(Elite Pilates) How to do Pilates Workout Exercise Superman Arms

SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel Like Share Comment Follow me on FACEBOOK Superman's another one we taught you how to weight ship so get all your weights into 1 million one arm so that the other two stocks feel light and then you could send them away when we didn't move anything at that stage so really focus I'm putting the belly button in and you want to have this neutral spine so you don't need nothing in the lower back and you want to control that so pull the belly button in and just look after your lower back but these are directly under the hips now when you do weight shifting when did now all the way to settle into one side and the opposite shoulder this opposite side has to work really hard because it's taking all the weight of this half of the body so if you don't feel the weight from this arm then you know a lot of your weight is sitting there perhaps left me over there so we're going to start off with just moving one arm at a time and then we'll show you how to do the legs so take a minute to stabilize yourself Paul Louis and then send your arm away good and then bring it back in so you'll notice that there isn't any rocking back or forth as Paul shuts from left to right so try the other arm and it takes time to stabilize so if you switching and switching and switching and switching its hugging now that you're cheating because it takes time to settle the weight into those parts of the body so you'll notice there wasn't a rock to the left or the right so if you can do the next mouth so notice the beauties holder you'll notice this hip over here often when people work they lift this hip too high and then the whole back wants to start holding out so this hip wants to be flat there so Lyle yeah move drops down too much so allow the need to come back in so as the knee comes back in there's no shifting of the hip so you can go straight over to the other side that leg becomes lighter and lighter and lighter and that slides out and then you can slide it back in so be aware of when you bring your legs back in often people with the knees back together and then you ringing the completely the wrong place to be so that's ours one at a time and legs one at a time so pop it oversized and see how you get on you should feel this in the belly button together take your time state wise and that's the most offensive part and that's Superman SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel Like Share Comment Follow me on FACEBOOK

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