Well here you are at day number five You've basically done a full week of this really detailed intentional work

So hopefully your spine is feeling the benefit of that Today's word is curiosity I chose this word because of the lightness it has it almost has this fun element to it I think we're a little too hard on ourselves and anything that we do in our lives Especially with our time on the mat exercise Or anything to do with our bodies so I want us to come from more of this this side of lightness of Fun of learning So once you learn a little bit more about your body and by being curious you're going to learn in a very light and allowing type of way so let's do this work and just be curious on how our body feels what it's doing what it needs and Listening to the cues that our body gives us so let's get to this So today we're going to start exactly as we are I Want you to get right on top of those sitting bones as you criss cross those legs and if you're not comfortable in this position Just sort of elevate yourself on some cushions to get your hips higher than your knees Taking an inhale in through the nose Exhale through the mouth Have a lightness in your shoulders as you inhale into the ribs Exhale Good one more time breathe it in Now on your exhale I just want you to Start to push the pubic bone forward

So that's a curling up towards your ribs and Your ribs just fold Under and up Stay here stay for an inhale as you fill your back with air and try to create more of a hollowness in your spine and then Exhale, we're going to rant right back up on top of the sitting bones, and we're going to go other way on our inhale Push your ribs forward and down Exhale come back to Center Start to roll it back pubic bone up ribs backing up stay for an inhale find that hollowness really just create that stretch in your back and Come back up on an exhale Push on your shins a little bit as you inhale ribs forward and down Don't be afraid to move here and exhale Stay for an inhale feel that stretch an expansion and exhale come back up Inhale open notice where you're tight just being curious about your body and Come to Center We're gonna do some light side bends So taking your hand behind your head Reach that arm up of you as you take it over Rib pulls under and up and then the other way Find it into ribs, right? You spent a lot of time on this on day three That's just or to one of those days it's just finding the ribs pulling backing up the opposite one forward and down and Again, we're curious right? We're just playing with a movement One more Good and then we'll do some just light twist again It comes from the ribs Over the other way the ribs pull under and up Let's see how it really supports you in that You're still warming up a little bit so you're not overtly doing it Will do one more each side so your eyes should look at where you're going cuz your body actually follows your eyes You can play with that a little And come to Center go, all right, so we're going to lie down on our stomach All right, so stick your hands underneath our forehead and I want your pubic bone to stay down your shoulders to stay down and wide think about a nice open chest Your ribs are pressing forward a little bit as well as down See what that does It is your back a little bit, right? So now we're going to just take your right leg

Reach it long as you lift it up and Then lower it down other side pulls up And down Inhale, so it's not about how high lift if you lift you high you're going to start to arch into the low back, right? But if you keep that pubic bone heavy the ribs Pulling owed and down Good you could try both legs if you want they try to reach the opposite side of the room as they lift Inhale exhale Good now not lifting a lot We're just sort of pushing our heart through our ribs our ribs push forward and down Ribs forward and down Again Now try to do this with the hands glued to the forehead so you need a little bit more stability in the body ribs forward and down and It takes a lot more app power here, right? Your legs keep reaching long And then take those hands like a goalpost Hands lift up and then float the arms and then the chest and lower down Inhale exhale Inhale exhale Now if you want to lift the legs with you, you're welcome to so be in the head up Exhale it down You haven't lost those ribs right one more Yeah, push it back hips to heels get that stretch Bring it forward to all fours All right, and we're going to do what we did the other like others day Leg arm So now our arms like are in opposition and they're just gonna float up and Float down the same side So I want you to feel that neutral spine and control Inhale exhale softening your tension in your shoulders and neck to One Your other side leg reaches army just find that diagonal find the diagonal and you're breathing hip as well The rib and hip stay connected in that diagonal and then we lower down Inhale exhale So put it in that bony area that's always your support system two more two And Good come to Center just tuck in scoop fold the ribs back and up Yeah deep deep flexion Take it the other way Reverse it ribs forward and down Come to sender one more time tuck Now we're just going to end it in neutral So from here, we have all fours Okay

I'm all we're going to do is take one leg back Soften your elbows Crease of your elbows come forward as we take the other leg back now notice the connection with your ribs and hips, right? That is your powerhouse nice and strong Now without changing the shape of your body just drop one knee in and take the other hand All right, so now left side We're going to reach that leg long Nothing's kind of shift in our body focus on the connection ribbon hit that box and We take it back and hold Think about the ribs pulling up into your spine and up and I'm gonna take the right leg down and down repeat up up Down down one more up up Down down and bring it back again From here now, let's go to a plank and hold it And I want you to drop down to your forearms and try to keep that stability So it's a little bit more challenge on the torso Palms down spine is long I'm just focusing on the connection of the ribs to hips We're going to push back up hold Breathe and Then one more time we take it down I know this is challenging

We're going to end our week with a nice challenge Remember just be curious if you need to drop to your knees Go ahead hold it four three two One drop those knees down and just push yourself back here We're going to take our hands to one side of the mat And as you do that just feel sort of the rib connection right on The side that's stretching over you're pushing that rib out and down The other one is pulling back and up Nice deep breathing into those ribs Let's walk it to the other side again the side that's going over the ribs push forward and down The other side pulls back and up Just allows for a deeper stretch and that's fine especially those tight areas we need mobility, right? Take it back to Center again fill your body with air Exhale Roll yourself up as you stretch the tops of your feet Hold right here interlace those fingertips behind you as you push your lips forward and down And come to Center and release good you can just flex out and hollow out your back here Ah And release Yes, good job I hope you feel fantastic Remember you can go back to any of these five workouts as much as you want and need to in the next couple days If you want to take a breather and the rest you can do that as well Go for some walks do some light easy movement Just keep moving your body feel graceful feel good But always notice connection of your ribs to your hips and keeping that box nice and square Okay, so good luck with your movement If you have any questions know you can always email me All right

I'll see you next week Take care

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