Full Body Weighted Pilates Workout

Hi Chelsea from Jim ray here And today we're gonna work on a weighted Pilates routine The best thing about this workout is that you never have to stand up off of your mat So what you just have to lay down on your mat

The only thing you need is that in a pair of weights I Suggest going pretty light on the weights We're really gonna be sculpting our arms here So it is a full body workout But this workout is gonna help us carve those beautiful nice sculpted arms without any jingle-jingle So pick a light weight that you can hold up for a little while while we make some arm movements Alright, so I'm gonna go with three is here today We'll see Ike maybe I'll move them down to twos and we're gonna start off on our knees So first just roll your shoulders back a couple times So rolling your shoulders up by your ears down and back Nice and then keep your shoulder blades down your back pulling your elbows in turn the weights So your palms are facing up

We're gonna come up onto our knees Like this shooting our hips forward and then slowly lowering our heel our glutes to our heels so in doing this movement, we're really activating through our core here and Really nice and slow We're also getting into our legs make sure you stick it at the top and come back down on This next one we're gonna let our arms go out in front of us Like we're serving a tray and then bringing them back in as we bring our gluts back to our heels Nice and slow and controlled I already feel this kind of in my calves but Maybe that's for my workout yesterday Who knows four five And four serve in the food Beautiful so the next thing we're going to add on to this is we're coming up serving the tray and Then we're gonna open our arms out to the side it's like we could give somebody a hug but still keeping our palms palms up and then Coming back in as we sit back down so serving up and out Back in and down so it's like we had two trays maybe with two martinis on each tray giving them out to the side back in and You can keep a little bent in your elbow here So, you know how to lock out your elbows For for And three To And one Okay Nice let that go for a second You can take your wrists out in front make little birds beaks with your hands rotate one direction and the other All right We're coming back up back up on your knees pressing into the tops of your feet or you can curl your toes under we're gonna lift both arms up overhead and we're doing tricep Extensions, so we're bringing the weight down behind her head and lifting it straight back up

Just bending at the elbows We're not gonna be here very long we're eventually gonna add on to this move Nice and slow and controlled For three Nice Okay, still working on our triceps keeping the weights together We're doing a circle around our head and coming back in so it's a circular motion bringing the weights around our head a little crazy but It's really working into our shoulders and our triceps Nice back to the center going the offset direction So is messing up my hair five Nothing spring your waste back in fixing your hair if you need to and now holding our weights up elbows up we're bringing our weights out to the side and back in Again you don't have to lock up your elbows You can stop wherever feels comfortable Try to keep the weights facing the ground when you come out So keeping your knuckles facing the ground Ah I already feel this in the back of my arms, too I'm being a baby, but I've been working out in training like Crazy for the gym rechannel

So make sure to check out all of my videos You can find the majority of them released on gym red comm which has so many free workouts for you hint, of course on the app Three-two-one, nice bringing that back in roll your shoulder blades down and back Alright coming back out palms facing down We're just gonna turn our palms to face up then down Bring your arms back in line with your body To one Letting that go Rolling out your shoulders here Two more exercises here while we're up on our knees like this Bringing your arms out to the side palms down little pulses up for ten nine eight Seven six five Four three Two one letting that go Rolling up the shoulders again Last one up here on the knees You probably guessed it We're coming back up turning our pumps up to the sky Make sure you're not really gripping onto those as you lift up for ten little pulses nine eight Seven six five Four three Two one Letting that go coming down stretching out your shoulders Nice bringing your arms out in front You can interlace your hands just reach the palms of your hands forward

Let your chin tuck here and Then coming back up onto your knees Just lifting your arms up overhead letting your chest come proud here Nice hands back out in front change the interlace of your hands so different points or finger on top Bring your hands out first tucking your chin, and then you can raise it up Maybe a little twist to the right and the left if that feels good Alright Letting that go left foot is going to come out to the side Let's let's on the ground grab both of your weights for one Holding onto them We're just gonna slide down that left leg right hand can go up and over Nice four five four three Two one Let the right hand come down to the ground left arm is going to go up overhead with the weights Bring the left arm up by your ear and you're going to bring the right knee to the left elbow and back out for ten and nine Eight Seven six five Four three Two one Nice knee back in great this time just dropping the left arm down again Right arm can come up by your ear We're really working into our side obliques crunching them into the left four five four three Two one Nice switching hands, we're gonna bring our right foot out to the right Taking your right hands we're sliding them down that right leg your left arm can go up and over Enjoying the nice little stretch you get from this four three two One let the left hand come down underneath your left shoulder weights go up overhead Bringing your weights out

So your arm is by your ear lifting up that right leg We're coming to tap elbow to knee back up Eight Seven six five four three Two one Nice right knee and just let the right arm slide down towards the mat You can have the left hand go up and over For – whoa ha nice Let that go this time We're gonna bring our hands to interlace behind our back so hands interlace behind your back pull your elbows Together and then just lean forward letting your arms go up overhead And then coming back up Switching the interlace of your hands This is my favorite part about Pilates is that you get to stretch in between the roof and then folding forward Coming back up All right moving on So bring your weights to the top of your mat we're coming into an all-fours position So a nice tabletop position with a flat back so find that first elbows Wrists shoulder all in line knees right underneath your hips flat flat back We're gonna take one of our weights You have two sets choose a heavier weight and hug It behind that right leg So you're really hugging that right leg in I like to flex through my right foot but you could also point we're just going straight up with the right leg and back in and What this is helping us to do here This is really getting into the glue Especially right underneath the glue

So this is a shelf move It's an old classic You've been doing it in Pilates since probably the beginning of Pilates, but it's because it works it works really well Nice Three-two-one, nice keep that right leg up flex through the foot little pulses up like you could step on the ceiling Nice now right leg is gonna cross over The left leg and back up So it's like a curtsy move crossing over and back up Keep your shoulders pulling down your back If you lose the weight just try to grab back on it and meet us in So five four three I'm feeling this in my glutes two One not done yet, right leg comes in to the left But we're gonna hover it an inch off the mat and we're just opening up to the fire hydrant move and bringing it back in nice Eight Seven six five four three two One holding it up little pulses up So moving that right knee towards the right elbow, four, five and four three Two one right leg comes down releasing the weight and Grabbing onto it with the left hand Right foots coming back out behind you straightening out the leg now must feel pretty good without the weight So enjoy that flex through the foot Lift the left arm out in front of you weight points down So it's like you're about to shake hands with someone tap the weight and your toe down to the ground and back up for ten and nine eight Seven six – one right knee comes down keep the weight in your left hand open your left hand up gaze towards that left fingertips and Then we're gonna curl back in nice and slowly Left hand goes behind the right arm and you're opening it up like you're serving a platter now towards the front of the room Opening back up gaze at this left hand Twisting open and then bringing it through Opening up Nice and slow and controlled Ver five And four Three – One Nice Okay, let that go Blanding your hands just sitting your hips back to a child's pose Wow Stretching out your glutes, maybe shaking side to side a little bit here And we're gonna come up to the other side so taking our trusty weight now behind the left knee hugging it in Find your perfect tabletop first

So make sure that you're not leaning way back here You want your shoulders right above your wrists? lifting that left foot up we're bringing it back in and up nice and slow and controlled Try to keep your gaze right down on the mats in your neck and stay nice and long Four five and four Three Two one hold that left foot up in little pulses four five Four three I know I tricked you This was basically ten to One nice left knee is going to cross over the right leg and come right back up Engaging through your core pull your shoulder blades back Three more Nice okay Left leg comes in right next to the right one the good old fire hydrant opening to the left bringing it back in Opening it up Keep going for five four nice and slow and controlled three Two one hold it up there little pulses up left knee to left elbow five Four three Two one And let that left then you come down take the weight bring it into your right arm and Let that left leg come back So you're floating that left leg up flexing through the foot Find your perfect tabletop still pull in your navel and then let the right arm float up in front of you Again, so you it's like you could shake somebody's hand We're just gonna drop the weight and the big toe down to the mat and back up for ten Feels so good without the weight in that back leg Six five Four three Two One Nice

Okay Bring that knee in We've got that twist move now opening up to the right side So again with your tabletop position We're twisting open let your gaze go up towards that right hand holding the weight and then you're bringing it behind the left elbow like you're serving a platter now to the back of the room, so inhaling up Exhaling out Inhale up Really try to spin your chest open so you're getting a nice stretch while you do this Four three and two One nice All right, let that go sit back in your child's pose for just a moment, maybe shaking your hips back and forth a little bit nice and Then rolling up we're gonna come to lay down on our left side so elbow and forearm right underneath Your shoulder so elbow right underneath your shoulder forearm flat to the ground Legs out in front of you You can bring your feet a little bit towards the front of the mat taking one or two weights Placing them on top of that top leg We're lifting that leg straight up and back Down if that feels okay You can move your weights down So they're above the knee and you'll feel a little bit more weighted pressure there Nice I like to keep a nice point to my top leg It does look beautiful but I think it helps engage through my leg as well four five Four three Two One nice keep the weights there just pull your knees in see if you can open up through your chest a little bit more So you're not sinking in but you're keeping a nice long spine feet together

You're opening up into the clam shape So opening your knees apart Bringing them back down for 10 Nice and slow like Moving through quicksand really working into the resistance Five Four Three Two one Whoo, all right straightening our legs out right foot in front of left High up on your forearm keeping your leg keeping your weights where they are We're lifting up with our hips and coming all the way back down first seven And six Nice five nice and slow and controlled four Three Two One hold them up little pulses Five four three Two one Ah Let that go bring your legs in dropping your weights to the outside of those legs Just lift your left arm up and over for a side stretch We want to get nice and long and lean so we have just stretched out our muscles after we work them Alright, we'll switch to the other side So now your left leg is on top walk your feet out So they're at the front edge of your mat and then check in with your elbow Make sure it's right underneath the shoulder Weights can go on somewhere on this left leg Just not on top of the knee We're lifting the left leg straight up And back down Halfway there – one Nice, pull your knees and keeping your weights where they are staying on your feet here

So you're flexing through your feet We're just opening up that top knee Bringing it back down nice and slow Pulling your navel halfway there For three And to and one Okay Feet go out in front of you left foot is going to be out in front of the right So the top leg in front Flexing through lifting your chest We're going straight up with our hips all the way back down Trying to make a little arch like a rainbow arch every time we lift up The rain – one holding up little pulses up Four Three two one let that go bring your knees and just drop your weights to the outside Right arm goes up and over Oh I'm enjoying that nice stretch all Right Very nice, we're gonna move down onto our backs now With the weights, of course, so keep your weights close by just swing your legs out in front of you and Come to a nice seated position Arms are gonna go up to the sky and then we're gonna start to roll down Holding your core vertebrae by vertebrae all the way down to the mat When you get there arms go out behind your head to touch overhead flex through your feet lift your arms straight up and then Curling your chin curl all the way back up lifting the weights overhead So really slow pull your belly button down towards the mat weights tap overhead and Then nice and slow and controlled rolling all the way back up to the flat back two more like that Using your breath and Not holding it Just using it to help you move through this nice and slowly and controls Last one like that And then all the way back up Nice this time just reach forward bringing the weights down on opposite sides your feet pulling your belly button back can round forward Stretching over your legs a little bit here and then grab back onto the weights come up with a flat back Arms go up last time that we come all the way down staying down arms kinked up Up overhead and then coming back up Bring your knees in so that your heels are close to your gluts We're gonna bring our weights onto our hip creases here Keeping your head looking straight up at the ceiling

We're just lifting our hips up And coming back down So it's a weighted bridge pose lifting up and back down Really nice articulating the spine as you come up and down pressing into the feet Four three and Two and one Keeping your hips up in the bridge grab on to your weights bring them right overhead With our arms overhead like this, we're gonna bring our elbows down towards the mat as we let our hips drop So we're opening up our elbows to tap the mat bringing the weights down and then lifting everything back up weights tap overhead Beautiful nice and slow Really control olds move Try to keep your neck nice and long on the mat here and Keep your knees from falling out to the side So keep them pointing straight up So that when you're in the full expression all the way up It's like it's one line from your shoulders all the way to your knees Four five and four Three This is a total body killer because you're really getting into the glutes and into the chest Holding up turn your weights to face each other So we're holding our weights up or holding our chest really puffing our chest up holding our hips high We're gonna open our weights keeping a little bend to your elbow to open them Like you could hug somebody that's in front of you and then bringing your weights back together We're not lowering our hips We're keeping our hips up opening bringing them back together Opening bringing them back together nice and slow Keeping your hips up For four and three Not locking your elbows up keeping a nice Bend two and One Nice, you can bring your elbows down to the mat hands down to the mat push up one more time through your heels really push And then slowly rolling down vertebra by vertebra all the way down to the mat Let go of your weights We're here to stretch now You did such an amazing job

We're really gonna stretch out our glutes and our arms So keep your left leg down knees pointing up right heel crosses right below that left knee Reach up thread the needle grab that left leg pull it in in this particular thread the needle I really want you to flex through the right foot and Push that right knee away from you nice and then relax your shoulders down They did a lot of work for you in this video I Already, feel it through my glutes in my arms It's totally killer moves just funny how adding just a little bit of weight really does make you work that much harder and Then slowly letting the left foot Come down to the ground slide it out as you bring the right knee in towards your body hugging the right knee Towards your right shoulder Inhaling and as you exhale give another little tug and then we'll just cross that right knee over your body Maybe letting the left arm Hug onto that right knee and then let the right arm go out to a tea gazing at the right Ah Slowly coming back up Bring both knees in just bring your arms up You're gonna cross the left arm underneath the right and just give yourself a hug rolling out your shoulders a little bit side to side and Then arms back up this time right arm underneath the left hug onto your shoulders Give yourself a hug to thank yourself for getting through this workout You did great Nice and then bringing your hands down just bring that left ankle, right? Below that right knee reaching up to thread the needle and then same thing Flex through that left foot push that left knee away Pull the shoulder blades down Hmm Oh Feels so good

Okay, right leg comes down to the ground hugging that left knee in towards the left shoulder Give it a big tug And then just crossing that left knee over your body you can bring your right arm out to a T if you want gazing towards the right a Nice twist and Then left knee comes back in Bringing your arms overhead stretch through your fingers stretch through your toes And then we'll slowly tucking our Tring bring your arms overall all The way back up to a nice seated Position just two more shoulder rolls here rolling your shoulders up towards your ears down and back up Towards your ears down and back inhaling your hands up Thank you for practicing with me today I hope that you enjoyed this weighted Pilates video I Want to invite you to join one of 50 free workout programs at gym Raycom You're never gonna get bored and you'll have enough workouts to keep you busy for years to come I know that's exciting You'll never get that workout Plateau Let me show you a little bit about what you can expect when you sign up for a free account on gym Raycom You'll be asked whether you'd like to be assigned a program based on several basic questions about your fitness level and goals If you'd rather browse the programs and weigh your options click on no, I do not want any programs head to the program's tab and scroll to find a program that fits your needs as You can see we cover everything from weight loss to toning and sculpting Yoga Pilates abs will be upper-body We have it all Now, let me show you how the program's work If you've chosen to be on a program when you log into gym or comm you'll be directed to the my program page Featuring your workout of the day

All you have to do is press play and start exercising To see details about the workout click on more info The animated gifs below are the individual moves in the routine Here you can see your workout at a glance You also have access to your personalized weekly and monthly calendar You can change your program by clicking on the change program button Simply click on see all then select your desired program Watch the introduction video and check out the details by scrolling down the page If the program looks like a good fit for you, then simply click on switch to this program and you're all set Your new program will start automatically if you're unable to do the workout save it for later by clicking on the plus button Next to the title This adds it to my list I want to thank you for choosing gym rat I know you have a lot of options We've spent so much time and effort here to bring you world-class trainers of huge variety of workouts And it's all for free So thanks again for joining me

I hope you enjoy the free workout programs and we'll see you soon

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