(Elite Pilates) YMCA Level 3 Diploma Teacher Training Reformer – lunges lateral flexion

SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share and Comment! Hello welcome to Elite Pilates teacher training in Devon England UK they're down here in Sunnydale the reforms of as you can see and the move on the wall today is the lunge with side been the main reason forget the miss movement sister stretch off the fashion as well that they can be wanted but mainly given is for Russia she'll stretch more Russia which that's not the hip flexor that ridiculous so maybe I should've actually been with Mad Max in the where that muscle attaches the we might give that one particular it's for those dollars as well as other things but that's not the main reason I get that particularly there's a stretch off that so us about your fashion again you can flare out of different resistances rights or resistance of massive you will get some form like anything but more so little support maybe the higher the resistance support make necessarily slow important well in Pilates teacher training lunges with side bend or lateral flexion don't forget to subscribe like share and comment like YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook the weekdays teacher trainer and once again thanks for watching SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share and Comment!

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