I tried the 21 Day Pilates Challenge – RESULTS? (Boho Beautiful Workout)

Oh Oh No Olivia what's wrong my back you know what you should do what some Pilates welcome back welcome back today we are going to do like the title says the 21-day pilates challenge so the host of his challenge is Juliana under the channel name boho beautiful and we kind of noticed in the description she has a pretty elaborate workout routine for this 21-day challenge but we figured there's some people who just can't commit to all those activities so we're going to do a simplified challenge to help you guys out so we're just going to do this one video for 21 days now you know and you'll say um alright so Leslie will be doing this video at her home but I'll be travelling so my real challenge will be doing it on the go everyday and keeping up with it and hopefully still seeing results while I'm going as always I like to give you a glimpse of day one we'll keep you reported of the progression and we'll come back with results but let's try this challenge she's done Pilates before a little bit right yeah yeah me not so much can we see it might be easier to see the modification in the corner no one liked hi so we finished it and the phone thing yeah I have a slight headache I'm really sweaty and I felt like I couldn't complete all the tasks I'm gonna keep trying as I build my strength and hopefully I can just do a little bit of everything that was all in one breath thoughts yeah definitely felt like one side of my pocket dad that workout was so hard which is like I was in Child's Pose a good amount of the time but I wasn't even doing this but Olivia left I took a shower obviously still pink I mean the shower was kind of warm and I feel hot now but like I'm pretty sure the doping from the workout okay so I wanted to give you guys my measurements to start off with I have no idea relief Pilates and just a 21-day challenge is going to adjust these measurements but I have new measurements I've been gaining weight and I love it and I love how I look but this is no it's not that kind of episode I'm posting so here are my measurements now so yeah let me take you on my journey and I'll document you know exactly how I feel and what not ah okay I just did the Pilates workout and now that I'm taking it seriously I kind of sort of love it but don't tell anybody it is kind of long it was kind of nice when I was doing the booty workout because it was easy to memorize I could watch something and I was done so fast her voice is so gentle so tender and she always reminds me to breathe and I'm very bad at holding my breath so I kind of like you know I'm I don't know I don't want to admit that I like this but I kind of do and so far I'm loving it can't say I'm killing it but I am doing a lot better now when it comes to the side planking this can't hold me up okay so it hurts and it's a week so sometimes I can somewhat do the modifications sometimes I can't I try not to push myself because I don't know if this pain I'm feeling is because you know I need to build and develop that muscle or if I'm literally straining my wrist tearing the joints ligaments breaking the bone like I don't know so I figure I'm not gonna push it if I just not feeling it I'm gonna skip over that part but do everything else that's you know horizontal positioning like I always do and I am also focusing a whole lot on the push-ups at the end in case it is all about building that upper-body strength it is past midnight I'm tired I should probably tell you now that if you can't really hear me at all like why am i filming this I don't know but if you can't hear me after all this time it's cuz the fans going I am on the line down and I just don't think I could survive turning it off so I need it okay sleep time I wanted to show you what I can do which isn't a whole lot but I'm getting better let me show you guys okay I'm gonna bring you guys down with me because you guys like took the time to see how bad I was when I was trying the workout for the first time it's gone a lot better like a lot better okay bringing you guys down there were certain workouts like poses or whatever you want to call them that I could not do and there's a few things that I still cannot do like when I have my legs up do it this way so you guys are like not seeing up my shorts but I can't like it's better it's like a lot more straight but it's still not straight so that's a little disappointing and then um planking like doing the side playing some stuff I'm really good at except for this one right here this hurts my wrist so bad so I'm able to somewhat do it but it was so much easier when the planking before was like this because then I could just concentrate on the rest of my bodies but okay close up right now look at this wait there's a hair attached to me look at this so if I were to do like let's measure it like this is so fancy of a measurement this this is my wrist listen this I feel like I'm all over the place so what I'm doing to strengthen these risks just in case that's the issue is I do the the little Pilates version push-ups I am so good at that like watch me do oh wait that's a regular pushup okay that was too hard to work okay feel like this like look at me go watch I'm gonna do a clap ready um what else can I do uh just been really excited because I actually like this workout um what else can I do I know what I'm about to show you so the grasshoppers you know what I first did it I was like it yeah okay I think I can lift my legs up a bit higher like that like you can see their space under here look at me go ah so pretty impressed by that and you know just being able to really like do these lips you know you're watching you're watching like yeah so um I'm really proud of myself and there's my update and it's only gonna get better from there my breathing I got really excited back there I don't know if you saw I hope you guys kept up with me Pilates is kind of about learning different muscle groups for you flexibility strength so I already you guys have seen before I already have an imprint of an AB and an AB one AB ABS I meant to say so you know when I'm not flexed you can kind of see it when I'm flexed I can see it a lot more kind of depends on the light and it's something where you're first going to notice about yourself with your muscles getting harder more defined you're gonna recognize it before other people will this Pilates is a lot of it is about a well-being wellness exercise so within 21 days the only result I can tell you is how I feel internally and what I notice and I'll come back here with another check-in and hopefully I have even better results today is a good day so we are on day 21 which means it's the end of the challenge I'm gonna be giving you guys some results but I realized during this whole time I was you know I have my video check-ins I kind of forgot about Olivia I wonder if I can reach her I know where she's at so I think I think she'll be able to answer the phone come on oh hey Olivia guess what I am talking to YouTube again right on time you're on speakerphone and I wanted to check in because do you remember 21 days ago we started the Pilates challenge yeah and and so I was just kind of wanting to check in about your experience like the results like how do you feel after 21 days do you want to elaborate your body Wow yeah I don't think I got there in 21 days but I like Pilates are so core focus dang dang it was it was it hard to do at first like for me I struggled I'd say especially the first week when you know your soreness sets in all that did you have the same thing as me okay and then how did it go with cuz you know me I'm such a homebody it's a lot easier for me to do these workouts at the end of the day so like you did a lot of stuff you know but I know like like how'd you fit it in that's what I want to know yeah why certainly you know I was working and I was traveling and definitely made it harder but I knew you did okay yeah yeah um you seem a bit kind of big with a lot of things and it sounds like your results seem a little bit different like a lot better than mine um I just kind of want to know like did you actually do the workout yeah can you say that more confidence okay you know what this is such great information you're giving me I'm so proud of you I bet somebody recorded you and put you on YouTube uh I'm gonna go just cuz I you know I just got to give them their check-in and show them the results and tell them about me but I appreciate you you're gonna be in this here recording so ah thanks girl oh yeah talk later girl see you tonight bye okay so moving on um I know Olivia didn't take measurement she's not about that and it really shouldn't be all about that but I made it all about that so let's measure me and somebody saw this the other day and they were like how old like it was it was kind of out of the way balled up to the side and they literally like point it across the room like this was like they had to talk about it so let's see let's check my waist okay I'm just gonna move this up here but you all came for before I get started I want to say it is the 21st day so I did my final workout over an hour ago because I know right when you workout your muscles swell a bit and I wanted more accurate results so let see just me relaxed so let's get this out where am I at okay I think that's pretty good it is about 28 and a half and then I'm gonna measure my booty off camera because editing the footage from earlier I had to put an emoji over my crotch and I'm just trying to salvage what I can to make this video still monetized so ones that get let me go over here I'm gonna have a blast over here don't mind me I'm back so it is 35 and a half inches I completely forgot what my before measurements were be right back again okay we have another success story I'm sitting back down I need to talk to you guys so um let me just have everything like the comparisons go really fast on the screen ready okay so there we go and now you can see that Wow there really was a difference you know I guess there's always other factors I didn't change my diet but it makes sense why I was able to see such good results in my waist because of two things the workout really does focus on the waist and the ABS that's that's like the majority of the workout you know the but it targets the but I'm glad like I feel comfortable with the workout but it really doesn't compete with how it does your core and secondly I don't usually work out like my obliques all that much even my ABS I pause and take lots of weeks off and so with any workout it's easy in the beginning to see results right away and then the more you work out the more you kind of plateau with results so all of that does make sense to me I love this workout it was very relaxing I don't think I would do it daily but I think I would love to throw it in a few times a week especially because you know if you have a stressful environment this felt a lot were relaxing and I felt better like emotionally mentally better after this workout than the other ones thank you for watching if you liked this video please give it a like so I know you like this kind of stuff if you have another workout suggestion for me leave it in the comments but do remember I hate squats so if your workout includes squats don't think I'll be doing it and of course to subscribe because I want to see you guys again and I hope you guys want to see me again and we can make that possible every single week so okay bye guys love you mean it

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