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(upbeat music) – Hi guys, this is Rahel here This is Good Moves with Well and Good

Today I'm gonna take you through a Pilates ring workout with or without the Pilates ring, let's get started (upbeat music) All right, so we're gonna start here with a reverse lunge with this Pilates ring You're gonna take a step back Think about your placement here You want your right knee and ankle on that same line

As you lunge, you're gonna reach Chest out, stomach in, core is engaged here Take a squeeze of that Pilates ring, then as you extend your arms out, release Toe tap it right back in Giant step back again, arms extend, pause, pull it in, squeeze that ring

Release it right back, breathe Shoulders away from your ears, most important part there You don't wanna tense up anywhere else This is challenging, so you just wanna take it at your own speed, breathe Squeeze, pause, again

Shoulders away from your ears again, core is engaged there Don't forget to breathe, you got this Two, last one, breathe This time we're gonna set back up, giant step back Arms extend up to that diagonal

As you come out, you're gonna take a giant stationary lunge, pressing that ring down, press right back up, pressing it from that right heel Again, right back down You want your gaze forward, so you wanna think about keeping your spine straight there, breathe You got this, eight Let's go, seven

Shoulders away from your ears There's a little saying you can do anything for five reps Four, just make up your mind to do it and you're already there Let's go, two Last one, pause

Breathe, arms extend out As you take it here, you're gonna take a little leap, reach Think about that internal rotation from this left hip Pause, come right back up Breathe, squeeze

You want to think about recruiting from this right hamstring, arms extend, tap that shin, core is engaged, chest out, stomach in Breathe, you got this Balance, balance, balance Right there and squeeze, breathe So as I squeeze this ring I want to think about engaging through my core

My shoulders are away from my ears Again, tap your toes, breathe, you got this Halfway there Woops Three

Last two Last one here Arms extend up overhead As you come up, don't forget to squeeze this ring Now reach your arms up, extend that's where we are

Take a little sit back with this right hip, sit it back, now my core is engaged Breathe, arms extend up and overhead I want an internal rotation from my elbows As I reach this ring up, I'm going to bend this left knee here Arms are going to come to a 90 degree angle

Extend toe tap, breathe Arms extend up, down, up, oops, I'm going off balance You got this, breathe Arms extend up, down, up Four, last three

Last two Last one, pause, arms extend Go ahead and take that left leg back You're going to transfer this ring to one hand now Now you're going to isolating to that core

You're going to drive this left knee, left elbow, pause, contract in your abdominal wall, chest out, stomach in, and again, pull it in, breathe, you got this Halfway there, four Three Two, don't be afraid to pick up the pace if you have it in you Last one, pause, you got this

Second side, best side? All right, so we're going to setup same thing, opposite side, shoulders away from your ears, you want to take that moment there just to really release everything back, same idea Step that right leg back Extend your arms out, as you pull it in, squeeze the ring Notice that I'm not tensing up My shoulders are away from my ears, my core is engaged, breathe

Take your time in the beginning, your form is super, super important Squeeze that ring, gaze stays forward, breathe, squeeze, you got this Take your time There Five

Four, breathe Three Last two Remember we're going stationary after this, last one Step it all the way back in

Now step it back You want to think about your form so that you can take it stationary Arms reach up to that diagonal As I come out my gaze is still staying forward, but I'm reaching my Pilate ring outside of this left knee I press up, lift up from my front heel, arms extend up overhead, breathe

You got this Is your heart rate getting up? Mine is You got it Halfway there You got this

Three, last two, don't forget to breathe Last one Pause, now remember, lengthen that back leg long As you reach your arms, extend forward Think about squaring from that right hip

That leg that's in the air, you want an internal rotation As you pause here, think about your form all the way back up, toe tap, squeeze the ring Arms extend, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, keeping your core engaged Baby bend in that standing leg, you don't want to lock out the knee, it's a lot of tension and pressure on your joints You just want to take that balance

Balancing is hard guys Take your time, focus on your form As you get comfortable, maybe pick up the pace Take, take, take, take, take your time, you got this Breathe, toe tap, pause

Take this at your own pace Breathe You got this Last four Square, square, square, press that heel, that standing leg, press that heel, bend through that big toe, and just kind of ground yourself there, breathe, you can do anything for what is this? Two? Let's go

Last one Breathe all the way back up Arms are extended here Take that hip, sit it back, your core is now engaged Breathe, arms extend up, think about coming to a 90 degree angle, pause, toe tap, breathe

In and out So I'm working with my core here, shoulders away from your ears, breathe Internal rotation of the elbows as you come up There, down Up, down, you got this, there

Let your core work for you here guys Three, last two Last one Arms extend up, go ahead and transfer that leg back Shoulders away from your ears

Again, now my right arm is extended, I'm going to pull it in, standing forward, pause, get as close to elbow to knee, if not elbow to knee, extend, tap There my core is engaged, my chest is out, there Shoulders away from your ears You got this Again, pick up the pace if you got this

Or take it at your own speed Four, soften your face out Three, two, and one, breathe Great work guys I recommend doing this series for an additional two or three times if you have it

If you're not quite there yet, don't worry about it Do as many reps as you need, and we'll see each other next time Thanks for watching Good Moves Well and Good If you want more Good Moves, go ahead, subscribe to Well and Good

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