Full Length Pilates Mat Class Pilates Workout with equipment 1 Hour Pilates Class

Elite Pilates Teacher Training-Devon & Cornwall Somerset & Dorset on the ball so people these bags so take a deep breath in and exhale roll towards you hold there so in this position I wanted to think of all ribcage candy drool rook cage down towards the floor almost likely trying to get the whole room and the lower back on the floor I'm thinking what so when we come back to the start I want you to check and make sure that your pelvis comes back to a neutral pelvis so by neutral it's different in neutral spider on the wall so your neutral pelvis to hit people over parallel to the floor so can rest or come to between the hip bones so that might feel like your back is arching little bit of sucked and rotated so do one more rapid roll the powers towards your ribcage down hips to ribcage so have a little date with yourself interesting so check your heartstrings and your bottles make sure they are switched off so you might have some feet flickering and stuck because you want to and then relax back to the start bringing yourself back into your neutral pelvis and then we're going to bring your waist on to the ball so soften your feet so at the moment the way it's probably in the feet a little bit of the ball and a lock in your back shoulders sit all the way onto the balls so that your feet become light everyone got that so it should feel the strong connection connection make sure that as you have the strong connection and your baby's popping out laughter your neck and your shoulders so now a lot your left leg to play up towards the ceiling when it comes up hold it there even me fold so once your left leg is up check the right foot is soft is it heavy is it trying to balance you or not go happens I need to use your hands for balance the back of the arms it's the neck tensing up the shoulders the jaw and allow your left leg to flow down and then keep going so now as you move through your left and your right all your hips your weight shifting to the left and to the right or maybe you can feel your weight shifting forward and back now ideally the weight was to be in the same place the whole time that's a challenge oh good so I can kill rocks of everything so – laughs so grasp it left leg floats up exactly like you've just done so now we're going to think about is the contact points between your pelvis and the ball and imagine we'll be trying to push that ball down through the mat so that that connection gets even stronger and the right leg should feel softer and lighter so that plates up to meet the left leg so you're going to try and lift the leg up much effort now once you have your legs up and now take all hands up towards the ceiling so the principles of Pilates is balanced by its concentration elephants like whatever I sticky when we think about something house sells it affect your balance so you got to know what you're doing so you can relax start to straighten your legs a little bit more where the rats up towards the ceiling or 45 degrees your choice make sure is drawing down so the balls and then allow white leg to close up the house can you take a look as you lift in the leg where are you feeling at me some people were filled with me of doubles more maybe some people in your hip flexors more in the hip joint now half-smoked theory the white leg back down sending me away from the body and then once the right foot touches the floor do one more on each side were to make a challenging even half once you've done your why would some nice big stretch so put the ball under our feet legs so in relation to spike Klaus will never play with the feet positioning so just wherever you want to have your feet to start with be conscious of your arms you are probably going to use them to start with but just be mindful in your arms so take a graphic roll the powers towards you like to dip the beginning to remember pelvic tilt no bum cheeks no hamstrings get that lower back into the floor school call then squeeze your bar nice and hard and started and then focus for punching on the messages are going to want to do with our very dominant muscles so if I did those steel boxes you can and then when you come up get that weight on this because you can means directly above the ankles and there's changes so it's under your up to Black's pull them in towards your strength legs it's wages you can say obviously providing we've given this at the back of the legs that's Willem after my release one more and then flex pull the leg in closer so on the ball what you see you can achieve is that your hips and your shoulder or in one one so sometimes when you're on the ball we tend to be a little bit more so you should have on your back so what nice straight line oh so just be careful so half a leg straight up towards the ceiling the back is in a straight line so if you were standing ideally won't be able use that neutral spine but yes you want a ball so ii do not gonna do that fight that neutral so you want to come back little curve in the lower back all the way to the post of shoulders and the pelvises if neutral alignment little spy so now take a breath and we're going to slowly start to take your feet to the throne the straight leg without the power bus rolling back and board dissociation of the hip this is happily with your thigh bones you get to the point where the baby stops popping stop them so you could break it pull that tummy just so incredible strength of the tongue you can maybe try that the next other musical artists building strength in your arms so legs are straight something that will cancel down by this time so in that way you can use your arms for this back of your arms triceps the shoulders all those posterior muscles so breathing starts to take those legs down so it's only target for one now using again so mean flex your feet legs wide so yeah so I need to sit on a block to make this easy for legs so you need to do to release the legs away from the spine so it's your feet point of flats which won't be hanging off your ankles so so so in that position I started rolling now Ingrid is only 25 to 9:00 morning so the muscle mics will be little bit colder than what they would be at the end of the day and then start to move your ball back towards you nice at all turn into the color boats then pull it down then pull the topping into your back walk your hands away from you so if you think hard to see you can push back to the body into the upper back to the base we try to stretch off each part now draw your hands back towards your feet stack drop box inspire to talk inspire have a nice big shoulder goal against itself we need to give you a little shape so to go all the way from you this time try to go that little bit deeper into it we're gonna have to close the feet on this one so won't ever want to point and see if you can go a little bit further now remember when it comes to stretching so I'm very attractive flex your feet without coming out of that stretch you should find that a little bit harder now bring your hands back very nice and tall the shovel so we're gonna start this flexed feet this time so nice and tall away very well functioning with that shoulder but we so do you need to move the shoulder girl so get the whole shoulder to it stretching forward as well so keeping those mechs flexed think of drawing your kneecaps walls or hip circle muscles either be on the box or you need to be completely bored so happens hands on top of the ball the market is down so it'll make stew beat out and wide remember we want to use the cold with a squeeze in the whole body the best part it's just pulling your belly button away from the mat without squeezing your bum then you're gonna start to lift your head without squeezing your bar and then pull the ball towards your shoulders higher now put a squeeze my bow to lift the body but you want to make sure that your shoulders are not coming up towards your ears pull those shoulders down so I'm also going to do a very quick so one so back the half of the ball and when I look at where the ball is going and I'm going to bend my elbow is safe direction as the ball by ear aiming to go there Oh what can I get to the pincushion so I'm going back yeah we're something it's finally sitting down you've got arthritis if you've got bad wrist and we need to take some of the weight of the body by all means stick the heels to the bounce a little bit but make that conscious action rather than just it's a form that's lacking so die keeping this hand so these are anybody to be a push-up part but feels like it's too easy that wants to make it harder always think of the spine long spines I really love the Straits with the balls the ball that takes some of the weight like I said by all means you don't even push up Park you just wait for them and once you've done to your officer sites what you started was make that your last ah so it seems a position how's the ball in your hands and knees bags toes up and toes down Tiger to rule out the front of us so we're going to go into a half rollback and we're gonna hold the half rollback so that if we didn't evolve in this position so my feet are light so you really need to draw you the tummy maybe you in that position little really matter where you are providing beefeaters so from there you get it left take it down lift take it down so remember this comes from the hip rather than in the knee okay so we're due for need folds on each side so take a breath there and then into your half rollback so do all that tummy even Brooks hips come together feet are soft and now take a breath in exhale pull the left knee to the chest and take it down inhale pull the right knee towards the chest take it down so I do that angle of the knees same same it's the hip joint that is moving ah so we're going to go back to the single ones but we're going to change our position so from yeah now I'm gonna take the hands to there be aware that your shoulders are mum over there and one will be drop down exhale but soon do let's go to the end of the box and the take your hives either to the floor behind you depends on your shoulder mobility or just above you a little bit the reach that left arm away you never have fashion right to the body it's like the spiral all crossways so reach that left arm whether it's the wall or a little bit higher every matter relax and then read to the right so think of reaching right on your phone the whole side the whole shoulder right up to that album the space between the elbow over the wrists and your fingers and then relax that one both reach that level same thing totus the soles of you reach the top of your feet that ankles Kyle's knees now both legs so putting the bottom half of body away from the list and then bring an ex back you and I both off and older than those young boys right leg left arm right leg and then change sides why Tommy left leg think it's stretching like a star and then relax those now both legs so if you want to give your own a few little massage or scratching it's gonna take your head over to the left it'll make it much stronger then we're going to crash it into the ball and then hold it there for a few breaths give that muscle all those muscles of time to stretch off remember we need to hold it structures and then back over to the other side so just do a few more on each side so the weight of your head going side who needs a heart we're gonna move on to our size ready to come into standing so for those of you that need to just come up any way that is safe please do from young to the top I'll keep the Hogs next to the ears for stone in and maybe stretching up the spine if you need to soften these soften your knees through the shoulders and then bring yourself back to the front

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