CARDIO ABS AND ARMS ?? Boxing Pilates Workout

Hi guys, it's Bailey and today we have a cardio abs and arms workout get ready to sweat For this workout we're using a pair of light hand weights however if you don't have them at home It's still a tough workout without them Let's get started We're going to start with some jumping jacks one to the front one to the side just to start to get our heart rates up here nice and light on those toes lifting from the shoulder Good you should start to feel those heart rates getting up already the weights really add a little bit extra into this one Today is going to be a little bit boxing inspired you guys love the boxilates and the cardio Pilates, so that's what we're gonna be doing Good ten more seconds Great job you guys keep those abs in tight Keep it up five four three two and one okay, let's start with some punches so punching forward and Forward and down so really taking that little bend through the arms And keep your abs engaged this whole workout

So think of almost tensing your abs like if you were to cough or left front and down Good one forward one back And You can be a little bit more free with these movements a lot of times in Pilates We want to keep everything So rigid and controlled, but this one I want you to just let your body move Work through those abs your arms for 4 for 3 for one good, this is gonna warm us up for some punches from here what I want you guys to do is press up and Up and good really think long arms This is one of the best ones for telling your biceps your shoulders I've really loved doing some arm workouts recently I just find They're really easy and fast body part to tone up It's great because you see the results quick three for two Good last one now bringing it in from here Take those feet to hip distance And we're gonna do some up down punches so reach the right arm up and then down by the side up and down Good this is a really great ab workout as well as an arm workout you're doing the shoulder press, but you really want to feel the lengthening through the side of the body Good nice oblique crunch to the side and down beautiful four Four three Four two Good from here turn that right leg out from the thigh squeeze your knee to your elbow and reach and reach you're really taking advantage of that lengthening through the side of the body Squeezing your abs, and then reaching long squeeze those oblique and reach Really take advantage of the stretch, and then the squeeze to be lengthen and strengthen those muscles four more four three First few Beautiful now step nice and wide into a bit of a sumo squat Taking our arm to the side what we're gonna Do is take the right elbow over to the left knee really twist lower down one reach Squeeze squat and reach, this is great for those postural muscles We're really working the ABS here with that little twist, it's basically like a standing bike crunch Beautiful exhale catch yourself and reach, you don't even really have to Speed these ones up slow and controlled is really good because it's a lot of coordination and feeling All the muscles that you're working I Love this one to finish the waistline work the posture work those shoulders Good 3 2 Beautiful last one hold it here

You're gonna reach and pull Now I want you to think of pressing up and out and then in up and out and then in Stay nice and low in those legs beautiful three more here For two remember to keep your abs pulled in for last two and One now take it all the way down towards the mat and then press up all the way down and up all of these moves are really toning that whole body and Because we're getting our heart rate up With our muscles instead of I like jumping Running we're really getting a good cardio fat burning as well Little sue my squat hand-press get nice and low pressing up Good four more four three Two Good hold it just the arms reach and pull reach ample reach Let's try to make these a little bit bigger and more dynamic now try to tap those weights And then pull all the way down to your waist top and pull could even maybe add a little bit of a Waist move here to one side to the other side release stretch into those obliques Twist Beautiful five Four four get those hips out for three Cute beautiful Last one from here same five right hand comes to the left ankle, and then we come in and we press lower down and press Lower down And press good if you want to make this a little bit harder you guys will recognize this Take that knee up side lunge press And pride good again you want more cardio a little jump lunge jump Good by getting that nice rotation We really are working the waistline four more Four three Four – good now hold it one-up one-up one-up one-up If you don't feel your right arm by now, I don't know what to tell you One up one out up and Good job you guys stay strong this is it for this arm reach up and up and good for more for three To bring do everyone's favourite hold it to the side little circles Just give me five four three Two and one Beautiful take a nice big shoulder roll here Let's get on to the left side reaching up and down Good really starting with up and down crunches So this was so good for those obliques It's really enjoy the stretch The great thing about this style of workout is that it alternates Periods where we're toning with the high intensity sort of cardio and Really, helps us to build muscle burn fat Tone everything up nice long lean muscles Good three more like this really reach and pull – Good now from here what I want you guys to do is turnout from that left thigh arm overhead we pull the knee to the elbow and lengthen Good really pull down flex those muscles Really enjoy that stretch Beautiful four Three Two Last one Now step nice and wide from here What we do is we come into those plie twist a little exhale twist lower to your squat reach the arms bicycle crunch lower down and reach This one is one of my favourite full body exercises Really stick those booties out when you squat down I always add in glute exercises You guys have probably caught on by now I'm all about working that peach Whenever we can as well sticking it out Exhale twist Good work you guys stay strong Good three – Good last one Hold it in from here

Let's wiggle those feet slightly closer what you guys should pull it back to three and then bicep curl pulse back to three bicep curl back to three and curl beautiful So keeping that little slight bend forward here It's really gonna help You can turn up our legs and work the core a little bit more as well three two one and curl beautiful Remember you can feel like dance around a little with it Have fun Working out should be fun otherwise What's the point? We're not going to do it right two one I like to like have a little party here three two one and curl beautiful three more For two Beautiful last one hold it just those pulses Good job You guys five four hello triceps three two good now

Hold it back Just the bicep curls Keeping those elbows by the waist beautiful and back back beautiful five good four four four three Four two getting us ready for our boxing later Good last one now bringing it through Center taking the hand over towards the foot and then stepping in really twist and step in If you're ready, let's start to add that little balance Jump More cardio Beautiful 5 4 4 3 3 4 2 Step those feet together one out one up one out one up Good stay strong you guys I know that arm is about to fall off So good for toning 5 4 4 4 3 2 hold it to the side give me five four three Two and One good pull it in this is our finale You guys step nice and wide we're gonna come in some boxing shifting side to side This is where we really want to twist work those obliques Whittle that waist alternate side to side twist and twist Good now let's go up Beautiful really get that nice rotation you guys put a little force behind those punches This is what we've been working up to finishing strong Go back through Center nice and low Good Now let's try to tap the mat tap down and down get that nice twist More cardio, you can add a bit of a hop for a side to side Good boy 3 2 now bring it through Center punching forward Get low in those legs Good up and down Breathe through it final push forward Good job you guys stay strong right till the end uppercuts Good hinging those hips back Just like we did before punch punch punch Good you have 20 seconds fast as you can and we are done give it all you've got you guys stay low Good, we've got ten nine eight seven four six beautiful five four three two and One whoo good job you guys take a nice big shoulder roll place those weights down Shake out your head, and neck let's lift our right arm Lower down Catch your breath here stretching through those shoulders Beautiful one more each way Good suck them through the knees Rolling up and give yourself a big round of applause Thank you so much for joining me for that cardio abs and arms workout If you liked it please subscribe I post new workouts and nutrition tips every single week

I'll see you soon

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