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SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share and Comment! I am Paul from Elite Pilates Teacher Training Devon UK Oh all the bread for that reason but this mussels away you don't just work very well that one yeah but you could have really really long habit what I am trying to get across muscle the general rule of maximum range of motion in this position PA you get the maximum range of motion it's a nice good stretch and I got it from a stretch long position to both a short position there are other rooms within parties that gap it gave a slightly different way which kids we can pull them down like that is where you get the long head of the tricep these booths demonstrate a long stretch dreams tomorrow when you're pulling in my pool you also can you try that this is just one way of exercising that used to look at the other tricep muscles as well but the arms in this position who's really emphasizing the only have any tricep now within a class and I mentioned longer the tricep most people's aren't the feebleness glazed or left they just see them don't wait triceps working ours so as you mentioned to be going to the swap as well as long head of the tricep they aren't the immediately preparation pay attention but I'm not giving for that piece but it's more than worth functioning that you get from it because taxes that show they need a merchant ship and that's today that's being shame let's go to exercise our long head of the tricep subscribe

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