How I Work Out My Abs / Pilates Exercise – ??????????? ????????????????????????

Hi all! I'm Emiri from Beautiform New York I've created a video of how I work out my abs

Let's do it together! It's mainly pilates "I love Pilates!" I start with back stretches first Lying down like so and rolling up like peeling off a vertebra one by one Giving a stretch to the behind the knees Then, rolling down slowly to the starting position

I usually do this 3 times If it's too difficult you can bend your knees You can also grab behind the knees and roll-up I love to do this exercise very slowly and feel the back stretching It feels so good

When you do this exercise look at your belly Next is an exercise I love which is called Single Leg Stretch Extending your leg alternatively like so Make sure your shoulder blades are off the floor I usually continue this exercise until I feel I can't do it anymore, but doing this 5-10 sets should be enough depending on how you feel that day

Make sure you extend the knee properly Again, look at your belly while doing this Some of you may feel soreness in your neck, but it should get better as you get used to this exercise If it's too hard you can put your head down and do this exercise OK, next exercise

Going to do Double Leg Stretch This is more difficult than the previous one Starting from hugging your knees in and extending both arms and legs out at the same time Extending the arms as you draw a circle Extending the legs with the knees touched together

Again, look at your belly Doing this 5-10 times would be good Doing a reverse motion with the arms is also good And, the next exercise is not only an ab exercise but also a hamstring stretch which is called Single Straight Leg Stretch This is also my favorite exercise

Bringing a leg closer to your face alternatively as both of the legs kept extended If your flexibility is not enough you can keep your legs lower It's ok if you grab your thighs instead 5-10 sets would be enough In this workout, breathing is very important

Don't stop breathing Consciously keep breathing throughout this workout The next exercise is effective for the lower abs Double Straight Leg Stretch Repeatedly, lowering and raising the legs slowly as the legs kept extended like so

Make sure you don't arch your back It'll cause some troubles to your back Look at your belly as you do this Doing this 5-10 times should be good Make sure the shoulder blades are off the floor

Next is Criss Cross which is also effective for the side abs Bending the knee alternatively like so and at the same time, bringing the elbow to the knee Most importantly, bring the shoulder closer to the knee Don't just bring the elbow to the knee, do it with the shoulder otherwise this exercise means nothing Also, doing these 5-10 sets is good

Don't forget about your legs as you focus on your upper body Make sure you extend the leg properly Next is Crunch Lying down and bringing the head up as peeling the shoulder blades off the floor like so As you do this, do not use your thighs to come up

Consciously use your abs from the deep inside to come up Try not to move the arch of your back as you come up and down It's important to keep the same position Also, do not use the momentum of your elbows Keep your elbows to the side and use your abs to come up

Depending on the person, 10-20 times is good Next is Reverse Crunch It's a good exercise for the lower abs Crossing your legs and extending it upwards Raising your legs closer to the ceiling

Raise the legs using your lower abs Don't use the momentum 10-20 times should be good depending on the person But, I'm doing it so many times Please allow me some time

And, the last is Teaser This is a difficult exercise Starting from the arms and the legs extended on the floor Coming up to make a V-shape like so It's hard to balance

If it's too difficult for you, skip this exercise You can end this workout after the previous exercise If you continue doing this workout up to the previous exercise you should be able to do this eventually So try to do this workout every day or so I think 3-5 times is enough, but again I'm doing this many times so please hang tight

So this is it This is the workout I usually do for my abs Thank you for watching! See you again!

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