Hey guys, it's Bailey and today we are up in beautiful byron bay shooting some workout videos We're going for Margarita later, so I put together this workout Which is a quick cardio Pilates workout that will help you burn off the calories in a margarita Let's hop to it Let's start with some little hops from side to side here We just want to start to elevate our heart rate to get our fat burning up Improve our cardio and throughout the whole workout I want you to keep the Pilates principles of keeping your belly button pulled into your spine so keeping those abs on tight little hops here Good just light on those toes Then we're gonna turn to the side Good shaking the hips from side to side just lightly to work through our Obliques Great back through Center Great keep those abdominals engaged To the other side , you can even do a little bit of a shimmy if you want Good little skips here, I already feel like my heart rates getting lifted We want to do some cardio intervals to really help us tone our bodies while We get some fat burning happening back to centre good this time

We're going to add a little twist here, so connecting the palms keep the elbows wide Really try to twitch get that nice rotation that helps to work our obliques It's a great time for some breeze to come on me Good work you guys ten more seconds here Good last one Let's go ahead and pick up our weight for our next move If you don't have weights just do the workout without them totally cool, but this just adds a bit of extra toning We're gonna take a side lunge And then press as we step in side lunge And press taking your right hand over to your left ankle really twisting Through the body so that we start to work through the waist Really twisting here so that we start to work through our obliques Good let's try to make it a balance now squeeze the knees using your low abs squeeze But holding the weight on our side hip really helps to put a little bit more resistance into that side glute toning our ABS , inner thighs and arms When we're short on time, or we're trying to burn a lot of calories quickly we should do these compound movements to get everything every muscle working Trying to feel like a little superhero you could jump if you were feeling really ambitious Maybe you want to have two margaritas Last one beautiful, let's land with our feet nice and wide Sit low in your sumo squat here punching forward punching forward here Stay nice, and low in those legs Let's let those inner thighs and glutes start warming up nice and hard squeeze your abs the guy who invented Pilates actually trained boxers, so it is a lot of core work You have a stressful week start punching harder Good Nice and quick Go ahead punching nice and hard ten more seconds Good five four three Two and one hold those weights little pulses up and down starting to burn those inner thighs Good work you guys Let's get everything burning Keep squeezing the core and keep those shoulders back over your hips inner thighs are burning Good to make it harder holding out really working those shoulders These are the most effective sort of exercise routines Good just a few more let it burn bring it in Good five four three two last one seconds out of punches this time twisting Go ahead really try to twist rotating around the spine we warmed up for this with those little hops The more you twist the more you're working through that waistline Good maybe even adding a bit of a hop feel those shoulders and abs Good work you guys ten more seconds here Three two and one beautiful step those feet together Side lunges other side resting the weight on your head And then our other ones going to reach down so left hand towards the right ankle step in press Right now We're just working on really getting that nice twist working our obliques Pushing the weight off the right foot starting to work that side glute These are the most effective workouts for burning fat because you're using every muscle in your body and Alternating high and low intensity, so it's basically a HIIT Pilates session Let's add that balance squeeze and tap Remember you can add that hop thinking of the margaritas This one so good for our ABS nice balance here three more Two Last one good work you guys put the weights down at the front of our mat right back to that plie position From here, we're gonna squat down to little pulses

Hop the feet in two little pulses out And then your weights in the heels we're working through the glutes and thighs here Light on those toes little jumps Getting our heart rate up again Good work you guys tiny little pulses, it really helped us take the momentum out of the movement and burn through those glutes and hips I like to hold my hands to prayer position Because it helps me keep my body more upright so that my core is still working hard pressing them together Feeling the thighs burn, now singles Good we can do that push through think how good you're gonna feel after Good five more Good two more you can do it and last one hold it little pulses Feeling those inner thighs I know it kills the results are gonna be so good hop them in ten pulses here feeling the tops of the legs Good stick your tailbone out three two and one Take a deep breath in Good two more Catching our breath for a second Good let's step to the back of our mat take a deep breath in And exhale Fold the body forward We're walking out into our high planks good from here Give me one push up elbows out to the sides and then four mountain climbers jogging those knees in Walk right back up roll your spine up Deep breath in exhale Folding forward good walking out here If you want to drop your needs for the push-up you can Drop down then tuck those toes one two three four walk right back up slowly rolling up inhale exhale Walk out we have our pushup One two three four Really working those shoulders and abs push up one two three four walk back up These are tough We're not here long They really work every inch of our body But deep breath really take a nice deep breath in Good last one we do our push up hold our plank mountain climbers 20 seconds Halfway Breathe through it you can do it five four three two and one hold Good press into your down dog Walking out through the back of the heels From here just taking that nice big stretch catching your breath You can come into a child's pose as well but just thinking of catching your breath taking that nice deep ribcage breath breathing in and exhale Good a couple more nice deep breaths in here We're coming into our yoga burpees next looking to the front of your mat step the right foot forward Then the left then we lift Folding forward and then stepping back into our plank Good lift your down dog left leg forward step reach and fold goodness up the right leg back and forward Reach, we all know where this is going don't we and back Good now the left leg comes forward right leg forward Reach, let's add the hop back good hop back to our plank We lift look forward hop reach fold hop I know don't worry

This is our finisher our metabolisms are firing up right now Just breathe through it Full body movement fold plank jump Let's do three more, we're in it together Those margaritas are gonna taste no good last one and Inhale go take a deep breath in here catch your breath And then bring your hands to heart center Ah Great job you guys that was definitely a tough one I know I have earned a margarita, and you have to or whatever your indulgence maybe If you liked the cardio Pilates, let me know in the comments And I'll be sure to film more fat burning Pilates workouts like this and please subscribe because we do new workouts every single week Thanks for watching it's gonna be a good one Not getting away, so quickly just like Hunty (my boyfriend) might trying to run but

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