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Hey, I'm Tara I'm Natalie and this is Natalie and Tara Try Stuff A show in which we try stuff for the first time

And today we are at a Pilates studio in Hollywood called Avenir Sign They have generously offered a private lesson for us today so that we can learn for the first time, because we're total noobs at this, Uh-huh Pilates But before we get started I want to give a quick shout out to our sponsor for this episode NeuroGum

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Support our show by supporting our sponsors All right let's get crackin Today we are joined by Alisha Mullally who you may know from such things as 13 Reasons Why or more importantly the voice of Taylor Swift's cat Very important But today she is gonna be our Pilates teacher and she's going to teach us everything and then we won't die

Alisha, tell folks a little bit about Pilates Pilates, it's a postural based exercise workout and it strengthens your flexibility your muscle strength and more importantly your gait and how you walk So it's really effective based on your spine It's one of the safest most low-impact exercises- form of exercise- you can do And it's extremely extremely healthy for not only your body but your mind and your spirits

That sounds amazing I thought it was just some like little aerobics on a machine No no no no And you work with resistance of springs and it's based solely- a lot- around your pelvis and your ribs pulling back in and your shoulders being open The thing I heard that like stuck out to me, that I'm excited about, is the posture

Yeah To help the posture Yes, It is tremendous and it can feel very lifted, It's all about your spine and where it's aligned Let's uh, let's go do this thing Here we go! I'm scared

Alright ladies, welcome to class We're gonna go ahead and start with these balls in between our inner thighs And then I want you to lay all the way down onto your back T: Okay I can't do this Yes okay and then go ahead and bring your legs up to tabletop

So we're gonna reach our fingertips all the way up to the ceiling You're gonna exhale lift up Chest lifts It's gonna be a crunch Arms are gonna come low, chest is gonna come high

So see where Tara's out that's what I want you to match N: I've already got a cramp! Right back down Give me six of these Go for it exhale up Inhale down Four more

One more You got two, I lied One more You're gonna hold this one at the top Hold this one, right there

Just start to squeeze that ball Go Ten Nine Nice and fast Two

Hold right there You're gonna slightly pump those arms like you're it's patting two little white fluffy dogs on the head This comes from your shoulder girdle Right in your shoulder, and this is called The Hundred Exhale

Nice And you've got four, three, now hold it right there hold it right there Straighten those legs out and bend them right back in Straighten and bend the knees in You've got ten

Don't move your torso, just your legs Nine Keep going you've got six This is just the start of class Five

This is just our warm-up For Four Take a pause T: That's a warm up?! yes let's flex our feet as we push back to straight legs Go ahead and push your legs back

Use the foot bar Push Push Push Go all the way back

Gorgeous You should start to feel your inner thighs a little bit already, you're gonna feel your quads and if you're focusing on breathing those abs will be coming in super tight the whole time T: There's a lot of parts to this Yes Let's pulse it right here

Little pulses in and out So bend your knees in six inches Go to where they start to burn N: Oh gooood! Yes Ten

Nine Just breath N:Noooo! Eight And One And one press all the way back hold of that squeeze your booty as tight as you can

Squeeze that ball hold it Four Three Two pull it all the way in Bend your knees

N: What am I doing?? Pull your reformer all the way in Yes T: Down Down Down

Okay stay there You're gonna give me an inhale for your nose again and as you exhale you're gonna tuck your pelvis and lift up to a bridge So lift your hips up Perfect make sure you're staying parallel and squeeze that ball Go squeeze squeeze squeeze don't move just squeeze

Excellent Good See how she kind of looks like a skateboarding ramp, from the front there, right it's like a little halfpipe N: Thats because I'm flat chested All right, let's move on

Ready inhale exhale lift your chest lower your arms Gorgeous Come right back down You got eight of these Good you've got eight

You should feel crazy abs here If you want an advancement straighten out your legs T: No I dont want an advancement Come on, 110 percent Six more

Six Breathe you've got five, four, N: Oh my god!!! Almost there you've got three We should be almost sweating nowYes? Hold it hold it hold it arms down Hold it up

Three, two, one lower down N&T: [sad cry for help] T: Okay, okay Ooow I'm standing I'm cramping

Okay, so we're gonna put that right foot right up against the shoulder block From here you're gonna press the reformer back with your right leg Good No slamming so So, be careful

We're gonna move slow N: I need to scoot back just a little Yes! Now let's get a little bit more advanced We're going to reach those arms overhead and keep working T: What?! N:No Ummm

I dont know Fine, let's do one arm N: No, I can do this

Keep going Yes N: I'm gonna fall This is so good Yes and we're already kind of shaking

I love that! N: It's a balance issue That warmed us up, so we can really press down through the ball and through the heel Little pulses, go Press it back, press it back For ten, nine, you can bring your hands to prayer heart center

If you've gotta pray to whoever you believe in Get through it N: Can we just do this the rest of the time? Alright, stay right here It's gonna get harder Stay right there

T: Whats that?? As you exhale you're gonna lift your hips bring your left knee in to your right shoulder and come right back down Yes you got to think up up up up Yes Tara, closeThere it is, you're close Up, yes! She's getting it N: oh I see

Watch her watch her watch her go for it there it is! And down And up Oh that was really good ladies Give me one more

Hold it Hold it Pulse that knee into your chest N&T: [screams of fear and pain] Hold it Get back up there

Pull the knee in for six Come on five Stay with me Four Three

Stay with me Hold it Hold it right there hold it hold it Now bend your elbows

Give me four push-ups Four T: Whaaat??? Yes Give me three push-ups Come on, two

And last one get a stretch again lower down N: I can do this T: I can do this N: I have no upper body strength Reach

And in Okay now let's breathe N: I am sweating a storm up already Feelin' those arms a little bit? Beautiful You've got eight You've got seven

Last one here hold it Little pulses You've got ten, nine, eight, seven it's gonna get harder from here In six, five That's it

Open and close This is called Hug A Tree a very classical staple of Pilates Keep your elbows above the ropes See where she's at? Elbows above the ropes N: Oh, above the ropes

I was cheating So see what's happening with your spine now? Keep it still Where's my abs? Come on where's my abs? The only thing that's moving should be those shoulders You've got three more come on N: I'm gonna do them I'm gonna do them but T: wait wait Last one here hold this here

Lift your elbows Little pulses Six, five, it's gonna get harder in four, three, She's going to long Two

Go high-five yourself in the mirror, say good job, N: Good Job! and then come right back in T: Good job N: You didn't die yet T: Excellent work This is really entertaining for me because people are really quiet during Pilates and you guys have been talking the entire time

So drop to your knees Yep, drop your knees onto the reformer Press out to a full plank Go for it N: I don't know what a plank is

All the way out Go go go Straight legshold up hold that so N: I collapsed Lift your hips up, from here your bend your knees and then press them back out Go Bend

And press You've got six Two and one Lower down N: Lower down?? [senseless laughter] You both just like, collapsed in on your abs

All you're gonna do is lift that leg up 10 9 8 7 3

2 Hold right there Hold it N: [obnoxious screams of pain] Hold it Anybody wants a challenge reach your left arm forward in 4

T: Ahhhh! N: Holy Mother Of Pearl! T: Whoa! Everythings falling apart on me N: Ahhhhhhhhh! Six Five N: You think I should have started with Yoga maybe? Ooo that gonna be a good section to edit Okay, you're at the finish line

This is it Press back to straight legs N: Ahhhhhhh! Just conceptually that hurts Natalie just keep screaming Lower your legs down

I know you guys are like really focusing when you're like silent Exhale down Open, out and around on the inhale and close it Oh, I love what I'm seeing One more now we're gonna reverse it

I'm gonna let you figure this out Oh! N: Oooowwww! Three, two, hold itTthree, two, one lower down Let's get a little stretch You're gonna- N: I didn't know where I was suppose to be stretching

And now lift your hips up as you can A Shoulder Stand Up up up Good now roll on to your heart first Heart heavy

Middle spine That was nice Through your low back and pelvis bend your knees press them back forward N: okay, I'm going"L" I love how she makes up these things "L" This is gonna separate those disks in our spine

Good let's find a little butterfly here Soles the feet together, knees out wide Inhaling some good stuff for her bodies and some gratitude, and exhaling anything you got to get out mentally, physically, spiritually, that just adds stress to our bodies N: I know what you're exhaling T: Shh I'm trying to meditate

Just one, now put that foot back on the foot bar So reach forward Good Great listening And then put this loop back

T: I like that she knows that our deepest challenge is listening And then go ahead going to step off to our right side We're gonna roll out our bodies with some squishy balls I'm gonna hand you these balls and we're gonna stick it, Stick it underneath our right glute Good, now I want you to lean into it and roll around on it

It feels like a deep tissue massage, a little bit You can kind of sit on it Close your eyes too and let your body be like jello around the ball N: [giggleing] No one ever wants their butt referred to as jello Now rock and roll on that ball

T: Ahhh! N: This is gonna bruise me Yeah if it feels like pins and needles you're doing it right T: I didn't know that would hurt Isn't this the worst part of class? T: Ahaaha Yes Yes, looking at Natalie, she's right

T: Okay, okay Well, flexable Natalie over there I know you're so flex – shes so athletic N: Yeah, but I'm shaking! N: Ohhhh, Jeebus! You can get little- Jeebus? Pay attention to the ball of your foot Lean into it, get into it, press into it

N: We look like old ladies Roll your shoulders open Inhale again, reach those arms up Good work today You guys did awesome

N: That was amazing Awesome Ahhh That was hard, but amazing That was, that was Fun

Yes, I would definitely do this again I would like to be good at this Oh yeah Yeah like it seemed really terrifying, the idea of coming and getting on this machine, but now that we've done it, it's not so scary And I'm less afraid of going to a class now because I'm sure everyone looks kind of silly the first time they like- Yeah

The first time they try to do those leg thingys Yes You guys go introduced now so you can jump into a class and feel like "oh my remember this" Yeah Yeah, that was a little bit like- just- the okay remembering to breathe Remembering to do all the things listen at the same time

Listening Listening Remembering to listen We'd like to thank our sponsors for the day NeuroGum! Bam! Energy, Clarity, Focus Don't forget to grab your NeuroGum

Link below Use discount code Trystuff Seriously if you are a fitness person this gum is great Also we'd like to thank Avenir for having us in today This is amazing and thank you so much Alisha for teaching us! Oh and Alisha tell good people where they can find you on the social media sites

On Instagram, I'm @alishamullally super simple, and same with Facebook We'll put that in the description so that you can find her Yes and then DM me if you want a Pilates class I'm here every day during the week Alright, we're gonna run Thank you guys so much for joining us don't forget to subscribe if you like what we're doing, find us on all the social media sites and we'll see you guys next time

I'm gonna limp away now What did you say Bigfoot does Pilates? It doesThats what he does It looks like – Bigfoot walks like he just finished Pilates

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