Cricket Fitness Pilates Class

[Music] welcome to Tabitha Yoga and todays class is in the glorious setting of Duffield Cricket Club here in Derbyshire so today's class is all about YOU cricketers out there Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to do a Pilates session that's dedicated to all the functional problems that you might have, having played cricket all afternoon, so whether it's stiff shoulders and you're a bowler or a batter or you need a good stretch because you've been in the field this class is totally dedicated to you so if you like what you see today please go over to my youtube channel and like and subscribe to Tabitha Yoga Now everything today in today's class is to make you a better cricket master now whether you're bowling in the field or batting, todays class is going to help you reduce your injuries or if for heavens sake, God forbid you DO injure yourself it'll help you and your recovery so it's a win-win

Brilliant so we're gonna start just releasing our neck and shoulders so stand nice and tall thinking about how you're standing have your feet hip distance apart so you've got a good firm foundation, relax your shoulders and take a look over your shoulder looking right behind you coming back to the centre take a look over your other shoulder watch this shoulder doesn't follow and come back to the center and drop your chin and have a little shake and then looking all the way up bring your chin to the sky and it's a beautiful day take in that vitamin D only looking ahead and take your ears your shoulder and again ear to shoulder, interlace your fingers and push your palms away let your head drop and bring your arms up reach up push up and then I'd like you to take your hand behind your shoulder blades in between my shoulder blades and this is perfect for you if you're a bowler and your shoulders get really overloaded with functional uh movement of bowling and let's do the same on the other side oh reach and stretch fabulous reach your arms out this is one of my favourite shoulder releases cross at the elbows and bring your palms together and you're going to ease up and draw down unravel lovely then reach out either side, swap ease up draw down and unravel and you can do as many of those as feels good

Standing put your weight into your left leg or whatever leg and take your foot behind you now have your knees in line and your feet squeezed to your bottom and stand nice and tall, working your balance is going to help you whatever sport you're doing okay then bring the knee towards you and lift nice and tall again and circle let's mobilise the ankle and the feet point and flex and circle, brilliant play that foot down so it feels nice and stable and then you're going to do the same squeeze flex you hear some crunching and clicking that's fine and take your foot behind you squeeze the foot to your bottom find some height great okay bring your feet back down so stand nice and tall pull your tummy in now most of what we're going to do today is Pilates but it's always good to have a great stretch so drop your chin to your chest and roll down and your hands are heavy and there's space in between your vertebra and you're bringing your hands to the floor so whether you are here or here it really doesn't matter, it doesn;t matter your level of flexibility, but I want you to really relax into it so let the head drop down and use your out-breath to get even deeper in this forward fold [Music] and then I'd like you to bend your right knee and take your left arm up and you're gonna swap and swap and you're mobilising your spine and everything that you do is balanced which is really good especially for sports like cricket and tennis and golf which all tend to be one sided with Pilates what you do on one side you do on the other so it's a brilliant way to rebalance or iron out any and faults in you body lovely bring both hands down and then I'd like you to take wide legs so you are easing your feet out to the side, give your bottom a little wriggle and then fold down and breathe in and breathe out and fold down and then walking your hands to one foot bending the knee and flexing that toe you see the toes pointing to the ceiling but this elbow is pushing out this knee good and stretch here keeping your hips nice and mobile let's swap elbow to the knee to ease out foot flexed good it's a great stretch in the hips come back up lovely heel toe heel toe heel toe in and roll up again pull the tummy in and roll all the way up to standing and come to the back of your mat now we're going to roll all the way down again I'd like you to do it really gently looking after your back so drop the chin and roll reach your fingers to the floor tuck your chin in and take your hands and walk them out and you're gonna come into a plank because core stability and shoulder strength are so important to you so fingers spread onto your tiptoes and hold yourself strong here now you can hold your plank for as long as you like but just for today I'm just going to pause for a few seconds and then what I'd like you to do is shoulder tap but without kind of moving like this I'd like i'd like you to keep your hips super steady and shoulder tap and another and another and come back to the center and then you're gonna move to your hips tap [Music] keeping the hips steady as you can hip one more each side and hip good now drop your knees lean back stretch your back in child pose ahh and then bring yourself up to all fours spreading your fingers and rounding your back and tucking in releasing the spine releasing your shoulders and as I always say those of you who are regular watchers what I love in this posture is being able to move just breathing because you can circle your hips release your lower back move your shoulders you know it feels good to move like that so you just enjoy that for a moment or you could keep with the flexing and extending remember to breathe [Music] and then come back to neutral now the all-important shoulder stretches especially for you bowlers and you batters you're gonna thread underneath rest your head down arm on top of the other and then maybe reach an arm up breathe deeply good let's do the same on the other side arm underneath [Music] arm up and come back to all fours moving on to a bit more core stability extend your left leg and your right arm in superman look down to the floor hold it ohh and the sun's come out I can feel it on my back, gorgeous and then you're gonna draw in squeeze and extend breathing in breathing out breathing in breathing out and in and out final one and out brilliant okay other side spend a little time steadying yourself and then extend the other side hold yourself superman good and breathe out breathe in and out and in breath out and in three more lovely, back to all fours well done curl your toes ease your hips back to your heels to stretch completely bring your hands forward lovely and then bring yourself up, this is actually a yoga pose Bhadda Konasana but you know what there's nothing better to stretch your hips so letting your knees go out to the side lift your chest hold your ankles not your feet actually because this twists the knees a little so holding the ankles lift and a little tilt forward okay come back give your knees are hug facing lengthways on your mat we're going to come in to roll like a ball, I'd like you to imagine that you have the best analogy I know is a helium balloon between your legs and if you squeeze you'll pop it you release you it'll go up to the sky so you want to just keep that securely there hold and roll back and roll up finding the balance on your bottom roll back roll up try without putting your feet down roll back roll up whoops not like that roll back and roll up and hold it holding the legs parallel to the floor bring your arms out smile because it hurts and bring your arm up lift the chest good swap sides hold on to your ankles hold on to your feet and then you're gonna roll down slowly feet hip distance roll down stretch have a good lazy stretch and then arms down by your sides this is all about core stability it enhances every sport okay breath in breath out lift breath in alternate out inhale out good keep going subtle work deep down to the muscles that support the spine so you're not talking about building bulk you're just building nice lean muscles that are going to enhance your sports practice better balance better posture better strength behind everything that you do and then I'd like you to move to bending the knee squeeze it in squeeze squeeze and squeeze [Music] lovely after this one more and each side you see my lower back going into the floor and I'm drawing my knee in really close to my chest now moving oh the sun's come out again draw the knee in and a twist inhale exhale inhale exhale breath in breath out inhale exhale hold it keep going well twisting great for your mobility good and rest bring your knees in have a little rock-et in the lower back and then you're gonna take hold of one knee and draw your head and shoulders towards that knee see my other leg is straight and just hovering off the ground and then I'm gonna swap eight seven six five four three two and one hold it I'm gonna go for another either steady eight actually or a fast sixteen so I'm gonna do a fast 16 follow me if you like so 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 well done drop your feet drop your knees to one side stretch your tummy come back up stretch your tummy good arms out and again come up drop down again lovely hold on to your knees roll yourself up nice and steadily and you're gonna take a wide leg position this is called saw sit up nice and tall breath in breath out and reach to the opposite toe good inhale come back up exhale twist down Oh hi laughing thats what happens if you're in the park, hello gorgeous sit up nice and tall exhale twist in hale return exhale there's nothing better than mobility nice strong mobile hips will always enhance your sports practice whatever it is inhale one more each side reach sit tall and reach sit tall gentle forward fold inhale exhale walk your hands back in now because we've done quite a lot of core strength it's really important to stretch off your tummy so just briefly before we finish I'd like you to rest on your tummy hands under your shoulders and come up with a nice long back come down and again nice strong using the muscles of your back and then you're gonna come up fully to a full kind of up dog stretching the front of your body looking forward so all the work you do on you're tummy will mean you've got nice long lean muscles not bulky muscles and you won't wake up tomorrow feeling stiff so push in and lengthen [Music] good and then your final stretch easing back into child's pose walk your fingers away then walk your hands to one side and to the other side [Music] and then bring yourself up to sitting, brilliant you're done that's it I really hope you enjoyed your Tabitha Yoga cricket class with me today Namaste [Music]

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