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SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share and Comment! welcome to elite Pilates YMCA level 3 diploma in teacher training this is Photoshop now and this was the section is less than his arm posture assessment so me she listened three videos I post area the side view side aspect and the front view and side view this particular one the possibility of you were likely to do is purely active Convention I do my post assessments against this wall I need you to stand that your body honestly wants you to stand one of the reasons for that although you tell me the proper assessments and sound like Superman so I don't want you to stand I need to know how your body wants the stand and wants to make you stand so that we can find any so the possibility for first thing I look for a little checklist but your heart that will give you what's the head gurus headshot net what to do is it a little one side so what I mean Pilates teachers of Protestants what you're looking for is to cut the terrible one sir as thinking now anatomy master misplaced an abyss which muscles could be overly tightened head to one side which muscles maybe we on anywhere that can cause that so basically looking good Anatomy what muscles attach that is there it's a digital one specific area what muscles might be overly we're over me tights or Madonna's conversely which ones might be weak you can do what's the neck do so people don't go by the keys is that the same or the ears one year of colonia now can be once a high-pressure advanced magical generally the head what's the back there next on the list is what this shoulders livid I do want the shoulders level before the going to bed whenever you do a proper assessment showing full or active level you just need to take down Spanish for me to be better otherwise there she's going to be one side if they're not again which muscles might be overly dominantly tight conversely discipline that use missus of example if this was Doris and muscle might be weak and ineffective therefore the tracks at dominating and from another position so doctors think for these pellets right that's an Anatomy skill and normal muscles are involved so they own what the neck good one of the shorts dude are they level next I've actually look at one of the scapula the medial border of the scapula in relation to the spine now people that tend to be right dominant their rights Canada my do roll forward more I think Muslims now anterior serratus anterior pectoralis major bells Maya now and after the bicep in particular the shortest shoulder blade can pull it out of the lesion in there's big rhomboid might be weak or we can compare to the similar effect happens if your left on the sole of the spine where's the medial border is it the same what's the height of the inferior angle of the scapula are the different heights day for an unnecessary transferred she went into the shoulder be but you might notice it a little bit more rotated and make a little more than the other one next of the spine what in general is this why I'm doing it's not usually patients directly engaged it's more replaced of hip flexors being weak or strong either rotate the pelvis forward and give it back optical illusion try some others the shape of the pelvis or as it rotated back similarly the back canker sores mom always literally kicks door it's more rotated and gives you the appearances in this is what the hell they want enacted and what the shores doing are they matter what's the scatter the media world which happened during innovation through the spine what this spider is it long or is it a lateral deviation anywhere in this plan but if the pelvis good is the pelvis level next should be backed away what are the knees doing or they can't give you get your Elvis or genu varum something heretical Levitt rather than better PES planus or most people seem to be my flat cousin it's just cosmetic it's not very functional a fusion example that's sure not necessary ours might try out every time like with every single time I round that foot it lands but to shoot no such thing then creates anything else is hunky-dory lack of thoughts every single step I ever made are exaggerated as I'm done the fucking march on therefore it's going to roll in get answer a version of the female that the female roles in puts extra stress on the need you and all the men what we felt was a part of strength on the inside also affect the hip joint I think they're hip replacements or Columbia where until it's unnatural wear and tear the acetabular and ahead of their trip and it isn't a perfect sphere shaped so you're not going to a nice smooth roll around does that thing have a big part of play because of that brought taking the pelvis of causing a lot of low back pain can be solved by gently podiatrist and some of the orthotic to put in it if that's one necessary for you another issue with for presumably betters talents valgus which is basically the talus bone here role in you can argue an orthodontist and that effect abilities but there's a difficulty on the flat thought eleventh hour and basically this is the wall and that's to compensate the map in week the body the brain leans over to the other side to compensate for not being we have not been strong enough to keep that level of our leaders users or gravity to take the way to always to keep your balance or you can get any combination of that yeah both laugh drop them down and then lean and all that so when people wore shirts are see people were cut they were sort of society sign a prophetic trend down they engage just a sign of sexy hips it's a sound Rebecca got we glute medius once I walk away as a tester that's a popular assessment actually look before what do you tell them you really need to know assume early and keep it simple 90% of the time you try to do a lot more than just living off of ourselves you don't go into the massive amount of detail whilst the heavier you want them to start and actually what they stretched up to is the head or shoulders level what I think not how far away from their spine at the shoulder blades is the pelvis level any noticeable deviation in the spine from the back again comparable picture image attention perfect the reasons we must have most of the defeating Achilles are the flat-footed on one side or both sides again it usually imbalance that causes more problems than both of them being and a lot of things in the body you can be massively tight here must be 10 pair cause a lot less problems or issues to mosquito here certain clients have you're dealing with the top level athletes or sports people they actually need it bad they don't necessarily need it correct so we'll Quebec posture here might do second video and that's the possible settlement from the rhythmic prosperity will do another video erosion different actors as well on poor cetera from the week our today's teacher trained thanks for watching SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share and Comment!

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