Full Body Pilates | 55 Min Mat Pilates Workout | Pilates With Juliette

– Welcome back, team, I'm Juliette And today we're doing 55 minutes of super effective full body pilates workout

So start to get excited We're gonna be focusing on six pilates principles Centering, control, precision, concentration, breath, and flow It's going to be challenging workout, but I promise you, you can do it So, as always, give it all you've got

I will guide you through, guys, and you must do your best So let's begin (slow upbeat music) All right team, so let's begin with our warmup, but we will begin on our back and let's take our both arms on the side of our body Our first warm up exercise today, is a pelvic curl So press your feet really firmly into your mat and let's come up with me

On the way up, inhalation through the nose and on the way down, slowly, scoop the belly in, exhalation, all the way back So let's repeat this, up, and all the way, vertebra by vertebra, you will release that tail bone back on the floor So we have 16, all the way back down, guys 15, all the way, vertebra by vertebra, back down 14, press your hands nice and flat, in all the way

13, guys, breathe, exhalation, slowly scoop the belly in, working those abdominals Up, and on exhalation, slowly back I want you guys to press your feet really firmly into the floor, and up, and slowly back And we go up, bring the tail bone up, do the good quality bridge pose, all the way unwrap, and bring it up and all the way unwrap guys Bring it up, great job and all the way back

Keep the form, reach, we have eight left Bring it back Keep the elbows also on the floor, guys And seven, press feet into the ground And six, good job, team

Come on, keep on working, give it a pull And five, all the way back, guys And four, excellent job And we have three left Bring the back fully back on the floor, right? And two, and all the way back fully on the floor

And one, hold with me, we're holding for four counts Three, two, strong abs, strong core, strong legs, start from the beginning Two, and one Excellent job, slowly take it back, vertebra by vertebra Our second warm up exercise is gonna be supported with the toes, pendulum

If you do have a neck injuries, guys, then you can also put some roll underneath that neck, otherwise hands all the way behind that neck Tap the toes I want your lower back fully flat, guys, on that ground, elbows in line with the shoulders, and slowly rock, take it back to the center, waking up the back, rock, back to the center, point the toes, guys Rock, back to the center Try to sustain the same distance between the knees when you bring them back

Keep the shoulder blades grounded, guys And six, and seven, team, and eight, just waking up, gentle movements, we have eight left And if your knees don't go all the way down towards the floor don't worry about it, just do the best what you can do for now Six left, and five, guys, breathe And four, and three, and we have two left for our pendulum, and one left

Excellent work Now go ahead and roll your back, firmly back on the floor, make sure it's grounded The next exercise it's a single leg in tabletop crunch, guys Now if you do have a neck injuries, you don't have to bring your shoulders, you might remain, your arms on the floor, and just do those legs Reach up, if you follow me, we're still on the warm up so it's gentle

Arms nice and strong guys, engage them Source the movement from the center We go up, pay attention on my feet, guys Your feet is 90 degrees above the floor, two Beautiful

Three, guys Gorgeous Four, team Source from the center, not from the shoulders Five, point in the toes when you lift

Six, guys, great work Seven, on the exhalation, guys, and eight, excellent And come on, guys, eight left, you've got it, seven Knee directly above the hip bone Six, great job

Five, a little bit higher if you can, shoulders back on the floor, four, and three, guys Watch those arms, please, two, and we have one, very good job, team We're gonna go ahead on our forearms for our next warm up exercise So I need you on your forearms, your elbows stuck right underneath the shoulders, or somewhere really close to that Bend your knees, we're still in our warm up

So bend your knees and we're gonna go for a little pelvic tilt, so it's gonna look like that You're gonna peel or the sensation of peeling the tailbone off the ground, off your mat, and suck the belly in like it's an empty bowl and all the way, on exhalation let go In, out, scoop In, out, exhalation, take it back You can arch your back as much as you want, just make sure that you support that back with your abdominal wall

Feet flat, ready? We're gonna go for six, team And one, back, it's a good quality movement Two, all the way back Three, all the way back, guys, watch your neck, guys Four, all the way back

Five, don't let the shoulders block the neck completely Six, all the way, open up the chest Seven, all the way take it back Eight, very nice, flat feet, guys Eight left, go top

Seven if you need to go a little bit slower than I do, go a little bit slower Quality not quantity, up And roll it, scoop, back, and roll it, scoop, back Try to really lift that tailbone off the floor, back, and lift, and but don't stay down through the shoulders And lift, and back

We have two, and back And one, and hold it guys I want you to feel it in your abdominal wall Tail bone slightly lifted, make sure that you feel those feet fully grounded Lift the chest up and open

Do not sink into the shoulders, three, two, one, excellent job Now, we're gonna go a little bit more challenging step-by-step The warm up is almost over We're gonna go for the reverse table top in our forearms, so take a look You're going to lift, I need you to avoid sinking down into the shoulders, chest nice and open, collar bones are wide

Take it back Ready? Let's go 16, you can do it 15, hands flat 14, press the feet into the floor, 13, guys, come on stay with me

Up, great job And up, breathe, come on, guys Up, don't quit and up, gorgeous, come on, team And up, breathe actively And up, you can do it

We go up, that's it, and up that's it, we have six left Finish strong, five left, hands flat Four left, I start to really wake up, three left, come on Two left, we have one more, team, guys, stay with me, and up, and hold Three, two, one, excellent

Come on up We have the last exercise for our warm up, so you're gonna sit, I call it cat and cow Seated cat and cow So what we're gonna do, we're gonna take the hands on the floor, if you can put your flat hands on the ground just tap, make sure you don't do this Hands all the way nice and flat

So on the cow motion, you're going to point your toes, inhale, take the chest up and forward, expand as much as you can, on the exhalation, you're going to pull the navel in Tuck the chest slightly, and do your cat pose Are you ready, guys? Let's do it together And, and cow Come on

In, breathe loud And in Good job, team In, come on I am with you

Point, scoop And point, inhale, scoop I got the count for you guys Point, and scoop And point, and scoop

And point, and scoop And up, and back And cow, and cat And point the toes, activate the Achilles, back Nice and tall and open, and back, flex your feet

Point, and back, and point, and back And cow, four more left Last line, guys Point, and back We're gonna hold this cow, point the toes for me

Shoulders down, chest up, navel all the way, chest up and open, hold it, four, three, two, one, and round, all the way, cat Chin slightly tucked, not too much, on exhalation, belly in, hold it for four Suck the belly in, guys, three, two, one Fantastic job, so we're finished our warm up We're gonna begin our cardio part of this pilates work out

So let's begin (slow upbeat music) All right, guys, good job on your warm up, we're gonna begin our cardio part of this workout I call it cardio pilates, to bring our heart rate up, so we can burn more calories So we will begin with the hundreds here Now, if you are a beginner, hold your shoulders on the floor

If you come in with me, not only you're going to expand your legs and I want your legs, guys, I want your legs, guys, in the 45 degrees position So arms, big, strong arms, as always, I'm gonna count for you, you do your best Your lower back is on the floor Ready, set, go Let's do this

One, two, three, four, five, inhale One, two, three, four, five, exhale One, two, three, four, five, strong arms One, two, three, four, five, keep on pumping One, two, three, four, five, inhale

One, two, three, four, five, exhale One, two, three, four, five, inhale One, two, three, four, five, forty, guys One, two, three, four, five, give me stronger pumps One, two, three, four, five, exhale

One, two, three, four, five, inhale One, two, three, four, five, exhale One, two, three, four, five, inhale One, two, three, four, five, sixty, guys One, two, three, four, five, inhale

One, two, three, four, five, exhale One, two, three, four, five, inhale One, two, three, four, five, eighty One, two, three, four, five, inhale One, two, three, four, five, stronger pumps

One, two, three, four, five, inhale And one, two, three, four, five, exhale Guys, beautiful job Give those knees and ankles a good strong hug, we're ready for the second exercise in this cardio part, when we go a little bit faster, to bring the heart rate up It's abdominal bracing bicycle

Now, if you do have neck and back injuries, you're gonna go ahead and have your shoulders rounded Everyone else, find that sweet spot in your abdominal wall, elbows all the way, guys Outside, it's a straightforward bicycle I need you to flex your feet, let's go do it One, and two, strong legs

Three, guys, work from the center Four, five, full knee extensions Six, lower back on the floor Seven, eight, nine, guys, keep on working Breathe, one, two, three, four, lower back grounded

Five, I need your connection Six, right here in the abs Seven, sixteen, all the way, guys, let's work Sixteen only left Seven, six, five

If you feel, guys, that your back is going out of the floor, out of your mat, all you have to do, to start to bike a little bit higher with those feet Three, two, you can do it One We have only eight left, finish strong, eight Nobody's giving up

Seven, and six, and five, and four, do your best Three, two, and one And down this body Give those knees and ankles a good hug, relax your neck, draw your chin forward, over those knees The next exercise in this cardio part of our pilates, is roll as a ball

Team, if you need to tap the toes on the way up, you're gonna tap them If you have never done it before, take a look You're going to sustain the same distance between your ankles and your glutes Elbows out, and when you roll, you sustain a little soft back If you need to tap, you tap, if you don't have to tap, you don't have to

Let's begin We go, one, back Try to hold the balance Two, back, pick up your pace Three, hold it

Four, excellent Five, good job Now, team, remember, you only roll up to your shoulder blades Come on Breathe, remember, feet not flinging back and forward, we never do it, hold them steady

And we have five left together Soft curved C curve back Four Three, I'm flying away Two, and one, excellent

That takes us to our next exercise Go ahead and step to your plank It's gonna be challenging We're gonna do 32 elbow to the knee, join me right now Ready, set, go, let's work

One, two, three, four, I need your work from the center, from the center, from the center, from the center Eight of the way Eight, seven, guys Six, five, draw it farther Four, three, upper body steady

Two, only sixteen left One, two, team Three, four, five, six, seven, you can do it Go, eight, seven, six, five, step back Four, three, two, fantastic job

It takes us to the next exercise, which is a downward faced dog, rock the heels, side plank, my friends You take it back to the hover, you go back to the downward facing dog, I'm gonna show you again You rock the heels, you reach up, you take it back to the hover position Beginners, do the tabletop You take it back, just downward face, look it's gonna happen a little bit faster, since it's the cardio part we want to work out

Let's go do it And rock your heels, side plank Reach, back to the hover or tabletop Dog, breathe Plank, take to the hover, back to the dog, side plank

You can do the side plank on your knees, you don't have much time for it, but you can Back to the downward facing dog, rock the heels, pull in, guys, full extension Back to the hover or tabletop, back to the full downward facing dog Rock the heels, plank Back, hover, downward facing dog, rock the heels, side plank

Back, hover or tabletop Back to the downward facing dog, rock the heels, we're almost there Back, hover, all the way Back to the down dog, rock the heels, side plank, everybody Back, hover with me, don't stop

Rock the heels Plank, back, hover, downward facing dog, guys Rock the heels Plank, back, hover, all the way, guys, two left, rock the heels Plank, back, hover, you can do it

Finish strong, guys Rock the heels, don't drop the hips in the side plank if you can Back to the hover, hold it I'm sure your heart rate is up, just like mine This exercise takes us to the one last six exercise in this block, the cardio pilates block, as quick dynamic swimmer, guys

All right, I want your arms and legs super high, and big and strong, doesn't mean to be fast, but I want the good form You lift the arms and legs from the center If you are a beginner, take them a little bit lower, other than that, let's go do it Ready, set, go, we swing Don't worry about the time

Big arms, big legs, big arms, big legs, work it, guys, work, work, work, work I'm doing it with you, point your toes Strong extended arms, activate your kneecaps, work, push it, push it Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe We have fifteen seconds left, come on, let's go

Breathe, guys, breathe, I wanna hear your breathing, go swimming, swimming, higher, longer, stronger, stronger, higher, longer, stronger, work it, three, two, one And done Excellent work, guys We're ready to begin our main pilates part of this exercise (slow upbeat music) All right, guys, excellent job on that cardio pilates part

We ready to begin the main part So, arms up, there is no time to wait The first exercise is a single leg sit up, with single leg extension If you are a beginner, you're going to keep your knees bent Ready, set, arms nice and strong, so you come to the same back position

And start from the center, control and precision And reach Very good, I see you right there Take it back Reach

Beautiful form, guys, do not hurry up Reach from the center Chest is following your stomach And reach, guys Wonderful job

Use the core Reach, I'm so proud of you, we're getting stronger And six, beautiful, keep the arms strong, exhalation, reach, contract your belly, guys Let's go, and reach We have eight of the way

We have only eight left Reach Don't drop the posture Back is nice and tall on the top position, very good, good job everyone And reach, give me the best form you possibly can

And reach, I'm going to be proud of your guys, come on And reach Very good Remember, if you are a beginner, you can bend those knees, and we have four left Finish strong, guys

Three left, all the way, finish strong, belly in Two left, wonderful job, guys And all the way up, good It takes us to the second exercise of this main part, our hundred, we go back to the hundred, I know, you are probably so excited This time, we're gonna do it in a pilates position

If you are a beginner, you're gonna do pilates position in a tabletop, and you're gonna hold your shoulders on the floor, if you have a neck injuries until you get stronger Lower back must be grounded for everyone If you come in with me, pilates position with legs extended, if you feel your back is arching, all you have to do, take them higher Ready, set, no weak arms, commitment Ready, set, go, let's work together

One, two, three, four, five, inhale One, two, three, four, five, exhale One, two, three, four, five, inhale One, two, three, four, five, stronger pumps One, two, three, four, five, inhale

One, two, three, four, five, you can do it One, two, three, four, five, no hands flying One, two, three, four, five, exhale One, two, three, four, five, inhale One, two, three, four, five, exhale

One, two, three, four, five, keep it strong One, two, three, four, five, back on the floor One, two, three, four, five, inhale One, two, three, four, five, extend the kneecaps One, two, three, four, five, inhale

One, two, three, four, five, keep on working One, two, three, four, five, inhale One, two, three, four, five, only twenty left, come on One, two, three, four, five, inhale One, two, three, four, five, finish strong, guys

One, two, three, four, five, inhale One, two, three, four, five, exhale all the way back Let's take our arms all the way behind with me, leave the hips, give that back a good full stretch, all the way, fantastic work, everybody This takes us to the next exercise Take a look, it's gonna be sit up, sweep the hands, reach the hips, take it back, you point your toes with support under any circumstances you doing this, you open it up, you take it back with control, precision, concentration, and on the breath and flow, you go back

We ready, we set, enough rest, arms always strong, legs always long, let's go do it You sit, two, three, full table top Four, guys Five, six, seven, eight, let's go Up, sweep, reverse tabletop, back, point, down, lay, let's go

Up, sweep, hips, do the good form, guys Point, I see you from here All the way, let's go Sit from the center, sweep from the shoulders, full reverse tabletop, take it back, point the toes, extend, breathe Take it back, lay down

We have only four left, let's go Up, sweep, hips, guys Back, feet, back, lay down, vertebra by vertebra Come on, and reach, and tabletop, and hips up Back, show me good pointed toes, good stomach in, and lay down

Come on, guys And reach, stay with me Good quality sweep Big bold smile, we working on our own body, and point, don't drop the shoulders I see you over there

Reach, last one, finish strong, and beautiful Big hips, big bold tabletop, take it back all the way, hold for eight Seven, guys Six, five, point the toes, please Activate the kneecaps, four, three

That takes us to the next exercise While I'm explaining you, you can sit and tap the floor, just don't lay down The next one is our from the tabletop position, our double leg extension, however, if you are a beginner, you're gonna do just like this You sit back up If you come in with me, it's always, by the way, can be your downgrade position, if you're tired, you can't follow anymore, stop, and do the next variation, just don't stop

Feet above the ground, and for everyone else, you going to end the back on the floor, activate the center, sit up I know, that isn't easy Ready, set, and remember you can modify out Two, three, sit Out, two, three, sit

Out, two, three, pull it, inhalation Exhalation, connect from the center We have four left Downgrade when you need Then upgrade again, out, double, full scoop, back, we have only two left, guys

Come on, come on, my friends Back, and out Two, three, beautiful Take your feet on the floor Wonderful job

By the way, we have a next exercise here, which is gonna be single leg extension hold, 16 torso rotation Now, if you are a beginner, you can put your (mumbles) on the floor But even if you are a beginner, try to do your best, start challenging, then downgrade Ready, guys, everybody, set, sweet spot, if you feel just shoulders, you're too low, if you feel, if you don't feel anything, you're too high, or you're too low again Belly in, lap is above the ground

Elbows outside, work, 16, 15, 14 Full rotation, please 13, don't cheat 12, 11, 10, don't cheat Nine, eight, seven, extend that leg nicely

Six, five, four, guys Three, two, one All the way back and up From here, we're gonna go to the seal First round of the seals and we're gonna repeat that rotation from the other side

Just like our roll as a ball If you are a beginner, you can go back to your roll as a ball Let's go do it One, contingency, only up to shoulder blades Two, you're doing great

The same legs as roll as a ball Three, four, up to shoulder blades, guys Back, five, excellent job, team Six, all the way Seven, look at you, come on, one more

Up, and back to the seated position, beautiful Left leg, we can't leave it alone Nice and low, super engaged stomach, hands together, and we're ready for those rotations Ready, point the toes, set, go Elbows in line with the wrist

Two, three, guys Four, five, six, team Seven, eight, legs stable One, two, three, four, only four left Five, six, seven, give it a full range of motion

Eight, gorgeous We're back to the seal This time, our seal on the seated position, going to open up to the sitting up right angle If you have to do the halfway, that is totally acceptable for this time All right, guys

I'm just kidding, I want you to the best, and when you can't do something, don't get discouraged, just keep on practicing Ready, set, go, and roll One, up to shoulder blades Back, open, together, and back, just like our open rocker, right? But we're doing the seal Open, back, I'm proud of you

Again Rock, open, guys, keep the back neutral and tall, back, up, point the toes, please Open, don't hurry up Back, we have only four Up, remember, you can only open halfway

And back, and rock, roll only up to shoulder blades, guys, not on your neck Open, back, and rock, we have two left Up, open, guys, I'm so proud of you, back One, open, we're gonna hold it this time We're gonna hold it

I understand if you can't hold it, then go ahead and tap your toes on the floor All the way, all the way Four, guys Three, two, stay with me One, and back on the floor

It takes us to our next exercise, so move on your mat so you can sit It's a fun exercise, I really really love it So take a look for a second While you're waiting for me explaining it, sit up and nice and tall, don't lay down It's gonna start on the position, all the way, with the arms extended, you're gonna sweep reverse, like we do arms extensions

You're going to slide, find the ankles, or the feet, or your shins, wherever you can today You're going to open up and expand the chest Press the bottom of your torso into the floor, your seat bones are grounded You open up, you activate the back, you extend the chest On exhalation, you scoop the belly, you're really, really rounded, all the way, and extend your back even more, guys

Then you're going to go pick it up, lift your legs to the position of the tabletop I just did it straight, but you're going to do tabletop Then, as an option, you're going to extend with me, or you're going to stay in the bent knees Take it back up, and repeat Let's go do it

I'm so excited for you guys to get stronger On the position, and sweep Sweep, expand, scoop, exhalation Reach up, push, pull, lift Let's go

Sweep, point the toes towards the floor And up and open, scoop all the way down Reach up, extend as an option, back, sit Let's go do it One, two, three, sweep

Four, five, six, seven, eight, let's go Sweep, reach, expand, fully expand even more, scoop, sweep, tabletop, option, option, sit, guys, come on Follow me, one, activate the Achilles Two, don't hurry up Form is number one priority

Three, sweep, four, beautiful Five, six, seven, eight Slide, reach, scoop, sweep, sit, push, pull, reach, finish Come on, guys, three left Slide, open, expand, round all the way, sweep, big arms, shoulders, feet all the way, reach

Push, pull, my friends Up, finish Slide to your legs, up and open, extend, scoop and in Sweep in, sit, guys Push forward, activate the center

Pull it back, reach, finish, last one, guys Slide forward, reach all the way Scoop, sweep, lift, finish strong, guys Push it, pull it, reach, and all the way, seated forward Hold

Let's go ahead, give it a good, long hold, straight, forward that spine It's gonna take us to the next seated exercise today, which is seated elbow to knee It's amazing exercise, amazing core builder, spine correcting exercise you have to do it right, though Take a look Your elbows gonna be always in line with your shoulders, you never gonna do this

So you gonna take it up and open it It's almost in the air, it's a bare touch of the back of your head You're going to point your toes towards your head to activate them It's almost like your body's a lateral bend first, right? But then you decide to go towards your knee The big mistake is here, guys, doing this

That's not what we're gonna do If you can't reach the knee, it's gonna be really tough, you just go with the halfway, you don't have to reach the knee at all Your seat bones are nice and flat, elbows all the way outside We ready, we set, let's work it together like almost sideways, then towards the knee, back, start to the side, to the side, to the side, towards the knee Excellent job, don't bend forward too much

Side, good It's almost like you draw the half circle And side Activate your toes, guys And side

I'm so amazed of your form, guys Form is a number one priority, remember And side, guys Seat bones flat on the floor And side, my friends

And side, I'm so proud of you We go for eight more Try not to draw the elbow towards the knee It's from the torso and back From the torso and back, we have four left, follow me, guys

Four, I know, team Three, almost there Two, and we have one more One, fantastic job, guys It takes us to the next exercise, we'll really hold our feet up together

This time, we're gonna take it not from the inside, like we did the seal, but we're gonna take it from outside Now, if you can't point your toes up like this, and hold and hold the balance, you're gonna bend your knees If that is not available, you're gonna tap your toes Do something, keep on trying That's the only way how you're gonna get stronger If we're not trying, we're not gonna get stronger

Shoulders up, back and down Abdominal wall in, guys We're holding for eight and we tap for eight, and we're holding together Seven, six, pick up the belly Five, four, guys

Three, two, chest up and slightly forward, and let's go do it We're going tap, and open Seven, guys, and open Six, keep the back strong Five, four, I'm so proud of you, guys

Three, we're getting stronger Two, one Up and hold and open We hold for eight Seven, practice as good form possible

Six, centering, control, precision, breath, concentration, be aware of the form, of your alignments, and one more, eight Eight, open, seven, you can do it Six, five, guys Four, three, two, I'm so proud of you, guys Take it all the way

We're gonna make a transfer to our plank From our plank, we're ready to begin leg pose We're gonna do it the way like this, we're gonna do 16 on one leg, then we gonna do pushups, tricep, and 16 on other leg I hope you're already standing in your plank with me, and working, and not on your knees Get ready, pick up your right leg, point your toes, body is nice and strong, in line

If you need to put your knee on the floor, you're gonna put your knee on the floor, abdominal wall in for one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, guys One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, take it back Knees on the floor, wrist, elbow, shoulders in line, no tabletops here, it's a plank on your knees Ready, set, go in tricep One, two, guys

Elbows in, belly in Four, now four, I think, now five, six, stay strong Seven, eight, guys, excellent We go back to the plank We're gonna do the leg pull, no touch

With the left wrist, elbow, shoulders stiff If you need to send that knee on the floor, do it I strongly suggest you do your best as long as you can without the knee on the floor Ready? One, two, three, four, active leg Five, six, seven, eight

One, two, three, pick up the belly Four, five, six, seven, I am so proud of you Knees on the floor, guys We have another eight tricep push up I know, we ready, we set, no planks

Steady hips, no tabletops It's a strong neutral spine from the head, top of your head, to your tailbone Go One, two, guys, stay with me Three, four, complete it all

Five, six, seven, come on, guys Eight, you can do it I am so proud of you, my friends We're gonna go ahead and turn to the downward facing dog We already did something similar in our cardio warm up, but that's gonna be more technical right here

So take a look, guys You're gonna ahead from your downward facing dog, twist the heels, wrist, elbow, shoulder, your arm is gonna be up You're gonna go take your hand on the side of your hip You're gonna go four, try not to touch the floor Three, hip dips, two, one

You're going to acknowledge your plank, go back to your downward facing dog Now, I need you to lift your hips in a side plank from this center of your body Centering, precision, and control Ready, set, we do it together And plank, arm, get ready for four

Four, guys Three, if you need the knee on the floor, you need the knee on the floor, do your best, start strong, arm is strong and long Give me the form and engagement Acknowledge your plank, guys Take it to the plank

Now, rock the heels, reach with me We go one, use the obliques Two, three, four, acknowledge your plank, guys And ready, rock the heels Reach, on a hip

One, I know Two, not through the shoulder, please Through the center Three, four, acknowledge your plank, guys Ready, rock the heels, reach, hip

One, two, three, center, guys Four, believe it or not, we have only four left Rock the heels, take a breath, stack wrist, elbow, shoulder Go, guys, fight One, two, who wants strong and lean body? Three, everybody want

Four, we have to work for that Surprise, surprise Rock the heels, let's go, reach Arm, guys Do your best

One, I know Two, three, four Now, we have only two left Finish strong, guys I want your best commitment, come on

One, two, don't quit, don't even think Three, we have one more after that Come on, four, excellent job Rock the heels, we're almost there, guys Almost there

And one, two, good job, guys Three, four, acknowledge your plank, my friends We're gonna hold 30 seconds plank Stay with me, if you need to go on your knees right now, you can go on your knees right now Keep on breathing

Keep on breathing Three, two, ah, very good, one Knees on the floor Now, we're gonna go for another push up variation for our arms, and lean, beautiful, sexy shoulders, let's take the arms all the way, nice and wide You're still gonna be on your knees, your chest will go straight and deep with your hands

Let's go, one, two, three, start to think about the corkscrew Four, guys, five, don't drop the belly We have two left, guys Elbows nice and wide, collarbones are wide Back, excellent

We're back to the plank, one more last time Corkscrew, who wants slender waist? You constantly have to work on it, it doesn't happen by itself, let's go One, upper body steady, two, we have only 16 Three, four, arms steady Five, six, seven, breathe actively

Eight, guys We have only eight left Seven, six, five, four, I will take you from some glutes and lower back Two, and one I cannot be more proud of you than I am right now

You made it so far Coming down All right, guys Our very last, and very effective exercise for the glutes and lower back, I need you to take your knees outside as wide as it goes First of all, don't take your arms very close, take them a little more farther

I don't want any of your upper body working Exclusively lower back and the glutes So you have to take your arms slightly farther away Aligned though, but father away You're going to press as much as possible and try to remember about it, keep your feet together

If your knees don't come off the floor at all, you still keep on trying, and it will, I promise you, but you have to activate your glutes to lift those knees, and lower back, inner thighs, and quads as well If you're going to try and lift it from the knees or feet, it's not gonna happen We're going for 16, it's gonna be challenging Ready, set, and knees wide, guys, go One, two, three, I know

Four, five, activate Six, engage the glutes Seven, in order to lift Eight, guys, keep on working, please One, seven left

Seven, six, five, four, I have a surprise for you Three, two, we're gonna hold it, guys, this is the surprise Hold it, I know, you might have a cramp in your glutes and hamstrings, drink more water, distribute the body weight between entire legs Squeeze the glutes, squeeze the glute muscle where the hamstring connected with the glutes, squeeze it, lift it, squeeze it, lift it, squeeze it, lift it, squeeze it Lift it, three, two, one

Take it back and wide Head forward in your hands Congratulations, guys, we have a good quality few minutes stretching I can't let you go without this Stretching is very important after any type of more active exercises

Pilates, power circuits, body works, so reach into you stuff, guys with me Shoulders up, back and down I want you to tuck your toes, come on your knees, and shift the weight back in between the heels All the way, this dynamic way, we're gonna go ahead and shift again forward Do the cobra pose with the wide legs

Shoulders up, back and down, look at that one shoulder Excellent And look all the way, above another shoulder Beautiful We're gonna tuck the toes back again, and shift the hips back all the way, all the way

It feels amazing, it feels good to work our open body I want you guys to stay committed to be healthy Be healthy, it's not a one time event, it's a journey, it's a very small little daily commitments Go ahead and take it back up and forward again Reach up and forward, this time, look up towards the ceiling

Towards the ceiling, belly in Take it all the way back, find your soft, on the knees, in a tabletop, guys Round the spine, relax your neck Take it all the way up, back and open, very good Take it all the way back, take it all the way up

Come on up with me, on your knees We're gonna do a couple good quality back bends, so take your one arm all the way behind, reach up and forward, four, three, two, and all the way back to the other side Reach to the heel So not underestimate the flexibility trade in Keep on breathing

My personal recommendation would be you're doing the pilates, next day, you're doing the yoga practice All right guys, good job, everyone It was a very challenging training today Full body pilates, I hope you enjoyed it Please comment below, let me know how you feel, how did you do, and how else I can help you

I will see you soon (slow upbeat music)

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