Hey guys, it's Bailey and today we are doing a yoga Pilates fusion workout that'll work the legs and the core So we're doing some traditional yoga postures mixed with the principles of Pilates So really working our balance all those little Stabilizing muscles that pull everything in and give us a tight toned body Let's get started Let's get started holding onto a pair of light weights, however if you don't have weights at home do the workout without it It's still very effective

We're going to start with our feet hip distance apart coming into our chair pose So we'll sweep the arms forward sitting back on our heels and then exhale really squeezing your glutes and abs at the top, sit down nice and low and Then exhale squeezing as we come forward Good keep the collarbones nice and wide as You lower down arms just higher than the shoulders Good really squeeze those glutes And sit down nice and low pressing the weight into your heels feel those arms work, your core is tight And Thinking breathing really wide into the ribcage so to give expanding those ribs out to the side Let exhale really knitting those abdominals to squeeze your abs like someone Is about to punch you you have to, ah squeeze! Good really getting our heart rate up here helping the fat fat burning To more Good last one let's bring those weights and little pulses in our chair stick those booties out feeling the tops of the thighs starting to work and our glutes Three two One good standing up Let's step wide into our plie position Good we're going to lower down keeping the elbows in line with the shoulder and then press our weight onto our right foot lift the left leg reach the arms Good so we're doing some side work here and of course really toning through the thigh balance work There's so much going on right now Good so really thinking pressing your weight through this heel Lifting from the side waist all the way down to your toe And of course some added arm work This one's great for obliques and our thighs really work those outer thighs So you don't have to go as full range as I'm going You can always do it a little bit lower it really helps to focus on our balance Good we have five Two Last one good Hold it in that sumo squat Let's do a set of pulses here really starting to work to those inner thighs your Knees are tracking out over your toes little squeeze and lift Going to make it harder holding these arms in line with your shoulders really squeezing before This little counter balance really really helps us to switch our deep core muscles on so it's like we're doing a plank Good we have five four three Two and one good bringing them in second set this time pressing our weight off the right foot adding in those arms good reach wide good really think Creating length with those toes and then lifting that side legs three squeeze there our abdominals Get nice and low This one is so good at getting our heart rate up I'm all about toning While we're burning some fat So we can see all those sexy muscles that we're sculpting with the workout Last one Beautiful bringing it in Let's put the weights down at the top of our mat And get ready for some lunge work All right, let's step towards the front of our mat We're going to take a nice big step back here into the long lunge – right leg is back left is forward from here We're going to press our weight into the left foot squeeze your knee in really using those low abs and then step right back to our lunge Good squeeze sort of rounding the spine into that Tiger curl and then lowering down good and Lower if your balance is off today, just step forward pressing your weight through the front heel, so you feel the support like glute on fire squeeze If your balance is good let's bring the hands to heart center Right you should feel that support leg glute on oh yeah This one's so good for our low abs and really gets us ready for our next lunges Good hold this next one back gonna bring our arms up overhead Really pulsing here keep reaching that leg long behind Good really pulse through the front like keep your belly button pulled into your spine Good four more you're gonna feel this side glute on fire, four three two One – good from here pitched the body forward Let's sweep the arms along by the side really energizing through those fingertips Bracing our core sweep them forward back and forward Beautiful back and forward you're gonna feel this glute on fire Good we have three more Beautiful last one good Let's get ready to transfer our weight into that front foot so really pressing it into the ground It's going to press off coming to our warrior three balance here and then lower back down into that lunge Now if your balance is a little bit wonky Stepping forward bring your hands onto your hips Do a little back bend And then lowering down otherwise I want you guys to sweep those arms and Then lower all the way down maybe even Taking a back bend fist available to you Now this is one where We've already done some exercises to really elevate the heart rate So we want to slow things down almost like a yogalates interval And here's where we want to focus on our balance and control Good let's hold this next room bring our hands to heart center We transfer the weight forward Remembering you can keep it low range or high Little pulses down into that support leg really focusing on your core here This butt cheeks gonna be on fire You're welcome! five more Two One they'll reach those legs long ten more pulses up working through that hamstring and glute good

We have another ten Good five four three two and one beautiful stepping an empty tube deep breath in exhale full-forward Releasing the back of the leg Little walk out here Let your body slowly roll up one vertebrae at a time Fix your hair And then come into the other side Stepping back with our left leg into our long lunge on the opposite side Pressing your weight into that front foot hands on the hip Let's come into that Tiger curl and then step back to our long lunge really reaching the leg back Remember if your balance is off I want you to just tap forward squeeze your abs and then step back otherwise We continue with that Tiger curl rounding the spine really squeezing the ABS and then stepping back Hands to heart center if you can get really pressing the weight into that front foot here Really works below abdominals and the thigh as you lift with that leg And then you feel the support glute on fire Remembering that Pilates breath wide to the ribcage exhale really squeeze the ABS Takes a lot of focus this one slow and control- feel all those little muscles working You'll probably notice that one side is way better than the other Totally normal this side so much harder for me We all have little imbalances so this helps strengthen them Good hold this next one back bring our arms up overhead nice and energized here squeezing your core Tiny pulses pressing your weight into the front foot really grounding down through that leg catch your breath here Now slightly pitch your body forward, so we're putting a lot of weight into this front foot And then we brace our core, we sweep the arms back really lifting energizing through those triceps and forward Sweep and release, really holding our core nice and strong here Remembering to breathe feeling our nice postural muscles working here Good getting ready for our warriors pressing your weight into that front foot Let's transfer our weight forward to our balance and then lower back to our high lunge Press forward really press your weight into that heel Taking a back bend if its available Give that little glute squeeze at the top and then lower down Again not you don't have to come full range even if you're here You're still really working through the glute and really strengthening your core reach forward If you can though really push yourself slow and controlled here feeling the glutes and hamstrings So much focus just look at something not moving in front of you Its actually good if you do wobble Because it means that you're going to get stronger And you'll see the next time you do this workout, you won't be wobbling as much it's a lot of brain-body connection Bring your hands down onto your hips little pulses down through that support leg you'll feel this whole leg, glute, thigh, still reaching the other leg long Good three more two and One hold it little pulses up with the back leg Just that final little booty burn squeezing your glutes squeezing your abs Good four five four three Two and one beautiful step those feet together taking our nice forward fold release here Good grab ahold of the opposite elbow in your rag doll just swinging side to side Letting everything go This should feel nice soft bend through the legs Place your hands on the mat soft Bend slowly rolling the spine back up Bring your hands to heart center and give yourself a round of applause! great job you guys you are done I hope you enjoyed that yogalates flow Make sure to check out one of our other workouts for a little bit more toning and subscribe because we do new workouts every week What really gets your heart rate up and then step back If you're wobbling around jinx

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