hi guys it's Bailey and today we're doing a booty lifting Pilates workout get ready to feel the burn all right let's get started down in the four-point kneeling and from here I want you take the right leg back and we're just going to start with a simple lift and lower they're just starting to activate through the back the leg and glute lifting up and beautiful lick and lower now these ones are great to start to just activate right into the glute and back up the leg my favorite glute exercises are these four-point kneeling ones I find that they just to really help to get right into the muscles a lot more effectively than doing squats or other traditional exercises lifting up and beautiful 5 4 4 4 3 4 – good now from here what I want you to do is draw a rainbow top across the body and then up and over out to the side lifting up and across to the side beautiful so getting that nice little rainbow tapping from side to side trying to get that leg out in line with the head good this one you really start to feel all those muscles switching on little lifts good job you guys so this one we're really gonna be focusing on getting all the muscles in the glute working it from all angles it's gonna be a good one I can just tell it's gonna burn beautiful good for two beautiful now from here what I want you to do is drop your left forearm down and then from here we're gonna come out to the side so I want you to cross say I can leave behind the opposite knee and then kick out to the side good cross diagonally across a little kick good cross so this is great we've already started to warm up through the center of the glute this one's really gonna help get us into the side of those glutes okay cross you'll start to feel that support leg bend or sorry good you're gonna start to feel that support leg burning as well good two more beautiful now we're gonna switch it up from here let's come back up to those hands and you're gonna cross behind kick to the side kick back cross behind to the side lift behind and so really lifting up here crossing okay and beautiful cross right cross okay good so this one really starts to get into that support glute we're getting to the side of the glute the center and then getting those diagonal muscle fibers by crossing behind the opposite knee squeeze good four more four three good for two beautiful last one good now from here take that knee down we're dropping that left forearm again we're gonna do a circle so you're gonna pull the knee sort of out to the side and then kick it back so it's a bit more of a circular motion and like that good circle to the side pick it back now the reason this workout is so effective it's because we have three muscles in the glue but the muscle fibers run all directions so they run up and down side to side and diagonally and when you do something like a squatter a lunge it usually just targets one of the muscles in the glue one or two and just gets the muscle fibers in that up and down or side to side direction so by adding in some more feet circular movements we're really gonna start to target every inch of the glute muscle glute muscles and get that nice booty lift we're after three more good for two beautiful last one now from here drop both the forearm and we're just going to come back to that little cross so crossing diagonally behind lifting up diagonally behind lifting up good now for this one we're really also working the core good cross and beautiful cross and you could start to add a pair of ankle weights after you've done this a couple of times just make sure your form is good first before adding resistance cross and good three more for two good last one I want you guys to reach and hold lift that leg higher good hold it here for five four three two beautiful now come down to your knees press those hands in tuck the toes from here what we're gonna do is lift up towards the downward dog keep with those leg lifts good so right leg still on that right leg good lifting up and beautiful lift you'll feel this on that opposite clue good little lift and lower lift and lower beautiful five more four for number three for two last one now bring those feet back down drop the knees come back down to the forearms good from here now we're pressing through the heel so we're gonna bend it in half way little press Bend and press really push through the heel good little press so you should feel this right in the center of the glue right in that under butt area press little Bend press good four more here good now hold it lift it higher four five four three two good bring it in tuck those toes again we're doing those lifts in our down dog pressing the heel bend it in half way and press this one is a burner and press good bend it in and push good job you guys stay with it press through that heel three four to reach and hold five four three two good lower the foot down from here come into a high plank always mixing in a bit of plank ab work good four three two good drop the left forearm rotate to the side good lifting that arm four five four three two good now drop your left knee and that top leg we're gonna start to work into the side glutes here beautiful lifting up lowering down good good work you guys so this one we want to try to keep our hips stack I'm really working into the side of the glutes and hip right here in that hip area side booty see this one's great it's just like you could be watching TV at home doing these just kidding no one does that that's why we're working out now we're not gonna do this while we watch Real Housewives good four more four three four – good let's switch it up from here I want you guys to kick forward kick backwards then lift forwards backwards and good friend back and good job you guys I don't mind if you move your hips a little here really push back working the back of the glue picking up good front back and lift whoo feeling the burn here it is so real front back front and good job you buy fast and good you should really feel this in those glutes beautiful front back good four more four three or to front back and lift now from here rolling over onto your back set of bridging we're gonna lie down flat squeeze those legs together start to lift and lower good leaving the center of that glue little lift and lower beautiful lift and lower cut this one really gets right into the center of those glutes lift and lower good pressing into those heels 4 more 4 3 4 – good now we're gonna lift the left leg from here flex the heel lower down pointless flex lower point lift flex lower point lift so we still are working that right glute pointless left leg lower lift three more for two good now we're gonna hold those toes up to the sky little pulses down and up down and up good job you guys four five four three two one hold it up good bring those feet down from here let's come back up to our knee length and do that on the other side all right let's come right on to that left leg starting with those straight leg lifts so from here hips facing towards the mat I'm really lifting from squeezing the center of the glute pointing that toe good lift and beautiful so you should already be feeling that support blue because we just worked literally every into it and we're gonna even it out can't go walking around it's lopsided blue it's gotta make it through this side beautiful I love about workouts it's always been like no I've had like a really hard time building a butt until I discovered these sort of workouts like Pilates and bar I find have just really helped give me a little butt I have now beautiful good job you guys let's do another five four three two good now take it to rainbows topic row and up to the side good up and over this is where we start to work all those little muscles in the glutes good to really lift a cross and then tapping out to the side just wherever your hip mobility goes so even if it's just here that's totally fine we all have a different amount of flexibility through the hip so don't worry if you can't like to get right in line with the hip just kick it up and over keeping it in a range the most important thing here is getting that little lift through Center good stay with it four more four – good now from here what I want you guys to do is drop that right forearm cross diagonally behind pick to the side so now we really get into that side booty we get those diagonal muscle fibers that are the ones we often can't target traditional glute exercises good little cross and squeeze this one's also great for your obliques just a little bonus work cross and kick the breeze feels so nice today beautiful day so funny autumn gear is like spring back home in Canada and kick three more good job you guys last one now from here we're gonna add it on we're gonna kick to the side kick back cross behind kick lip and cross whoo kick lift it up and cross good four more here four three if you are doing this with angle waves this one is a killer / – good last one now from here let's take it out to the side lift it right up good coming through a circle here I want you guys to take the leg out to the side and then really reach it back good out to the side and reach it back but this one really helps to start to activate into those hips so side glutes and you really feel it on the support fluid as well good beautiful so it's almost like you're doing one of those fire hydrant and then instead of opening to the side you really extend right back reach five more here for 4 for 3 for cute good from here we're gonna come down to those four arms we're gonna cross diagonally behind lift it right up diagonal cross and this one you feel those sideways so much whoo the support leg it is burning this one's this whole workout is basically like a pushup bra for a buck like everything's just gonna be an inch higher when we finished today in all the right places loose going into summer – I love – well for you guys back in North America but go whenever it's coming into spring summer I love this one just cuz it also turns up the back of the leg sort of helps reduce appearance if you have cellulite which we all do- that and a spray tan really just helped make the back of the legs look great good little cross and lift cross and left good one more four three whoo my butt I am are too good from here hold it up good now we're gonna bring it down coming up to our hands lifting to the down dog left legs lifting right up topping down lift up and down good this one you're really gonna feel that support leg lift it up and down good getting that nice height beautiful job you guys lift and lower good five four four four three two good last one bring the feet down from here coming down to the forearms we're gonna take the left leg select the heel bend it in half way and press halfway and press this is my favorite one for that little under butt area and press good really push out and up through the heel good three more bird two good reach and hold five four three two and one good now bringing it in back up to those down dogs tuck the toes lifting up left leg press bend in halfway press it out and up good work you guys these ones are so so good for toning those glutes stay with it coming into the down dog give us a way better range of motion we can get so much deeper into the muscle three four two good last one bring the foot down coming into that high plank good really squeezing the gluts dropping down good four five four three two drop the right forearm opening to the side coming into our side plank beautiful really lengthening quick little Pilates AB move here good then dropping the leg down coming into this side leg leg so just resting on your forearm starting to lift and lower good so trying to keep those hips tucked for this one really starting to activate through those outer thighs outer glute good lifting up if this is uncomfortable through the upper body you can lie on your side to do them it's just a little bit more core work to hold those abdominals on the lower end strong good four more four three or two good let's take it to those kicks from here take forward kick back rotate kick to the ceiling good kick forward kick back lifting up good kick front back it's okay to unstack the hips when you do that kick what I want you guys to focus on here is keeping that leg in hip height as you kick forward take that take that this gets right into those hips inside please beautiful kick back lifting up if you have an ankle weights on at home this one is another killer looks so good for getting into those little muscles and the hip in the side of the glute okay kick good job you guys stay with it three and kick / – thank you good last one and kick then from here come onto our back coming into those bridges squeezing through the inner thighs inside of the legs lift those hips and top down really push into the heels you guys want to feel like you're really getting that under baat area and this one's great when you are squeezing the inside of the legs and the knees together like you're holding a million dollar bail between the knees squeezing in it really helps to wrap around through that under area of the thigh right to the inner thighs comes everything in the back of the legs three more here for two right now we're gonna hold it up keep pressing the left foot in the right leg is gonna lift up flex down and good really pressing through that left heel still working that same blue beautiful lower and 3/4 hold it up little pulses down and up down and up stay with me you guys good just four five four squeeze those glutes four to reach hold and bring it in good job you guys take one knee in each hand draw some circles here massaging the low back into the socket I'd hug your right knee in lengthen the left leg reach up stretch those hamstrings good then take it across the opposite knee just stretching through the glue hip flexor beautiful other side length and pulling that left knee in feel so good to stretch after lengthen crossing that ankle over the opposite knee great job you guys I hope you enjoyed that quick booty lifting routine let me know what workouts you want to see next in the comment section below and I'll be sure to film them for you I love taking requests from you guys and hearing your feedback on the workouts so we've Mia come back it makes my day okay I'll see you soon

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