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good morning guys welcome back to our Channel so I just woke up this morning and I was having my coffee and then I started to feel my my upper back my legs so sore from the past workout that I've done the past few days and so I had this thought maybe I should do a Pilates class a feel-good Pilates class and it so early it's just 7:30 am

I couldn't even find my ponytail that I'm using my daughter''s ponytail so tiny oh well I'm gonna take my time okay to make us feel good this morning let's start by bringing your feet under your hips lift your arms up breathe in exhale press lengthen the side of your arms relax your neck and shoulders side bend oh that feels good inhale exhale try not to move your hips too much as you bend over to the other side Center hands behind your head push your elbows wide open as you open your chest in front oh come back to the middle elbows in inhale exhale open again push mmm feels really good inhale exhale loop it again one last time inhale exhale very good stretch for your upper body alright from here hands up hands forward nod your chin slightly round your spine as you roll all the way down relax your head your neck and shoulders scoop the belly and slowly roll up from the tailbone to the crown of your head so it's really good for your spine if you want to check side you breathe and lift your arms up exhale hands forward nod your chin round your spine roll down again this is very good for your hamstring stretch and if you're tight on your back you'll also feel it as you roll down and yiling use your core to roll up make sure you tuck your chair to round that back one more time inhale both arms up exhale hands forward roll down and roll the way up from the tailbone to the crown of your head okay from here shoulders up towards the ears inhale as you exhale reach down try that again shoulders up to the ears and reach as low as you can two more and exhale down only one more time inhale up and exhale down from here circle both arms up open really wide that you find that stretch on your chest as well so don't just lift and circle make sure you open wide two more one last see how mobilize your arms up are your shoulders our circle reverse five four open up more behind if you can 3 2 1 alright come here I need you to lift both heels up try to find the ankle stability and some kind of a stretch as well and lower all the way down breathing in through the nose actually lift up again and lower it down let's do a couple more lift lower last one and lower all the way down from here I need you to stand on the tip of your mat do your roll down again lift your arms hands forward and on your chin and wheel all the way down you might pull that hamstring stretch the back stretch then hands down to your mat walk your hand all the way forward to your plank position type in your abs keep your neck long open wide feet together sit back and let stretch on the side of your arms and here exhale scoop one arm under the other rotate your spine reach your bottom arm longer so that you can twist more and get more stretch Center inhale exhale other side come back to the center and from here separate your feet so that your feet is in line with your knee tuck your toes and come up to your downward facing dog push your upper body more by pressing the floor bend your knees a little push again and feel the outside of their arms stretch more feels really good straighten your leg so that you feel your hamstring on your calves now from your scoop the belly to round your back scoop scoop scoop scoop scoop and then straighten everything knees down again feet together come back Child's Pose reach your arms longer than the first time inhale access the twist rotate your spine very good for your upper back and middle back mobility and heal exhale switch to the other side let your body immersed towards that stretch come back to the middle separate your feet again exactly the same as what we did more deep on the stretch mmm bent a little push straighten again and scoop the belly round lengthen inhale exhale Child's Pose last time guys inhale exhale rotate Oh super good stretch already feels better exhale sweat and from here come up onto your hands and knees separate your feet let's do your cat and cow stretch and you go through the nose acts as you exhale round your back like a cat now if you feel like you're having rounded as much push your hands down to the floor more so you could curve your spine up man look between your legs and inhale as you exhale you stick your tail out, unravel your spine and once you open up you just look on to the tip of your mat inhale exhale round your back again push the floor with your knees and your hands to tailbone in more so you've got the lower back stretch and then roll the spine very good for your lower back mobility actually you're the spine and where the spine last one alright from here one hand goes behind your head bottom arm presses the floor push the floor and try not to move your hips open your elbows to me feel the chest stretch and again the side of your arm stretches and maybe your spine as well inhale exhale elbows in and under rotate in your body reaching that elbow as far as you can breathing and press down lift and open hand to man press open scoop last one breathe in open up exhale and from here we're gonna sit back and shake those arms up we'll do the other side come back to all fours the other hand goes behind your head inhale open up exhale in and you open up we remember to push down so you can reach the top elbow higher and more open to more and only one last come here hands down lie down into your tummy legs not to far from each other hands down beside your chest if you have any limitations you don't need to turn up I look too high you just go up a little bit and just give your upper back squeeze look to one side and then the other side and then you lower all the way down now if you can you can try bringing it in, exhale press the floor lift up shoulders away from the ears reach your legs longer again not too wide shoulders down so you rotate different parts of your muscle fiber but stretching and your spine stretching and opening and expanding lower all the way down Another one, take a deep breath ,inhale lengthen the spine, exhale you lift you make sure your glutes and your core is active as you rotate one last inhale ,exhale lift again, take your time and lower all the way down from here I need you to go side-lying you can bend your bottom arm to cradle your head yeah just make sure your head is not too low or else you can take a pillow now from here your knees on top of each other your bottom waistline is up you can check it with your top arm bring it behind this way okay from here breathe in exhale you ask your top knee keeping your feet together like a clamshell breathe in exhale open again keep going six five more four three last two one more time lift it up and pulse up for eight seven try you not to rock your hips as much using your waistline so tighten this oblique so your hips stay facing the front hold it up there let lift your top foot up lower and lift for eight Shh keep breathing again it's about that space under your waist couple more lift it up and pulse for eight seven six-five starting to feel the top of that glute 3 2 1 lower all the way down now from here I need you to lift the top on forward inhale look at the top hand now make sure your head your neck and shoulders are relaxed you open to the back you keep your hips facing front nice stretch inhale your head your eye gaze always follow the top and do it again breathing in exhale open behind Oh make sure you feel it stretch first before you come back in as you can but if you want you can try this with me inhale exhale don't think of that elbows free to lower and only one more inhale exhale open up as the lightest again this is the last one okay and come back all the way forward from here we're gonna press ourselves up bottom elbow under the shoulders bottom knee is down top leg is long you're gonna come up onto your side plank lift the top arm up and think of lengthening everything first from here scoop under rotating your spine down and then come back so you're targeting a little bit of that strength work on the bottom arm, bottom oblique but also when you scoop under you wanna round your back so you want to get the mobility work all at the same time one more okay and from here I need you to also bend your top leg then bottom hand will be straight take a look your top elbow rest onto the knee so knee down as well push on to the bottom hand and lowering knee take a look for us and bend over make sure you curve more it's a very good stretch where you can lift the heel if you want more and lower it all the way down breathing in we'll do two more exhale lift reach over feel that waist and lower down only one more time inhale this stretches awesome and lower all the way down from here straighten your legs breathe in exhale reach either on to your knees your shin or anywhere you could reach as far as again feel your thigh stretch feel your leg stretch all of it sit tall inhale exhale scoop the belly press your lower back down your middle back upper back and run all the way down try that again and really as you actually come up now if you have a problem going up push the top elbow down with both hands on the back of your sons to help you and reach forward you do whatever that could help you to come up properly sit tall in your the most important thing is what when you lower down with that you're vertebraes one other time so little back middle back upper back and reach long deep breath deep breath pressing the heels down up to let's do it again Oh one more time reach long sit tall scoop the belly light all the way down right from here lift both legs up to tabletop bring your knees and feet together hands face down tap down draw the abs as you tap your toes down and then lift it back up so squeeze your abs as you tap and lift it back up keep going you're using your abdominals to tap no space under the back so you don't hurt your lower back a couple more ,one left from here tap lift the knee squeeze your abs and glutes and lift your hips up halfway inhale exhale more control you can press your hands and shoulder blades down and exhale all at the same time to help you lift your hips one more okay from here hands into the side of your thighs bend your knees heels in but not touching nod your chin curl up your shoulders up are up you're gonna go up like a ball so you want to round your spine then hollowing your belly in more inhale going down exhale going up very good massage for your spine just make sure your shoulders and your head and your feet does not touch the floor okay keep going four three two one more ten come up and then switch sides so bottom arm remember this move bottom waistline lift and lower six remember to keep your hips squared you know what to do same as earlier don't worry to lift and fast for eight seven six five four three two one lift the top leg up lower and lift again you start to fill the top glute three two one more and plus four eight seven six five ah and blow it down remember this one our favorite stretch inhale lift look unto your hand as you like so you open to the back we will find that stretch oh oh my god I could just do this all day come back to the center I know you could do this right when you wake up you know three last two and again you can always do this option one more time oh you can even stay there for five seconds three two and oneok from here bottom elbow down your side plank you know what to do Reach long, scoop under mobility and strength all together okay from here bend the top leg as well hands on the floor shoulders away from the ears so stabilize it first lift your waistline inhale exhale side bend reach long so don't just do the move remember reach longer deep and down the pose more come back down inhale exhale it and lower down

one more time for you ,exhale up and lower all the way down from here I need you to bring your feet together Oh hands up to your feet and sit tall shake it out loosen it up sit tall breathe in and try to press it as low as you can till you feel the inner thigh bend your elbows leaning forward come back up inhale again as you exhale reach forward think of opening the chest one more inhale exhale ok from here right legs straight to the side left arm up lengthen first and make sure your arm is not in front but open bend over inside inhale exhale open up to the side press the other hand against your leg sit tall rotate to the back twist come back to the center side Bend inhale exhale rotate it was further one last time from here reach both arms up rotate your body towards that leg lengthen up first pull over your leg focus on stretching that right hamstring not back of your leg inhaling exhale lower down more and you're done exhale lower down again one more time so good from here I need you to take this leg lift it up press it in just hug it in towards you if you can to feel that glute stretch and swing side to side very very good stretch okay other side top arm up inhale exhale side bend Oh inhale exhale sit tall twist to the back as far as your on and you're just good reach Center aside feel that ribs opening but keep the tailbone down to get my stretch one more time from here bowl time's up rotate towards your leg and all the way down inhaling exhale lower down more and again one more take that lower leg lift it up press it in really feel this stretch on your glutes swing side-to-side and okay from here usually go down them to your knees hands behind your hips push your hips on your chest or from here right foot forward or any leg push your hips in front feel your hip flexor stretch okay from here lift on open up circle around one more open and other side push your hip inhale exhale circle every time you circle you feel more stretch one more time all right and from there you didn't make your back and your legs feel good too thank you very much if you liked the video please don't forget to press that like button and don't forget to subscribe and share this to your friends to share all that Fitness in the world yeah don't forget to comment down if you want any more videos for us to post I'll see you on the next video bye

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