Daily Pilates Routine (Full Body Morning Mat Workout)

Today we're going to do a full-body mat routine that I actually do every day So stay tuned

Hello hello! My name is Gretchen founder Balanced to the Core, as well as your virtual Pilates instructor If you're new here, please hit that subscribe button as well as the bell next to it to get notified whenever I have a new video because I am here every week Today we're going to do a routine that I do every morning It's more intermediate level As we flow through it I'll give you some cues , but please listen to your body

Let's get started Before I get down on my mat I'd like to do some stretches just to feel good because remember it's early morning, we're feeling a little stiff, so let's just take our hands right on our shins open up the chest get a nice inhale here and then exhale to slowly make it down feeling each vertebrae pressing into the mat stretch those legs long and give me a nice reach back let the ribs lift let your body lift just open up maybe into an X type shape flex and points Circle those wrists ah I just really stretch it long bring it back to Center take your arms down good just bring your knees up let them go to one side and just shift and then take it over shift the other way and take it one more each side just getting mobility and that low back I sent tend to have a low tight low back so I'm gonna do one more each side just because that feels good I change it up every morning good bring it back in stretch those legs long reach the body long and we're going to start with our hundred with the legs down flex your body up and start to pump those arms we're focusing on a wide shoulder so pull those shoulders back into their pockets keep breathing deeply inhaling and exhaling I want you to seal your inner thighs together and press those heels together every time you exhale I'm trying to fold the chest up higher and then every time I'm inhaling I'm expanding my upper back with air as I flex up I'm really keeping my shoulders pulling down so what I love every mornings I've really think about all these details as I'm breathing it's not about the work it's really about the details really about thinking about what my every body part is doing bring it on down now flex those feet and we're gonna roll it all the way up as soon as you hit your sit bones just give me a nice little scoop pull the shoulders back bring it on down we're gonna do that four more times give it a little pulse if you'd like up there whatever feels good just keep those shoulders down I'm not gonna really few modifications today this is more intermediate or two flow so hopefully at this point you know your modifications bring it on down you're gonna hug those knees in at the same time cross the ankles and pull the heels up towards your chest I'm keeping my shoulders down and I'm really using my low belly to lift those hips two more I don't go all the way over in the morning I feel ultra tight so these feel really good and then let your left leg drop keep your right up turn the knee towards your shoulder pull over around and up over and around and up three in each direction reverse it really anchor in your opposite leg anchoring your pelvis and then flex that foot really reach it out of the hip and pull the other leg in and stretch it up three in each direction I'm not doing a lot of reps because it's more about getting into each exercise circle the other way lower reps means I can get into more exercises good now flex that foot pull it down arms back roll it up pause pause pause and pull the knees into you I'm gonna pull my heels as close to my butt as I can and keep them there so I go back it up try not to let those heels pull away keep pulling them into the butt scoop that belly get two more and then we're gonna roll it down keep that right hand towards the chest and pull it in one two pull pull pull pull good one more each side and double leg pull it in hug it and stretch long wrap around and pull it in two more time to reach pull her out and one more stretch it up to the ceiling plus it good pull pull two more one more good and then bring both legs up and take them down and pull two more keep that chin pulling towards your bellybutton last time squeeze those thighs good and bend it in if we take it over one two pop pops reach reach good reach one more each side just gets the body going right bend it in roll it up fine stretch take it long and dive three of them stack it up through the spine two more you're doing great one more good come on up I'm just gonna scoot it forward a little bit hug my thighs in towards my chest as I roll off my butt bones good hug it in now take those legs to a tabletop I'm gonna roll it back come up and open my chest keeping the thighs in towards my belly one more stay right there and try to extend the legs and do three here let's extended legs roll from that low back good one more now hold right there squeeze your thighs together stretch your legs long keep your legs exactly where the armors roll down through the spine pull them up with your waist take it over to one side circle around and come to Center you can let those hips move a little just scoop deeply with the belly to move those legs stabilize those shoulders one more each side last one now just lower the legs a little bit peel your spine up walk up those legs find a little position here with the legs lower open it up a little song we practice a little sorry rotate and dive it one two three roll it up and over good one more each side we're gonna hold it here grab your foot and just twist it the ribs deeper stretch your back arm up more pull those shoulders down now stay twisting twist twist twist twist turn dive grab and then twist deeper stretch your arm up more as you come up just keep twisting the ribs come to Center lower down scoot it around my legs are together here little goalpost here pull your shoulders back inhale the chest up exhale down two more full the belly in deep my legs are heavy I'm stretching long through them come up onto your elbows squeeze your thighs together lift up three kicks each side one two one two one two one two third set keep opening that chest bring it down and hug your leg your hands up squeeze your thighs kick your legs one two or three without moving that pelvis and then pull and lift your chest up lengthen lengthen and kick one two three press those legs down and lift lift lift two three and up and one two three up take it down scoot it back for a nice good stretch good turn it around legs are a little hit with just an apart take your hands behind your head lift high through the heart now I'm going to lean back and then I'm going to scoop and as I scoop I'm really reaching to my heels reach reach dive forward one two three roll it up try that again we just lean and scoop try not to let the heels roll back with you dive it forward and roll it up let's do a full one here so we're just gonna lean scoop dive it tap the head roll it all the way up without letting those elbows shoot forward and up let's try that again lean scoop good and stay super low as you dive forward roll it up we'll do one more here and I died one two three we roll it up all right we're going to roll it back down to the knife bend your knees in towards your chest push them out and lift up I'm gonna hold the low back as I just stretch my legs up squeeze the inner thighs now I'm gonna try to keep my legs there and so I let go the arms roll down through my spine try it again we come up not on your neck you're on your back stretch up stretch up stretch up I might let it go good one more time we lift it up open those hips open open now keep them open as we lower down through the spine take your legs down roll up into bridge find your chest heavy extend one leg up we flex down in point four five four three two one keep that leg pulling in towards you drop it back down other side kick it down up five four three two keep it up there pull it into your chest hold hold hold drop it down roll it down through your spine take it to one side hand under your head legs to the front corner of your mat lift up hip height we flex flex pull back alright now as it comes forward turn it out a little endpoint you got three more three good and two one more good take it to meet your other leg point up flex down five of them cause I flex down I'm turning out I'm trying to reach my heel so it goes beyond my bottom heel stretching from my waist two more times for one more here Circle it and as I Circle it I'm trying to reach that leg longer my bottom leg that's the key my waist man waistline might lift circle the other way come on stretch it long keep it turned out three two one we kick it forward bend the knee into the chest extend it back hold it right there just stretch your leg long kick it forward bend it in and pull it back and stretch one more time try to keep this shoulder from rounding forward now stay right here I'm gonna pull my heel towards my spine hold right there feel that deep seat and hamstring to open up the hips and then I'm gonna pull the knee into my chest stretch it and again press it back keep your thigh there pull the heel towards your spine feel that squeeze and reach one more time pull pull pull pull pull good and press lower down turn and little beats one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve eighteen nineteen twenty good let's hit it over to the other side I'm just gonna spin see you you can just turn it from corner of your mat lift it up here we go flex and point good so we're trying not to move the torso keep that turnout and reach back good three watch that top shoulder keep it pulled back one more time go ahead now up and down lift and flex keep it turned out reach and pull three more three and two turn it out and reach it one more time longer than your bottom heel and point the foot and circle it there you're trying to reach it longer than your bottom heel the entire time pull the shoulder back and circle the other way stretch you're going to notice when it starts to crunch in keep it long long long good idea pipe we stretch we pull we reach for us good reach pull back one more now we're gonna keep it back there now pull your heel towards your spine stretch really feel it working the whole hip area one more good and then turn to your back all right bend your knees get your feet slightly far away from your family just readjust Irizarry and now stretch your leg long and keep your legs sealed together all right so hands are halfway back behind you we're gonna roll it up roll it up I'm going to try to reach for our toes reach but squeeze those backs together and roll it back down two more like that really squeeze your thighs and roll and reach shoulders down one more time good switch your legs and move it down again squeezing those thighs and we have three two more – excellent one more time and one one one then let's reach the legs long dive it over your thighs roll it up through the spine spin it around onto your knees and if I stretch me inhale it back if you've lost me in the camera I'll be back two more inhale pubic bone forward nice strong body here good and then I'm going to turn to you and we're just going to take it over to one side so as I lean over I'm keeping my spine nice and long dropping my hand under my shoulder lift that hip keep your booty under your body and stretch that leg long top hand push back into your hand three circles each way three two one now circle the other way three two lift up and over one drop your hand and stretch it over come up and over the other way good other side we take it over let that knee lift booty under the body and under the shoulder stretch your leg long and behind your head press your head into the hand elbow up circle three times two one let's circle the other way – under eight three two one drop it down stretch it over come up stretch it over beautiful and then turn it tuck your toes under you're going to lose me for a second I'm going to come into a crouched position I'm going to roll it up through the spine I'm going to go to the edge of my mat heels click together taking him healthier exhale dive it forward hello now walk it out four counts into plank on that or count you should be in play one two three plank hold right here pull your elbows into your sides lift your ribs up inhale take you down exhale push poppy up two more – one more my strong body and we lift up walk HAP's four count four three two one roll it up through that spine let the arms up to the sky now you can't see it just lift your arms you're going to dive it forward once in take it over four three two land it all right three one push up keep your elbows in towards your ribs – good one more and then we're going to lift the hips up hold right here undo those heels let's pedal those feet pull your hips up three two one lower those heels lift those hips up feel that stretch drop your knees down press it back good job today there you have my own little routine and I like to always rest here and then I sort of go into a little meditation but I like to just hang out here so hang up here as long as you'd like recenter yourself and just breathe and relax you did a great job today make sure you hit that subscribe button see you next time

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