Hey guys, it's Bailey and today we are doing the bare minimum Workout – so what that means is? It's the least amount of effort that you need to do to look good naked and get you those results Okay, let's get started holding on to a pair of light weights if you don't have weights at home Just use your own arm resistance, so let's get started with our offering so this is the traditional Pilates exercise? We really want to brace our core we're going to reach the arms forward feeling those biceps open to the side bring them in and squeeze reach open Close and back so basically this one's called the offering And I have a feeling it was supposed to be more of a like traditional offering type exercise, but I like to pretend that I have two trays of Margaritas, and I'm walking around a party going Would you like some? Oh, sorry? No? They're all mine and pulling them back in That's what you can pretend as well Good so really reach open close pull it in you'll feel those biceps starting to burn Good really think of pushing opening them pulling the arms together and bringing them in by your side squeezing your abs So this one's working all the biceps shoulders And the core we're gonna hold the next one out Flipping the palms forward a little tiny circle This is one where one kilo weights can feel like a hundred kilos Keep reaching those fingertips long feeling those shoulders

Let's reverse Keep squeezing those abdominals Five four three two one Reach and hold now Let's flip the palms hold the arms in by the side reach and pull so you can do this with single arms two reaching and pulling it If your arms start to get tired Really think like you're reaching for something heavy and pulling it in flexing your biceps reach Good work, you should feel those guns Let's go back to both our Four more three Last one little pulses here really flexing those biceps Show me your guns you want to cover the elbows just out to the side of the waist? Good work, just breathing, good remember you can always drop the weights if this gets too heavy little pulses elbows out to the side Fighting Gravity Good five four three two and one Beautiful take a nice big shoulder roll here We'll put the weights down towards the front of our mat Then we're just going to angle ourselves sideways into a tabletop position Let's take a deep breath in first just stretching those shoulders Good and then coming forward to our tabletop So we've really worked our shoulders and biceps Let's work our triceps now coming into a neutral spine so first doing a couple of cat cows to move the spine through flexion and extension This should feel really really nice, it's so much core strength To hold yourself in that kneeling position So coming to our neutral spine somewhere between our flexion and extension Where you just have the natural curves of the spine present? Let's pull our belly button back to our spine and then into some tricep pushup here tapping those elbows down Pressing up do you want to have a 90 degree Bend? through the arm I'm really pressing your hands into the mat nice and wide Good you should feel the backs of the arms starting to work here This is such a good workout because If you're not feeling it like feeling working out or going to the gym you Can just do it in the comfort of your own home And know that you'll still get results and feel good about it Good let's add on we're going to lift tuck those toes lift into our high place top and top lift lift top and Good, so we're starting to activate our core really strong now and top lift press into those palms squeeze your abs lower two more We're gonna hold this next one in our high plank we have to hold it for 10 seconds Expect an effective move for pulling in those abdominal muscles and giving us a nice flat tummy So if we want to look good naked with minimal effort 10 seconds of planking will do it Go ahead 5 4 seconds four three two and one beautiful drop those knees now ten little pulses into our triceps really finishing off that burn I I lied, let's do ten more feels so good sexy tank top arm Three two and One beautiful work you guys from here

Just take a little Child's Pose rounding the spine Press your fingertips into the mat for a nice shoulder stretch Legs coming back from here grab one of our weights and we're going to bring our knees back So we're in a bit of a half plank We're just going to rotate Open and then as we come forward lower back to the mat rotate open and lower down Good so we're starting to warm up our obliques and get some nice rotation through the spine You could do this in a full plank as well But I would say start with the knee variation just focusing on really twisting Unless you're doing a lot of Pilates so today, we'll keep our knees on the mat For minimal effort, but if you want maximal effort with them Last one beautiful back through Center planting that palm other side twist and lower down Really try to drop the hips in that top plank position Rotating through the spine that gives us those sexy obliques that helps you cinch the waist Give you that hourglass look your triceps will be burning on the support arm to Again you couldyou it in your plank Last one Beautiful take that nice Child's Pose Alright what workout would be complete without a set of donkey picks We have to take the weight behind our leg And we're going to start working our butt You can always do these exercises Without a weight as well But I like to add a little bit of resistance just to get that little extra toning So we're lifting the knee flexing the foot like we're stamping on the ceiling really squeezing our Butt cheek, and then lowering down Trying to maintain that nice neutral spine this position really works our abs It's hard to stabilise the pelvis in this neutral position, so we're just getting a little bonus ab work Hold it squeeze that right butt cheek, little pulses this is like a push-up bra for your bum it lifts and tones Good five four three Two and one beautiful, keep your bum a little top We'll go right through the other side Back into our tabletop, you could do this from your forearms, too If you have sensitive wrists Really lift and squeeze Each time you lift, try to squeeze your glute got a little higher Keep pulling your belly button into your spine Push through that heel Hold the next one little pulse it pressing that heel up to the ceiling I feel much booty burn, gets us those Pilates results five four three two and one Let's grab that weight and put it down at the front of our mat From here, let's move to sit on our tailbone We're going to do a roll down here So pull your belly button back to your spine reach the arms forward

Then slowly one vertebrae at a time lowering down to the mat Good beautiful take a nice stretch breathe in And exhale bring those arms back down by your side, and then pressing your heels into the mat Let's start to lift our glutes our feet are hip distance apart Pressing into your heels lift and squeeze your butt cheeks, and tap down, now you never want to fully Relax, you want to keep the work in your glutes Sometimes if you rest your hand under your low back it's good to see how low you should be going lift and squeeze those cheeks together nice and high at the top top and lower If your balance is pretty good you could bring those arms up overhead So that we're not pressing into our hands sometimes That's a little higher Just make sure we're working those buns Hold it little pulses things more squeezing those butt cheeks together Let's bring our arms down by our side for those last pulses really squeezing those glutes together Good we have five four three two and one lowering down Lifting one leg at a time up into our tabletop Let's start to tap the toes down you really want to focus on keeping your hips stable here Starting to activate through those low abdominal keep pulling your belly button back to your spine Making sure you're not popping out at the ribs keeping those abdominals engage If it feels okay bringing yourself up Into your ab curl release squeeze those abdominal And you can start to lengthen the legs a little bit lower Once you get that nice stability Really feeling those low abs From here we'll come into some bicycles, so just twisting working our obliques Opposite elbow to opposite knee Cinching our waist Good four more three two and One go ahead give yourself a little hug just circling those knees around in the sockets massaging through your low back And the other way You should feel really nice Then grabbing ahold of your shins a little hug, let's rock ourselves up to seated Take a deep breath here and exhale Then just from reaching your arms up overhead Bringing them to heart center, and then giving yourself a round of applause Great job you guys That's the perfect workout that you can really get results from without even having to stand Make sure you subscribe because we do new workouts every week, and I'll see you soon

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