom and again so this is working the lower belly the bit that's difficult to tackle and you keep lifting up reaching up high so less of the swinging back like this it's not using so much control and that's what Pilates is all about step 3 and one you're going to do for more and I'm going to give you the chance to take it a little harder you can cross your arms across your chest a little bit like Dracula might and those legs are reaching up to the sky and to go to lift again eight eight I'm not starting in eight it's four three two and one rear draw your knees in have a little bottom side and keeping with that bill what's going on in your legs I'd like you to reach your arms out and for space wise I've got cactus arms you know different showing off my biceps otherwise you could reach your arms out in the T shape my knees are tucked in and I'm dropping down to the side let them settle in break up out let down the other way ha out-breath down so you've started this and it feels just too much for your back and keep your toes on the floor or feet either way you're getting a little bit of core strength and you're really stretching your lower back keep going choose where you want to be today left letting the legs feel really heavy to get the most out of your exercise let's do one more each side up thanks how about if your needs a good hugging in again and then you're going to bring your legs back up to this cracking exercise which will make your tummy really burn it's amazing core exercise and good burning the tummy means that the muscles are working so I'm going to give you two options you wet your hands underneath your bottom and take your leg down have a go that might be enough for you if you wanted to push yourself a little bit more what I'm going to ask you to do is next time you take your leg down you're going to bring the other leg towards you well come far towards you just an inch or two but notice what I'm doing here about rest effort in Russia and and we know it's not in these exercises about getting loads of repetitions it's about doing strong steady control work with your way that's the flattest principle doing high-intensity in quick moves can often mean that you compromise your technique and it's all what about the technique let's just do one more on each side do you straighten those legs wonderful three legs a little walk but you've built up a little bit of heat now I'm gonna drop your feet flat to the ground lift your head check your knees are parallel to each other and you're gonna take your hands behind your head now this is just old-school scrunching but when I want you to do when you're doing this I want you to really lift your pelvic floor so you're not putting any pressure on your pelvic floor here your back is neutral and you can get your hand underneath and your hands to the temple but not holding your head so you're doing this just gently resting breath in breath out lift inhale return outlet in what [Music] as I hoped to watch their gates in and out and rest our lovely rest your arms down by your sides going to do eight more but just slightly different hands to the side of the head breath in and slowly up for so yeah [Music] and again three and notice the scape have got between my chin and my chest it's like I'm holding an orange under my chin by do more all right [Music] well I'd like you to imagine these what a crayon on your nose and you're drawing a big circle around just to release some of your chin take it around the other way enjoy yourself back here roll your head from side to side one more each side again okay it's going to lie on our side now to begin with I'd like you to live besides with your arm outstretched and your thumb your bottom leg and top leg straight and I'd like you to point up and flex down wait up reach and flex wake up and flex slacking your hips your thighs and your core and waist point up and flex down to more reach flex last one reach okay both legs straight my legs are lifted off the mat if you notice and all you do here is lift and lower and it doesn't matter if you're lifting an inch or two feet whatever's good for you today lift and lower working your waist getting a nice slob to trim waist and we'll do six more and lift remember to breathe [Music] three two what wrath down but keep those legs lifted and then lift them lower the bottom legs and squeeze so you're working for waist but now we're also including our inner thighs we must do in a nice to balance everything out lift and squeeze squeeze four three two and one and kick and eight and seven and six [Music] five four three two and one and relax feel that okay come onto your forearm please hands to your head you're going to roll back onto the fleshy part of your bottom and tuck your knees in squeeze and extend this is all the same muscles being used here so you'll be feeling this [Music] Alexandra for more three duck to sort my favorites actually [Music] nothing well done come up slowly looking after yourself and with us just switch sides so to begin with your bottom leg was bent and your top leg was straight resting on your arm reaching out and let's lift our top leg point the toe let's flex down make the most of each move that you do let's not throw any of these moves away practicing with intention and focus and again lift and down let's do four more lifts trying to really work on your flexibility as well you know really push yourself whilst you're here three to and one lovely West out okay leg straight body straight hand in front to support you and lift both legs back a little come on lift and lift and love fill it in your waves lift I'm doing eight but you know if you need to do three then do maybe you want to do double the amount also fabulous [Music] three two and one key lifted and drop your bottom leg squeeze working in a thighs and pelvic floor let's not forget the pelvic floor five four three two and lift and kick those legs criss cross those legs five four three [Music] come up onto your elbow last one on the side section roll onto the fleshy part of your head just slightly tuck your knees in and squeeze in working waist and four and extend point squeeze in extend to the point [Music] you've just five more really focus on that scratch [Music] three two and one wonderful come up have your knees to the side of you I just really want to counter pose that and stretch it out because we work the waist really deeply and let's stretch as we go come to the other side and again stretch as we go coming all the way up and taking a twist to your side and a twist to the other side so you're doing both sides doesn't matter which one you start with and then swooshing all the way around and we'll do the same this way as well stretch to the side don't come back up on the other side good and come back up stretch to the side spitting ice at all taking your twist choking you feel okay wonderful and then we're going to do a little bit of work on the back now the back is often feels quite uncomfortable to work under and I agree with that it's quite difficult the muscles on the back are so much smaller and fire them but it is really important to do the back work at the end of your class so let's come onto our Thomas find a little bit of parties for today and hands under your shoulders and I'd like you to just peel your body up d lift your chest and roll take it study draw your shoulders down away from your ears roll and roll down you can draw your shoulders down that and you need to stop going up a little higher each time and last one come all the way up relax your shoulders bring my hips too little don't get more on the back and then in their folder now this time I'm coming up not so far because I'm not pushing into my hands I'm going to draw the shoulders down the back and now inhale up and our final lunge left and forehead down I'm going to make sure I'm central in the mat and bring my arms forward full head down and root out through your hips and pelvis and lift the legs and lower down and lift so I'm strengthening my glutes my lower back and my hands and lower here and again lift and lower final time you lift and well them okay this time for head down and keeping the legs rooted lift just for c3 [Music] lovely resting down and like do extend your arms extend your legs and you're coming up into swimming your final push so let's give this everything you've got you root down through your hips give them a little riddle lift and chin to the chest eight seven six five four three two and one brilliant counter pose that amazing fat work with a child pose putting your head down to the floor hands to your feet just rest your back maybe just giving it a little rub [Music] now they totally submit to that for lacks ation and slowly bring yourself all the way back up I'd like you to just take your legs out in front of you toes to the ceiling reach up na and fold forward enjoy the stretch wherever you are toes to the ceiling peels away and then you're gonna stack stack stack stack slowly through the spine sitting up nice and tall well I hope you enjoyed today's the last is class I'll see you next time on the mat namaste [Music]

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