How to Do a Pelvic Tilt | Pilates Workout

This is the Pilates Mat Warm up Pelvic Tilt We start with the Pelvic Tilt before we actually go into the classical system of Pilates because we find that we need to worm up the body properly before we can achieve some of this more difficult positions

Curl your tailbone up toward your belly button just a little bit creating tuck through the pelvis and then untuck the tailbone down to a small little arch And again you'll curl the tailbone up and you'll flatten your lower back right into the mat so you're taking the curvature out of your spine Then untuck the pelvis and find a little arch It's exaggerated, almost like you could put an empty roll of paper towels underneath your middle back And do that again, Madelaine

Curl up the tailbone, and lower the tailbone down into an arch And just keep going there a few more times So we do the pelvis tilt to warm up our lower body, our lumbar spine, because this is the corner stone of our power house We must be warm and aware of what's going on here in order to progress trough the rest of our workout safely Three more, Madelaine, a little bit slower, a little bit faster rather and smaller

So eventually once you get good at this you'll start to make it faster and smaller till you bring your pelvis into a little bit of balance And this we consider neutral pelvis So for neutral pelvis to check in your own body, you can bring the heels of your hands onto your hipbones, the bony points right on top of your pelvis and your fingertips will lay over your pubic bones Now, Madelaine's hands are in a perfect level, triangle, like so, like a plate, that would be neutral pelvis What it feels like, is there's a little bit of space under her lower back

If you find when your hands are in this position that the tailbone is tucked up and it's flat, that is not the optimal position because you're compressing your lower back Likewise if your hand are pinkies are down, further than thumbs you're too arched So somewhere in between both of of those extremes Then lower your hands back to your sides, and there you have the Pelvic Tilt

Source: Youtube

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