Betsy's Relaxing Pilates Workout

Hi there, today is gonna be a ten minute gentle workout for the just those days when you need something a little bit lighter Let's start on the mats

So lying flat on your back first just take a nice deep breath in and out as you breathe in and out allow your body to just release into the floor relax the excess tension one more breath we're gonna start with some arm circles taking the arms overhead up overhead around and down breathing in up overhead and around and down again inhale imagine your arms just sort of floating inhale one more time one more in the opposite direction we're gonna go once more five times on one two breathe in breathe out three four five good and roll your head to the right and roll your head to the left and again to the right just warming up that neck to the left to the right keep breathing to the left once more right and to the left good From here we really go into abdominal prep so take a breath in as you exhale nod the chin lift the head and lift yourself by sliding those ribs towards your feet and then inhale release back down again not a lift now if this is too much for your neck go ahead and keep your head on the floor and just use the activity of your arms reaching to engage your abdominals one more good all right bring the knees into the chest and just gently rock side to side then we're gonna take the right knee in both hands the chin lifts the heads on the left leg long and we switch and to again head can stay down on the mat if you need to and five and six and seven and eight and rest let's do that one more time now the chin lifts ahead both hands on one knee stretch and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight and rest good Feet flat on the ground bring your heels in close to you otherwise you might get them cramping in the backs of your legs and your thigh hamstrings and we're going to press straight down engaging the glutes and lifting the hips and lower back down So this is a bridge for stabilization from the hips all the way to the shoulders I want you to engage the abdominals tighten things up and then just unhinge at the hips using your glutes as hard as you can so that you don't cramp in the hamstrings again use those glutes breathe it up and breathe it down and breathe and lower two more times and breathe lift it up lower it down one more time and lift it up and lower it down great and rolling onto your right side just cradle your head in your arm and bend your knees top hand can be right in front of you either up on your fist fingertips or palm planted nice and flat so you want to stack your hips so you're not rolling backwards and feet are together these are together you're going to keep the feet together and just lift the knee inhale and exhale so as we lift we use that glute right there to help us at the very top of that motion strengthening the pelvic muscle and lift lower lift lower keep going breathe lift lower two more times keep breathing and one more time lift and lower great come on up to sitting then over to the other side knees bent nice stacked hips and you lift and lower lift and lower lift keep going keep breathing again lift lower lift two more lift it up go right down low lift it up lower it down great on to all fours make sure the wrists are underneath your shoulders and your knees and underneath your hips from here tuck your toes underneath you and if that's a little stiff you can rock back a couple of times just to really get those toes stretched out then from here take a breath in as you exhale engage the abdominal and just lift the knees four inches off the floor keep the back nice and flat and then lower back down keep breathing exhale lift and again lift and lower one more time and lift good take the right leg back and the left leg the left arm forward and lift both and balanced keep those abdominals lifted keep breathing look straight down at the mat and switch to the other side reach and lower once more each side slide and reach so you don't have to lift it real high just until you feel those glutes engage in the shoulder blades engage last side reach but sit back and stretch from here step the right leg back put your foot down step the left leg back put your foot down take three breaths inhale press up away from the floor and exhale engage those glutes and exhale lengthen those thighs pull up on those thighs base strong legs one more breath exhale and come on down leave yourself a stretch go ahead and take your arms over to one side and over to the other side for a nice side body stretch come on up you're going to sit on your hip from mermaid stretch I'm going to become mermaids here so in this position one hand goes on the ankle other arm is out to the thigh just gonna take the arm up and over for a stretch breathe so really feel like you're lifting up and out and then put the hand down and stretch the other way so most say sagging like this you're just gonna reach up one more time stretch breathe other side stretch breathe good other side and on the ankle arm to the side stretch breathe other way stretch And stretch

Last one coming up And stretch okay there's a quick 10-minute gentle Pilates exercise workout designed for those days when you just need something a little bit lighter I'll see you next time!

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