Bonus Pilates Workout with Betsy

Hey there and welcome to your bonus workout for today it's about a 10 minute workout it's a midweek Wednesday workout so let's get started We're gonna start sitting tall, hold underneath your knees right there so you can help lift yourself as tall as you can, good

Now from here as you exhale you're gonna rock back off your sit bones and scoop your abdominals up and in and soften your sternum as you come back but don't move your hands at all so that you don't go so far then you're gonna round forward and sit tall Do that again exhale and just sort of hollow out the front of your body and round forward and lift tall again exhale then round forward and lift tall and exhale and round forward and lift tall now take the arms out in front of you we're gonna do the same thing so exhale round and scoop the front of the body see if you can go a little bit further down then round forward and lift tall and again and round forward and lift all two more times and round and lift last one and round and lift Last one we're gonna do has an opening with it so we're going to go down about half way then take one arm open it and look at it the other one reaches forward and come back to Center other side reach stay there and do it again reach and center reach four more times one and two should feel your abs shivering a little bit here because they're working hard and shivering shaking and round forward and lift alright now let's go onto our back so you can roll down nice and slowly we're gonna do a little abdominal work so bring the knees into the chest hold on just Rock side good take the legs up to that tabletop position where the shins are parallel to the ceiling put your hands on the right knee now you have the option of lifting the head off the mat or not depending on how it feels to you I'm gonna lift my head lengthen the head leap up the back of the neck just nod the chin then I lift myself by sliding those ribs toward my pelvis send the other leg away from you and switch and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight four more nine and ten eleven twelve and rest now put one hand on each knee into tabletop position nod the chin lift the head and then slide those ribs down to the pelvis and we're gonna inhale reach exhale in reach in reach in reach again reach in two more reach in one more reach and rest yeah Now let's go on from there we're gonna go on to doing criss cross so criss cross links are gonna be together to start hands behind the head overlap the palms let's see elbows in peripheral vision then you're gonna nod the chin lift the head and let the hands support your head, then lift with your abdominals send the left leg away from you as you rotate to the right and back to Center and lifted and Center isn't about getting the need of it the elbow to the knee it's really about getting your chest to the knee four more one and two and three and four and rest good alright last one we're gonna do is called the scissor legs are straight up in the air and they may be a little bit tight behind the legs and hamstrings that's fine as you go along they'll loosen up a little bit so put both hands behind the right knee as you exhale lift the head slide those ribs toward the pelvis and you stretch stretch little pulse stretch stretch pulse pulse trying to keep the legs straight as you can pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse four more and one and two and three and four and rest great and take the knees over to the right side and open the chest to the ceiling give yourself a little bit of a stretch nice breath and then up and over to the other side in a stretch and a breath good then come on back to Center and put both hands behind one knee and roll yourself up to sitting we're gonna go on to all fours so in this position we're gonna do some leg taps but before we do that I'm going to have you step back into your plank position so sometimes it says this position is hard on the wrists as I've said before so make sure that you are comfortable one way to do that is just to roll up your mat or a towel and put your palms so that your fingers are lower than your palm and that will take the stress off the wrist all right so from here you're going to step back onto one foot, onto the toes and then on to the other now you really have to wrap those abdominals really use those ABS to be in this position and then come back down to your start position let's do that again step in in step step in in and in now from here slide back into your plank position with the right foot and tap one two three four five six seven eight other side one two three four five six seven eight and rest stretch back good and back up onto all fours from here slide and back up just love it slide one leg out and the other hand out and lift them both off the floor and balance breathe and put them back down other side reach it doesn't have to be high just barely off the floor and release again reach and release last one reach and release so if that was a challenging balanced exercise for you try it on your own during the week and see if you can get a little bit better at it by practicing good we're gonna go on to our side so I'm gonna do a side plank so with side plank the most important thing is really what's happening with this underneath arm this is what's gonna support you and you can either have the palm down or a fist either way but this shoulder needs to be back and down so you really can't have it popping forward because that's gonna put a lot of strain on it now there are two options here you can bend your knees and come up into your side plank this way no one be sitting back but you want those hips nice and in line with the rest of your body so you can go up here and hold or you can do a full plank with the legs stacked one on top of each other and go up into that one so we're going to hold this for for deep breath just so you know it's coming so pick one position or the other and try it you can shift in the middle if you need to I'm gonna start with my legs extended I'm gonna use my top hand to help me get up so we press up take the arm in the air and breathe in here and exhale inhale and exhale again breathe in breathe out last one breathe in breathe out and rest bit so again you shouldn't have any pain in the shoulder if it feels like it's working that's great sometimes when people have shoulder issues this is a challenge so I don't want you to do it if it's causing you any pain let's do the other side so again maybe on this side I'll do the modified version for you so here I am palm down shoulder is back and down and I'm gonna come up into my plank and I'm gonna breathe in and out and in and out two more breaths breathe in out and in and out and rest good all right nicely done so from here I'd like you to sit in a position that looks like this so one foot is in front of you bent and the other one is the foot is aiming behind you bent now I want you to just try and sit down into that hip all right actually let's do this this might be a little bit easier for people just bend both of them off to one side you're gonna hold on to that ankle the other arm is going to go out to the side and you're gonna lift up to the sky and over toward that ankle side of your body and breathe and then let's go to the other side so you're gonna stretch this is one of my favorite stretches so you'll see it in a lot of videos and again over and stretch so after we've done those side planks it's always nice to stretch you out the side a little bit let's go to the other side and holding onto that ankle and we stretch up and over to make sure the shoulders don't get up north near your ears and stretch and up and over and again up and over right alright now from here we're gonna go on to doing a forward plank with a hold so forward plank with a hold is a challenge we're just going to go again for four deep breaths the hardest part is figuring out where you are in space so hand here you're gonna step back like we did before on one foot and then the other foot now lift your hips in the air you don't want to be there you want to drop the hips so that you're nice and level link on the back of the neck tape four breaths so you can get your glutes engaging squeeze those glutes two more breaths one more breath good and stretch back good job alright so that should get you going for Wednesday morning or any morning of the week clasp the fingers press them forward take them up overhead and stretch to one side and to the other side one side to the other side take the arms down reach to one side you can hold on the outside of your thigh reach to the other side again you don't have to be kneeling like this you can just be sitting and that's it for today I'll see you on the mats

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