Full Body Pilates | Pilates Ball Workout

Hey, guys, Chard?t here with Corp?o Fitness This is your total body workout

Using the Pilates ball Now, don't worry if you don't have one yet You can go ahead and use a book or pillow to do the same exercises Now it's a short workout and you're gonna want to stay to the end because I have an amazing inner thigh finisher So make sure you stick with this workout

Yeah Let's go ahead and get it started OK, guys, we're gonna get started We have six movements to get through each of them, 60 seconds Some of them we repeat because we do them on either side

But it's only one set So good news If you're using a book or a pillow, please just skim through the workouts first You can see how to modify If you've got the ball, you can go ahead and get started

With me right away So we're gonna do movement number one, which is a bridge Now watch closely here So if you struggle with balance, when you put your feet on this ball, you're going to actually scootch to a wall So get close to a wall

Place the ball right up on the wall like this So you have stability and put your feet on top That's how you're going to make sure you roll all over the place If you don't need it, you're here with me Thighs tight, no matter what arms flat on the floor

Let's begin by raising up on a bridge and then slowly lowering back down So if you are feeling pretty confident and you did this without the wall and now you're falling all over the place Don't worry Every does that that just scooch to a wall, you know, becomes a lot easier Now, if you're doing this with me and you think this is super easy, I want you to challenge yourself by taking up both your arms

You can do this if you're up against a wall as well Add some extra intensity just in straight bridge, squeezing the glutes, watching so you don't fall all over the place If you start wobbling, hands back down here, squeezing up, neck down This is for the glutes Does the bum part of the workout here? We're going to do you one more and then a hold to finish

Holding Then adding those arms if you want an extra challenge, squeezing the abs in breathing and go ahead and release Now you take that ball Stretch the legs a little bit Roll on up to seated

And I'm gonna move into the abs now we'll be going back to the bum But let's get to the abs for now Place the ball on the small of your back Lean back until you feel it, we're going to be doing a ballet arm crunch arms are rounded as in the ballet and begin with me pulsing forward and back So something that I often see people do wrong when I'm teaching a class or a workshop here is they go all the way back here

Looks like this, make sure you stay slightly upright so you don't hurt yourself Keeping those arms rounded Continue to engage the belly Here Up an inch, back an inch

If you want to make this harder guys what you can do is arms up Arms by the ears intensifies this You can also do one arm for a few and then switch That's the intermediate version Choose what you like

You continue to squeeze Now we're gonna be going into our next movement Also for the ABS fairly quick here It's a fast transition That's coming up soon

Continuing to squeeze and pulse for those last few moments Last one hold Now take a little break if you need it Otherwise, ball is going to come to your chest Place it between the hands

Get back into this position as soon as you can We're going into our next AB one And go ahead, begin slow russian twist Ball stays on the chest, rotate to the center, over to the side, guys with hip flexor problems, straight legs will help, you know, sometimes It's really hard when you feel pain in the hip flexors

Really slow holding and back now we're going to go even slower so we're going to do this together Now hold it on one side Come back to center and hold it See how slow that is, a lot harder, yeah Side hold

This is where you might start to hate me a little bit Try to stick with it Back to center Side hold Back to center

Side hold Back to center and last side hold keeping it here and finish off with this one, breathing and release Open up those hip flexors and breathe, OK? Moving on We're going to do a little bit of your arms here So we got through those three exercises pretty fast, right? Not too bad

This is number four This is one that we do on both sides Going to place your hands on the ball Left hand on the ball Ok? Walking here

All I want you to do is come up into a plank on the toes if you really struggle with that Keep it on the knees That's OK So we're going to do 30 seconds per side here So we get through each side

You ready? Holding the belly button in you can stay on the knees here if you want Let's go ahead and begin Thirty seconds per side Just holding that balance, squeezing the abs in This is kind of a a total body, one that we do

And then if you feel ready for it Come on up to the toes Advanced, guys You can go ahead and lift this leg as well And you're going to feel this

This is tough It's not easy If you need to drop down here, but you want to keep that leg out Extra challenge Do that when you're ready to switch here in a moment

Go ahead and switch, roll that ball over Same thing, start on the knees Then if you want, go to the toes Try to keep the body level, you don't want to fall on one side vs the other

Again, if you want to challenge yourself here, maybe add the extra leg, the opposite leg and hold Breathing with it We're almost there And release, shake out Tough right? That one is not easy, so we're going to move along to your fifth exercise here before we get into that inner thigh finisher

This is what we do do on each side for 60 seconds This is going to be a glute combo Stick the ball behind your left knee come down the forearms Pull that leg up I'm going to start with a little glute activation

OK That's the first part of the combo And then we'll do those donkey kicks So suck the belly in, open palms, no interlocking shoulders above the elbows We're going to go ahead and flex the foot here

And when you're ready, go ahead and kick your heels to your bum Starting now glute activation, little bum kick Now, if you're using a book, this is why you might want to switch to the pillow and be extra careful here Continuing to kick here Just feeling that glute activation

We're about to get into the second part of this combo here in a moment Those half donkey kicks when you're ready This next one hold as tight as you can Pull the knee down half way, all the way up, halfway down, all the way up So half way from the floor is what we're aiming for

Down Up Working through here Make sure as you breathe, it's exhale, lifting a leg Inhale, dropping it halfway to the floor

Nearly there Stay with me a little longer Last one and release Quick little stretch and then we're going to go straight into the other side, so it goes behind the knee Squeeze it tight

Flex that foot glute activation to start belly button drawn in, open palms Let's go ahead and start right now Heel to bum, kick Make sure you're not falling on to one side That's important

Ok those half donkey kicks, the second part of your combo Yeah, that glute combo is coming in a moment On the next one to hold as tight as you can We bring you down half way all the way up Squeezing as tight as you can in this movement

Keep breathing with me Don't forget to breathe Bring it back Ok we've got just a few more Last one

And release, taking that ball out Nice long stretch This is your inner thigh finisher guys Ok This is a tough one

So what we're going to do is you need to scooch up to a wall Make sure you're close to a wall, a sofam near something you can put your feet on We're going to place the ball between the thighs by the groin You get to place your feet up against the wall like this We're gonna raise it up

We're gonna be squeezing the knees in and out I'm in a weird position here But just so you can see what that movement is like We're gonna be doing it for two minutes So it's a long one

Yeah, it's longer than our 60 seconds It's your finisher Are you ready? Let's go ahead and begin squeezing the knees in as tight as you can, holding them there and then back out, squeezing as tight as you can In and back out Squeezing in hold and back out

Squeezing in hold back out Squeezing in, hold and back out Now continue to start pulsing the knees in and out here Advanced guys are going to lift your hips off the floor and continue to pulse That's harder

OK Otherwise you stay here continuing to pulse fast, breathing through I'm trusting that you're pulsing with me, if you will make this even harder Bring your feet together Make the feet touch

That's going to be harder here Get ready for our hold That hold is coming in four, three, two, one Hold as tight as you can Squeeze as tight as you can right now with me, really squeezing, we've got a little ways to go

But you've got this holding it nice and tight Back to those slow pulses in and out, slow pulses in and out here, squeezing along the inner thighs Breathing through, I know, it's starting to kill But this is what the finisher is, right? Good, little fast pulses, now fast pulses You want to feel these inner thighs start to get sore

Pressing through with me, breathing through fast pulses Lower those hips If you feel like your back is killing you Try to stay with it Get ready for your hold, that hold is going to take us to the end

We hold in four 3, 2, 1, hold as tight as you can really squeeze those knees in and push them in and then hold it in Find that inner thigh strength it's not a finisher for nothing, right? Keep squeezing Keep breathing Last few moments Last one

And release, guys Ball out Open up the legs Take a moment to breathe You made it

You survived That last finish is killer, right? It really gets you I know I feel it too Go ahead and bring those knees up, rolling up to seated, now, guys

If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like Let me know in the comments what you thought about inner thigh finisher, killer? Longer? Do we want more? And if you haven't subscribed to the channel already, please do so Now, if you want a bit of a stretch, you can go ahead and do one of my stretch videos and that will help you relax after this tough little Pilates workout and I will see you in the next video, guys Tchau!

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