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Hello, this is Euddeume Were you guys surprised that I was doing push ups all of a sudden? From my personal workout routine There was one part that I did the push up making a very straight line Many subscribers were surprised to see that The way I do push ups Isn't how body builders normally do push ups In pilates, we do push ups by connecting the whole body in a straight line And do the push ups using the power house Now if I do push ups in this way My body will be move while being in a straight line And form an alignment The reason I showed it to you in the beginning of the video is that I'm going to do a pilates routine using this foam roller Then before you guys start working out I showed it to you so that You can check how much your body is out of alignment Then after finishing one round of work out with me I'll do a work out called Lat Pull Front Prep Which is getting up by pushing the floor It's a form of a push up If you do the push up posture You can feel that the connection From your neck to your shoulders, your arms, your scapula, your body and to your legs Are better after doing the workout Like the upper limb coordination, or connection, I hope you guys invest in focusing on your body From now on I will lay the foam roller And stretch my neck, trapezius, shoulders, chest, and then the spine Then after that I will work on my abdomen and gradually finish up Place the foam roller and slowly lie down Put your neck on the foam roller And let your bottom rest comfortably While you are in this position, move your neck sideways slowly This is a way to massage the starting point of your trapezius muscles And the muscles around your neck that are tense So slowly massage using the weight of your head like you are pressing down Then you can feel that the tension is soothed Do it 5 times for each side Turn your head to one side while exhaling Come back after inhaling and then turn it the other way while exhaling I will do twice more There's no strength in your bottom and in your lower body in this moment Keep the foam roller still, slowly Turn so your neck is connected from the spine I hope your shoulder blades don't move as well This time lift up your head a little Then the lower part of the back of your head will touch the foam roller From there, relax and Relax by letting your head go over the foam roller And stay there for 10 seconds While breathing Then move like you are nodding Go up Pull back One more time This is not a massage video So I could proceed quite fast Next place the foam roller so it touches your armpit Then put your weight on your armpit And stay still If you are curious about massaging your body using foam rollers or stretch routines If you type in foam roller upper body, lower body, there are videos that you can watch

And I'm also planning a Whole Body Program Using foam roller massage, stretch routines so please look forward to that as well Now in this state, let's slowly rotate Don't move your bottom You can do it like your body is slowly opening up and coming back And then you can slightly move front and back If you look at the hand, the palm is facing the bottom And also do it while showing the palm towards me And then let the palm face the ceiling Then the length of the muscles will change And you can feel the muscles that are deep in your body You will feel that your shoulder girdle is much more relaxed These are the bases for when working on your abdomen and your spine, so it'll be very helpful I'll work on the other side as well Lay your armpit on it and relax The more you relax, the better The more you relax, the better So that you can feel that something that is blocked is no longer there And then slowly open up the body and come back Proceed so that your chest is opened, so your chest rotates not your neck Next I will slightly move front and back Straighten out the ends of your hand, this time turn the hand upwards Then let your palm face the ceiling In this state Just by doing this you can feel your breath flowing through your armpits? Then place your shoulder blades on the foam roller Since the body is stretched out, place your bottom on the floor And place the foam roller on the inferior side of the shoulder blades While supporting your head, don't move your legs Slowly lie down so your body feels like it's melting on the foam roller Some people's head may not touch the floor And there are some people who stop here For those people, hug your head from the back Open up the elbows a little more And push your head with your hands In this state, go only as far as you can And stop where you can feel that your elbows and your chest are open It's going to feel so nice you can just stay still When you come up, don't come up all of a sudden, pull your chin In that state, come up while supporting your head with your hands And then lift up your bottom, your shoulder blades Massage them by slowly while moving back and forth This position looks light, easy and relaxing But when you do small movements like this, these can increase your competency and concentration when you work out For those who say "I don't think I can use my muscles well and I can't focus when I work out" If you use foam rollers before and after working out, it'll help with that In this state, you can let go of alignment in pilates Or breathing Just focus on moving along with the foam roller comfortably Now, after that I placed it on the thoracic vertebrae, in the middle of my back This part is good too or you can put it a little lower This part makes it easier And this part makes it harder I'm going to proceed with the abdomen work out using a foam roller Now, usually when people do an abdominal curl, while holding onto the head on the floor There are some people who tighten their neck or their shoulders But with this foam roller, of course if you are at the pilates studio You can use an arc barrel or a small barrel Which will make your posture to be much more stable But people don't work out at home using a barrel Set the foam roller well And fix it in that state Like you are hugging the foam roller You need to fix it by lifting your upper body up Without pressing it down Your body shouldn't collapse in this way You need to lift your body up a little bit And your back shouldn't be like this When looking at your waist from the side, your back should be long like this For those who have a weak back Since the pelvis is changing to the forward incline, the back will rise up excessively So if you have a weak back, place the foam roller a bit higher Pull your stomach and place your hands on the side You will lift up your chest, but your neck is already pulled up Open up your chest In this state, in the beginning connect your elbows and your palms So your foam roller doesn't move Breathe in and as you exhale, Straighten your right leg so that your pelvis does not move The focus is so that your pelvis does not move Bring it back Let's move on to the other side Exhale, inhale As your exhale, move as if your front thigh and your lower stomach Are moving far away from each other and becoming thin Bring it back Straighten it again For the breathing pattern, you can breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth For those who have taken pilates lessons You can do an upper body breathing where you breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your nose This time I put my hands behind my head In this state, I will not straighten the right leg but lift it up from the floor like so And bring it down The other side as well The focus here is to fix the upper body while lifting the leg up Breathe out and breathe in Breathe out again Your upper body should not be relaxed You must hold still stably in this part Again slightly open up the upper body And bring it back Make a big arc As you do it From there, with a connecting motion, lift up your leg Put it back down The other side! Send it back Again, once more As though the area from your belly button to your spine is moving over the foam roller, Open it up And again, while pushing your hands with your head, With your arms opened up on the sides, Lift up your body

The more you can feel the sense of your neck getting longer and longer upwards, the better! Again, once more! As you exhale, Bring your leg towards you, and make your neck longer Again, the other side! From here, Now, your upper body will move, sort of as though you're doing an abs workout So you open up your upper body very slightly, and then come up When you look, we're lifting these muscles in a long way And folding it, almost to a point where you tremble hard Rather than pushing them, It's enough to extend them and fold them slightly

I'll show you again Open up your chest And at this moment, we're opening up the upper abs and the chest together From here, you should feel the sense that you're getting taller As well as the sense that your abdomen is getting thinner and longer That's how we prevent going 'Hup!' as though we're doing weight training Once more, as though you're extending your body long and thin To give you another tip, It'd be nice if you don't press down on the foam roller behind you When you come up, and do it as though you're parting ways with the foam roller

Then, even for those who had tense neck and shoulders from their daily lives Could work out in a way that allows them to activate their abdominal area more comfortably Let's do 3 more! Exhale strongly, Extend your neck And your eyes will naturally move to the inner thigh area Open it back up Then, while pulling up the area from your belly button to your spine, go up! Next, it'll be the legs that come Then, we've lifted our leg while maintaining This box shape, And from here, we'll just extend our leg Think that your body is getting very long

Instead of tensing up your thighs like this, If you think of it as the muscles stretching out your leg lines from the bottom and hips, It can help you extend your muscle line a little more! Let's bring it back towards us Without getting shorter in height, extend it as you endure Bring it back With this, as you'll inevitably lack the strength to endure, 3 to 5 are enough Let's do 2 more! If you keep losing the strength in your stomach, Use your two hands to pull your belly button towards the inside of your body a little

With just this, you can get help for it getting further away like this, you see? Let's do it once more! Exhale Let's do the other side Lift it up And as you extend your leg while exhaling, Bring it fat, feeling your leg getting stretched! Think that you're poking the wall far away with your toes We'll bring it back Exhale As you bring it back A tip for those who say 'I keep feeling tension in my thighs' Is to extend it while using your two hands to open up your thigh outwards a little Or, try covering your bottom with one hand like this As you send it away while trying to press this hand down with your bottom

And you pull your stomach Then you'll be guiding the movement of your muscles 'Hands-on' on my own And maintain We'll make it a little more difficult Scoop the abdominal area Then bring it back Bring it back If your lower back becomes like this, Go back to the previous movement! You should keep getting the sense that you're embracing your stomach And your entire body must maintain a stable relationship with the floor

While maintaining, raise your two legs towards the ceiling That's enough Fold them back, And once more! At this moment, your thighs should get tense, Your bottom should meet from behind slightly And your belly button must stay closer to your body Again, once more! Stay! We'll do a slightly advanced exercise now While enduring, You're putting down only your right leg as though it's getting longer This seriously requires an amazing control

Bring it towards you You can sort of support it like this, too Try putting the other leg down slowly and far away Focus on the stretching But your abdomen must keep getting longer, and flatter, and it should hurt

The other side Focus on it getting longer There isn't much strength on the grip of the hand Bring it back The other side You absolutely must push that wall far away using the tip of your foot, you must! Let's do the other side The other side again

Lightly embrace your knees, then put them down slowly Next, we're twisting the upper body very slightly to the right As your elbow and your head turn, your eyes slowly move towards this side The other side Follow the elbow But only enough that the shoulder blade on the other side does not move away from the floor Once more! From there, Slightly raise your bottom Just like the previous one, twist your chest slightly And roll with the foam roller

It's gonna hurt so much But it'll be rewarding And it'll keep activating the rotator muscles Face front again After lowering it slightly, lift up your bottom And a bit of twisting As you do that, you're slowly massaging the inside of your armpit and the side back muscles Open up the left elbow Like this And then we'll do the chest stretching that we did earlier once more

If you keep doing push ups, It could develop your chest muscles, But for those with rounded shoulders or the turtle neck syndrome, It could actually shorten the chest muscles instead So, rather than just doing push ups, It'll be better to do the 'Chest Open', where you keep opening up your chest Or other stretching exercises If you open up your chest slightly and bend backwards, like earlier, That'll increase the range of movement for the stretching area around the thoracic vertebrae area and the chest, you see? Relax Again Support the back of your head and pull your chin in a little And come back in a long way And then you get up by pressing down on the foam roller From here, we'll do the push up that I did earlier once more

We've loosened up the neck, and the shoulders, and the scapula So I think it'd be nice to try this together This is an actual, existing exercise that is one of the Pilates workouts called the 'Lat Pull Front' From the ground, gather up the top of your head and the tips of your feet, Stick your elbows sturdily on the inside of your armpits, And as you pull up the muscles all over your body, Ta-dah! You get up If you look, I also have this feeling that I'm getting up a little more lightly than during the intro, you see? If you're thinking 'Oh? This is easier than I had thought!' as you endure this posture, Try lifting one leg a little high up You shouldn't twist your bottom when you do this We'll bring it back down

Once more, on the other side You must keep maintaining the sense of opening up your chest on both sides And then do the push ups Bend your knees and do the 'Rest Position' And for those with weak lower back or rounded shoulders, Once more We'll wrap up with the circulation stretching

Relax your body And open up your chest And, feeling as though the top of your head is continuously rising towards the ceiling, I think it's enough that, Rather than bending your lower back, you open up your backbone towards the back, In the direction that doesn't usually gets used a lot Lower down slowly It's really refreshing As I assumed the position where I curve forward a lot today, Though I did do the 'Chest Open' from time to time, I think it'd be much better to finish off with this Go down Bend your knees again And to finish off, assume the 'Rest Position' With Pilates, though it's inevitably more accurate to do it With the instructor who checks your alignment or your postures to a certain extent in front of you, Once you've enhanced your ability to use your body to a certain extent While watching my basics videos consistently, whenever you have time, I feel that carrying out a program at this level at home Would be enough for you to feel the effects of Pilates

It'll take some time before you can do a nice-looking push up where you come up all at once But be consistent! If you focus on the goal of improving the coordination of your body While connecting them one by one, Rather than simply pushing out your body using your chest muscles, I believe that You can make your body healthy and to function better Consistently, remember to do it consistently! If today's video was helpful, Please subscribe, like and turn on the notification See you in the next video!

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