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Lateral Breathing for Pilates and Core Workouts

Hi everyone, this is Luci from Pilates with Luci! I have a small studio in Niceville, Florida, but due to the current situation we're all in this together changing adapting, so I've decided to take my business online, which in a sense is positive I've been wanting to expand online and reach more people around the world I have an ...

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Mat Pilates: Stay at Home Exercises

In this video, we're going to do some mat Pilates exercise that you can do from home Start with laying down on your back with your knees bent, with your arms long by your side, your pelvis and spine neutral, and slowly lift your right leg to tabletop and lifting and lowering, alternating while keeping your pelvis in neutral All ...

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5 Minutes Arm Workout For Toning | How To Lose Arm Fat

Welcome to your five minute workout that will work wonders with your hands We will only work with body weight and resistance gravity But only in five minutes I promise you will reap the benefits and benefits of these easy and toning exercises You can do the exercises in this class straight or sitting, among other workouts or activities If ...

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20 Minute Pilates Workout

Hello! How are you my darlings? um I can't believe I'm in the garden, doing a bit of teaching for you this is going to be a 20 minute short sharp sweet getting you back into pilates that you and I love and know I've got Louis with me, just so you can see a little bit of a difference ...

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Pilates Workout At Home

Hi guys my name is Gav, one of the AFAC Pilates instructors Our first exercise is basically going to be a lower body workout Keeping the tummy strong and keeping the core strong We'll need no equipment – just a mat, towel and a nice little quiet area around the house Our first exercise in our lower body sequence is ...

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6 min Ab Workout | Pilates Core Exercises

Hey guys, Chardét here with Corpão Fitness This is your six minute AB workout It is Pilates core exercises It's tough, but doable We're going to go ahead and get started OK We're getting into these AB exercises, you have five They're each 60 seconds, really fast turnaround going from one to the other in, and all of them are ...

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