Fitness Professionals Try Pilates

– I think I came in here thinking it was like puppies and Trader Joe's and cottage cheese and stuff, and it was way harder than that (energetic music) – In Pilates we like to do every movement initiating at the core

Even to move your arms or your legs, we start everything from the core and work to make your joints function better than they do Make your experience and your skin better than it already is Everyone turn it over We're going to start in a plank position We're going to bend our knees and draw the carriage in to a four-point kneeling position

Hey, CJ, how's that stretching feeling? – [CJ] Uh it's — – [Amy] It's amazing, right? Step out to the ballet bar and you're going to pick up that wunda, blue ball on your way Grab those dumbbells We don't want to go into a squat We're going to stay in this plie (energetic music) If the dumbbells feel aggressive, hands come on the hips for a moment

And we're going to come onto our machine – [Voiceover] Yes, (laughs) let's lay down – Inhale as you jump off What? Oh my gosh – [Voiceover] Oh, shit

– Exhale (laughs) as you end If we're tapping the back bunker — – Oh, no – [Amy] That means we're jumping with (laughs) our legs and not our core, good (energetic music) Bring it in, thank the Lord it's over, good Come on up and the good news is we're going to bring our left leg up also – You keep saying good news, I don't (laughs) — – [Amy] Because that's amazing

– It's the worst day of my life (energetic music) – And we're going to go into some work on the back of our machine – [Voiceover] I thought we were done (laughter) (energetic music) – Where am I supposed to be feeling this? – [Amy] Everywhere – Okay (laughs)

– [Amy] But we're going to be lifting from here How are we feeling, does that feel good? – Easy, make it harder – [Amy] All right, at the top let's go ahead and make it harder because CJ said, "Make it harder" – Do we take off both our hands? – [Jacob] You need to learn to shut up, CJ – [Amy] But we're going to stay upright

That's the trick (all singing note) – [CJ] This we can do, let's stay like this – [Mikki] Pelvic thrust, pelvic thrust – [Amy] You guys are not new, you're not new – Not to that

– All right – Jacob, are you cramping? – Hamstring cramp – [Amy] Beautiful, last thing today You made it I'm going to ask you to take your right leg up at a diagonal

– [Jacob] Oh, okay – [Amy] Come on, yes And now we are going to trust the machine and trust me We're going to take the left leg up at a diagonal – [CJ] Oh, no way

– [Amy] And now we're going to move the carriage from there, so your body should be in a diagonal like, come on CJ – [CJ] I can't because of my junk – [Jacob] Yeah, I know, I'm in the same boat – This doesn't feel like flying, okay – [Voiceover] Ow – [Jacob] I was hurting and Amy was pushing me, she was prodding me

– [Mikki] She's a beast – [Jacob] She racked my junk – It's getting squished – [Mikki] And it's definitely not just stretching, like – [Jacob] No – [Mikki] It's a lot of feeling weird spots to hit – [Jacob] That was the best core workout I've ever done, I would say – I would agree with that

– Yeah, definitely – [Voiceover] So this was a challenge for you guys? – Yeah – Yeah – No (all laugh) – No, um

– He stopped like half the time – Yeah – [Amy] I challenge you to come to Wundabar to experience the pain and the fun that we have here

Really challenging your body from head to toe Finding muscles you didn't even know you had (energetic music)

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