Elite Pilates Teacher Training – Reformer Basic Lunge

SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share and Comment! I'm welcome to Elite Pilates teacher trainer and move to that is lunges as you can see them on the reformat main reason I get lunch is that going to be for a number of reasons although I remember that might have primary secretary as it depends on why you as an instructor all given it primarily I tend to give lunges or hip flexor but it might have got a number of hip flexors on the gauntlet that too much eat a lot on Natalie Wesson mainly the solace yesterday about the smallest tented fish that's ourselves for August but mainly this so as you could give me a kiss as well so I'm just finishing well no we give a a so-called week an app that I've started on that a soul will begin up also on that would have an issue to make it would say other movements so if the set off that basically is what west on the heart I've got one of classes and mantras spring on there but different form a different resistors Springs different cooked many different things up but against the shoulder rest camel toes on the knee as a basic is where the foot rest yeah it is in line with that all different forms gonna be different Bob don't go out as a general rule the fair or forward forties you can we get more that hip flexor on the other side my hips are square my shoulders are square on initially I happen to use that just a little bit of balance that's all he said look you keeping the chest lifted you keep the Mack knock that shit off the shoulders are down from there you know learn the trance there's all practice you can at my version of it I didn't do sometimes a different regiment Legion forward purely from a hip flexor point of it touches the highest level of t12 who are responsible for that to stretch that muscle off again authorities decide to take the general person of no particular issues you keep that left knee personally my bring it right away it might as a basic just interesting just in the mood which is hip flexor on my right side right we present hips and that's it as a basic keep the knee above the ankle things to watch for make sure the car the foot isn't against I'm wedging against the server reformat I call about key people aware support your own body don't graces makes it easy when your grace that's challenging race there's a few pointers not the biggest one that's a control control G most people tend to do that keep control keep the knee over the armpit control I'm just showing it from the other side people were like a gazelle left foots is against there that he was on their feet now as a basic the knee is in line with children others has a basic let's say someone specifically wants to stretch or maybe that tear the tension face your latter it's also my other hip flexor I will then pop me over to the edge of the terrace with into not interpreter so it's over more to midline of my body so that stretches often to your he'll a little bit more so you killed a few bears in line with this not keeping the head square on so as well as the day one of the things over to watch out for to me the way I teach this I want to watch now that they're not doing that and the other things are watchful picket woman biggest ones that is another planet and particular my solace major just is going to be compatible because again we have the balance in the body so 170 finest but again takes a Shubin you know exactly how thoughtful of the footy to make a marking way or somewhere can share with there's no good compare that going on if you do the number of things you know somewhere else to three things are making massive thickness the foot being a different position and you the other side when we compare that for basketball they need travel on back makes a massive difference obviously and the other one is the foot but they don't just point the foot so you need to check those three things make sure you know the distance is the same and compare understand you compare how much effectively is tighter which one needs more wear more stretchy so check that this is where the footage make sure it's like guarantee go on you can make sure that let's keep it straight for and then they get standard will be back make sure they're not quickly with the foot but make an ideal it stays against ideally he goes stays against shoulders but what you don't like we do twice and pull that's one version of lunges under a few more videos on different versions and the things you can add into it to help with some of those faults that people do I'm probably plotted teacher-training down you can it's on your tether and don't forget to subscribe like share comment on our YouTube channel and forth on Facebook with Pilates teacher training thanks SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share and Comment!

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