Lower Back

Testimonial by Pilates Vicky – 10yrs of lower back pain

Hi guys, Ellie from muscle dynamics I'm here with Vicky from Shake 'N' Shuffle and she's just gonna give you a little lowdown on her experience of working with me She was horrible I am so so happy I've just finished my fourth session with Ellie I'm so confident in, leaving, feeling good, also confident that if I do feel ...

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Pilates Stretches & Work : Pilates Lower Back Stretch

So, this next stretch is for the lower back and we make sure that you're completely flat onto the floor You're going to bend your right knee in toward your chest, like Alex has here You're going to keep your shoulders completely flat, you don't want to twist your shoulders off Take a deep inhale and as you exhale, you're ...

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How to Do a Pelvic Tilt | Pilates Workout

This is the Pilates Mat Warm up Pelvic Tilt We start with the Pelvic Tilt before we actually go into the classical system of Pilates because we find that we need to worm up the body properly before we can achieve some of this more difficult positions Curl your tailbone up toward your belly button just a little bit creating ...

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How to Strengthen Your Lower Back – Physio Exercises

Hi and welcome to Pelvic Exercises I'm Michelle Kenway, Physiotherapist and exercise instructor for women Today I'd like to teach you how to do some great back-strength exercises Now, the exercise I'm going to do is an exercise that's commonly performed in rehabilitation for low back problems, and it's a great core exercise, and it's also a pelvic floor friendly ...

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Pilates Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Hi, Fitness Magazine readers I'm Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3, and I developed this core workout exclusively for you It's designed to give you nice flat abs and to relieve low back pain I'm gonna use a barre3 core ball as an option, but you don't need it if you don't have it, so don't worry Okay? Let's get started ...

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