Combining Pilates, Physical Therapy and Personal training, Kristin talks about Studio U

All right, so Studio U is a special place because you can really go through the full, full spectrum of care We named it Studio U because it's all about you and what you can afford, what your schedule is like, what makes sense for you

We have some people who will come in to us and just want a home program We send it home with them, they come back once a month, whenever they feel like, "Oh I need a little tweak" We also have people who come in and once they start with a physical therapist, they want privates with a physical therapist, for as long as they can afford it and they'll keep going and going and going And they're sold on it And then we have people who come in and they start with a physical therapist for a few sessions so they can understand what they need to do

And then maybe because of financial reasons or just scheduling reasons or anything, they move into classes where they can play with some of the stuff that they've been learning So we offer group classes here so they have an economical way to to continue practicing, moving in their body with an eye on them We have small classes So we have classes of four for the reformer We have some mat type classes where we can get six to ten people, not big huge classes

We have Power Plate classes The Power Plate is a special piece of equipment It's a vibration platform So imagine yourself on and gravely rode, on a bus, standing on one leg, and trying to maintain your balance And what we're working is a proprioceptive level, as how that joint understands what it needs to do

So those little muscles that have to stabilize, that have to kick in, the big muscles that have been trying to hold you up have to shut down because you're contracting and relaxing 30 plus times per second, which voluntarily you can't do So that kind of workout tends to get you from inside out Which is really lovely You don't really know that you're working until later and you're like, "Oh, I guess I did something" It doesn't take very long

If we're doing the class it's a half hour Some people come in and train on that on their own if they want But once again, everything has started with the guidance of a physical therapist and we send you off to the other worlds We have Pole Dancing classes and I know that sounds a little crazy but it's movement And once again we're all about movement

We also have aerial, trapezes and silks And really think a movement can be anywhere from the ground up And and wherever that is, whatever pattern that is, there's no reason we can't work with it So anything that makes your body happy, we have again We just want people to feel good in their bodies and whatever mode that is if it's not physical therapy that's fine but whatever that is you should feel good in your body

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