[ENG](63kg?? ??&??) ???? ? ???! pilates workout, mukbang, diet

brunch – polk tofu kimchi rice eggs early dinner – mushroom chicken breast salad late dinner – 8 amond pear juice This is leftover food from the dinner yesterday boiled polk tofu kimchi I think this restraurant serve big quantity of the foods like mother Teresa

I have this much of leftovers Even though two persons ate this egg roll , side dishes are all good ! Usually I don't leave the foods

Actually i don't feel i am a hungry right now I think if i don't eat this right now I think i should throw this out So i think i should eat this for brunch And i will do workout hard today Eat well first then see ya at gym soon ! He's eating chicken feet

I'm gonna eat well ! bye~ Whenever I'm eating the foods He always staring me and the foods could i hav a bite mommy? whining pilates time Today i went to get the pilates class with friend Suri Eating salad after working out

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