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hey everyone thanks for joining me today and taking time for yourself we're going to doing a Pilates video that you can do at home all you need to take yoga mat and a water bottle to keep hydrated and I'll be showing you different levels that you can do throughout the video and I'm really excited for you guys to be joining me today so let's get started we're gonna start by preparing our area for our exercise by rolling out our yoga mat if you have carpet you can do this just directly on your carpet as well I like to roll out two yoga mats to kind of protect my back and my boney hips which is nice and I'm going to take my AFOs off if you guys want to keep them on that is fine as well it'll help add some extra weight and we're gonna get going on this exercise now we're gonna start getting on to our mats and were gonna do a quick cat cow and roll down on the mat slowly one vertebra at a time and we're going to bring it into a 3 part crunch as our first exercise and crunch upto a full crunch where you get your shoulders off the ground and try activating your abs to do this crunch and if you guys want to go up to the next level you can put your legs flat on the ground just make sure you're not arching your back and you're keeping it straight by activating your abs you're doing so good just a couple more of these left and now we're gonna go on to a bicycle so opposite elbow to opposite knee and if you guys want to do a harder version of this you can go straight leg doing so you're doing so good and our next workout is going to be working out the same muscle we are moving on to a single leg drop- oh sorry Toe Touches so your toe comes down and touches the mat or your whole foot because I mean I can't point my toe and if you can't either that's fine because you're doing good do the best you can here and we're kind of working out the lower abs which is a really hard part to work out it's really good for stabilization and getting some muscle in your upper legs as well with these workouts so our next workout will be working out the same muscle we are going to do single leg drops if you can't do it with your legs straight that is okay to have bent knees just make sure that your back is flat on the ground and you're not over there arching your back because that is how you can get it hurt so yeah you can do it with bent knees as well and also if you it's okay if you can't go all the way to the ground you guys are doing so good so we are going to move on to our side Pilates after this so come onto your side and up on your elbow and we are going to start with some clams so just lift, have your knees touch and lift your upper leg and if you want to make it harder you can bring your feet off the ground but you don't have to this is a really good leg workout for your inner and outer thighs and next we're gonna do leg raises if you guys can't go into the plank position feel free to keep your hip down on the ground to do this that's okay as well and if you want to go to the next level feel free to go to full plank and do this this is also very hard for me to do so I have room to improve and make this better as well

You guys are doing so good and now we're do leg circles so again if you want to stay down on your hip you don't have to go up onto your knee that is okay and if you want to take it to the next level this is also very hard for me is go up into full plank yep I'm falling over that's okay though it's always room to improve go in a full plank and do these leg circles good work guys and next we are going to do the other side so starting off with the clams again just tap your knees together and if you want to take it up another level feel free to take your feet off the ground it's a really good workout for your inner and outer thighs guys and next we're coming into that side plank or again you keep your hip on the ground doing leg raises and if you want to make it harder you can go up into your plank position good work and whatever level you're at that is okay you start somewhere and you build up to where you want to be and now we're gonna do circles like circles one way and again you want to stay on your hip that's fine if you want to take it to the next level go to plank and we're going to switch directions and go the other direction you guys are doing awesome we're getting to the last section of our exercise here we're going to go into regular plank workout so we're gonna start off by coming to tabletop and kicking our leg up you want to make this an explosive motion and you want to do this as fast and with as much power as you have this is not meant to be a very controlled exercise we're gonna switch legs good work guys yeah this is gonna work out your explosive muscles and our next one that we're gonna do will work out it'll be slower and more controlled so next we're gonna kind of do the same type of- we're going to come in and do a slow and controlled you can do this on your knees it's gonna work out your abs and your leg and this going go be a full body workout and your arms feel free to come into plank position go into downward dog to plank and then kick that leg up this one's a pretty advanced move so it's totally okay if you cannot do it just do the best you can and work out as hard as you can guys are doing so good and of course we're gonna have to switch sides so this one we're gonna come down and switch sides so if you want to do this down on your knees it also takes a lot of coordination as you can see I when he started I'm like wait what am i doing so just do the best you can if you want to come up into the downward dog to plank come down and then kick that leg up nice and controlled good work guys and next we are gonna do this is gonna be our last workout you guys made it I'm so proud of you you're gonna tap your toe to each side of your body so from the two left of your leg to the right of your leg and this is gonna also be a really good inner and outer thigh work out it's gonna glutes it's gonna be good just the leg and thigh workout good for stabilization as well we're gonna do the other side good job guys we're almost there and you guys you did it you made it to the end of the workout good work I'm so proud of you here we go come into your child's pose and take a second to yourself and thank your body for all that it can do just take a second to be really proud of yourself for making it through this workout you guys did so good now we're gonna come up and move into some stretching we're gonna start by rolling out our shoulders loosen up our muscles a little bit from all the planks that we did such a good job guys and next we're just gonna reach over and stretch feel this in your back and do it on the other side and your obliques this is gonna be a great stretch guys good job and now we're gonna come into a butterfly pose and stretch out those inner thighs and lean forward if you can good job guys next we're gonna come into a straddle position and reach over the side and it's okay if you can't touch your feet that is fine it takes a long time to get really flexible so just go as far as you can come to the center here and we're gonna go ahead and come to the other side if you can touch your feet feel free to stretch out your toes and get your feet a little massage if you can't feel free to do it after as well now come up and we're gonna come down on our mats and do a kind of thread the needle we're gonna stretch out our glutes by putting our foot up on our knee and if you guys want more for the stretch I'm gonna move so you can see me a little better what I'm doing you can push out on your knee to kind of make the stretch a little a little more intense if you need it this is one of my favorite stretches it's so great to stretch out your glutes like this and we're gonna do the other side good job yeah and then also you can pull in with your your knee as well to intensify the stretch if you need it and next we're gonna come on to our sides and stretch out those quads last stretch guys I'm so proud of you for taking the time to come and do this workout you guys did so good and you made it we're gonna stretch out the other quad good work you guys should be really proud of yourself so thank you so much for coming out and joining me today I can't wait to see what our next workout bye guys Awesome work guys! Don't forget to subscribe and check me out on instagram @CMTdefy and don't forget to check out my website at wwwCMTdefycom Thats CMTDEFYcom and don't forget to comments below and if you don't feel comfortable commenting in the comments below feel free to email me direct at cmtdefy@gmailcom You guys Rock! I'll see you next time!

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