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– Hey, welcome back to Yoga With Tim I'm Tim and today we're gonna do a core workout

Let's get started (pleasant music) Alright, begin lying down on your back So, important thing we wanna learn to do first is just find our neutral spine So if you just relax on your back, let your pelvis rock into neutral How do you let your pelvis rock into neutral? Well if you tuck your pelvis as much as you can so that your lower back flattens and then if you arch your lower back as much as you can and then let your pelvis rest right in between, that's your neutral

You'll feel the back of your skull in the mat You'll feel the shoulders drop You'll feel a curve in your lower back It'll depend on your body, how much curve you have And you wanna be able to protect that curve to have a nice strong core

Okay, so now let's do some of these exercises starting with that neutral spine Just bring one leg in the table and set the foot down and then the other but don't let your hips rock side to side And we'll just do that a couple times just to get the muscles, wake up the muscles in your core So you shouldn't feel that your neck reacts to it, the neck stays long Okay, now bring both legs up in the tabletop position, inhale your arms up, and as you exhale curl yourself up to your knees

So with each exhalation I want you to take your side ribs and hug 'em in and down towards your hips and then as you inhale you'll spread across your back ribs and then to make the abs work a little harder and to get everything engaging your core, we're gonna do an out breath through the mouth a little bit different than what we normally do in yoga So start to do– (loud breathing) And since we're really focusing on engaging the core I want you to just keep doing that breath We're just gonna do 15 of those breaths (loud breathing) And I'm doing a little wave in my arms This is like, we we're just gonna do some classic Pilates, old-school classic Pilates

(loud breathing) Now crunch up one more inch off your shoulders and five more (loud breathing) Good, release that Pull yourself up to seated Alright, now sit with your feet, feet planted onto the floor, knees bent, and as you inhale, slowly roll yourself back and come back up Inhale, roll back onto the sit bones, let the back go round and come back up

And roll back one more time, then sit up tall on your sit bones and stretch your legs out as straight as you can You can either bend your knees to get the pelvis up right then bend the knees or you can put something underneath your butt Inhale your arms straight out in front of you and as you exhale, round towards your toes, pull your belly in, inhale back up, exhale stretch towards your toes (loud breathing) Inhale, stack your spine back up Exhale, stretch towards your toes

Inhale back up Exhale, reach towards your toes Inhale, come back up, then lie down onto your back And we'll practice rolling up So as you inhale, let your arms reach back behind you, and as you exhale, bring your chin towards your chest, roll your spine all the way up, and stack yourself up again, exhale slowly, round yourself back down

Inhale, roll yourself up I'm sorry, exhale, roll yourself back up Inhale, sit tall, exhale, roll back down Nice and smooth control, try to roll one vertebrae at a time Inhale, arms reach back

Exhale, roll back up Inhale, sit up tall Exhale, roll back down Okay, then bring your arms to your side, take your right leg straight up to the ceiling, and then start to make tiny circles with your right leg about the size of a plate As you're making these circles, be mindful not to let your hips wiggle around from side to side so that you're actually using your core muscles stabilized

And then you're looking for the neutral quality in your spine So if you can't bring your leg up as high as I am because the pelvis is tucking, then just lower the leg a little, then make circles in the other direction Let the tailbone drop so you have your lower back curved Let the head and the shoulders drop So every time you exhale, feel your abs engage

Pretend like from below your navel about a couple fingers, all the way around like a belt, cinch in as you exhale to prevent the pelvis from moving with your leg Then set that foot down and change legs Take the other leg up And we'll start just little tiny circles So this side is a little harder for me because this hip is tighter

My pelvis really wants to move around So I actively stretch my hips away from my lower back and lengthen through my crown, and then I use my exhalation to keep below the navel cinched in, all the way around my spine Let's make circles the other direction now So focus on your movement You're moving your leg around without letting your trunk or your spine wiggle and twist

Good then release that Bring your legs up in the tabletop position Let the tailbone drop down, let your spine go into its neutral, and as your belly moves in, slowly lower your right heel so it's just a couple inches above the floor or one inch but cinch in from the low abs and lengthen the hips out of the back Bring the leg back up, slowly change legs Back up, slowly change legs

Back up, slowly change legs Back up, slowly change legs Back up, slowly Back up, now let's try both legs at the same time Slowly lower both knees halfway but don't let the lower back lift

Keep it long, shoulders down still, neck free Back up, slowly, lower Back up, five more One, two, three, exhale out, four, five Good, hold your legs up, then hug your knees towards your chest, curl yourself in like a little ball, and we'll roll back and forth

So if this is too gnarly on your spine, you don't have to do the full roll You can just do like a little rock and roll back and forth, otherwise keeping the chin tucked, round to the shoulders and round up Good, then hold up at the top, balance between your tail and sit bones Bring the knees up, tuck your abs in, arms forward, hold here If you wanna make it more challenging, start to lift the legs up without leaning back, without letting the shins fall away from you

This requires quite a bit of hamstring length, so you can just hold there, three more breaths, whichever one you're doing Crunch those little abs in, keep the neck free, and release Alright, good job Let's do a little stretch now So we're gonna take the right leg, like Baddha Konasana or like Tree and then take, I should mirror you, and do, so right leg like Baddha Konasana, Tree

Left leg, like reverse Baddha Konasana There you go Sit up straight and tall so you can put something underneath you if you feel like you're twisting from side to side otherwise lift up tall over your sit bones and spread your arms out to the side, and reach over to the side Come back up, reach to the side, back up, to the side, back up, to the side, back up, and hold as you reach over to the right Good, then come back up and change legs

So left leg comes into Baddha Konasana, right leg like reverse Baddha Konasana Sit up tall then imagine your spine, you're in between two panes of glass try not to let yourself twist Arms out to the side and reach over and over Stay tall, lifted, buoyant out of the lower back, so you're not crunching Okay, now hold over to the side, as you reach to the right knee down and away from you, open up to the right side body, and come back up

Good, release that, and lie down onto your back Let the hips drop, bring your right leg in the table, and then the left Now without the tailbone lifting, so keep the tailbone dropped down, bring your hands behind your ears, and we're just gonna crunch 10 times One Two

Exhale Exhale Exhale Exhale Exhale

Exhale Exhale, hold Stretch your arms forward, tuck your low abs in, and send your right leg forward at a 45-degree angle Change legs Change legs

Change legs And stretch your right leg out to meet your left, still reach the hips out of the back, squeeze the abs in, bend your knees, lower your head down, plant your hands at your side, bring the legs back in the tabletop position As you inhale, slowly let the knees go over to the right halfway Exhale back to center So this is about not how far you go but how much control you have

Inhale over to the left halfway, exhale to center From your middle, keep the next free Inhale over to the right, exhale center Inhale over to the left, exhale center Inhale to the right, exhale center

Inhale to the left, exhale center Good, hold there in the middle then let's go a little further than halfway Inhale, maybe 2/3 of the way, exhale squeeze back to center Inhale 2/3 of the way, exhale squeeze back to center Good, set your feet down, feet hip distance apart, lift your hips up, and as you exhale, tuck the buttocks towards the backs of the knees and press the pelvis up

Inhale, untuck Exhale, tuck the buttocks to the backs of the knees Inhale, untuck Exhale, tuck your pelvis up Inhale, untuck

Exhale, tuck and hold, and untuck Tuck and hold, and untuck Tuck and hold and grip the hamstrings towards the back of the knees, squeeze the buttocks towards the backs of the knees, backs of the knees towards the buttocks, tuck it and hold, and lower your butt down Alright, now roll onto your right side and you can either support your head with your hands or you can put a blanket underneath your head I like the blanket underneath my head

I just like to let my head rest onto that So find what feels most comfortable for your neck so that you can lengthen your neck and then line yourself up, get in a nice long line, pull through the crown of your head away from your buttocks, and stretch through your hips towards your heels, then lift your feet up, and bring 'em forward slightly, so you're in this like pike position Lift the top leg up an inch and then stretch through the top leg, past the bottom leg, and keep your hips actively reaching out your back so you have a little space here for your waist You don't wanna let yourself just slouch into the mat Alright, so from this position, keeping the neck long, slowly start to bring the leg forward without rounding the back, and then point the toe and stretch the leg back, reaching it out, and past you

Then flex the foot, bring the foot forward without letting the back round, and point the toe, stretch the leg back Flex and bring it forward, keeping the head and neck long, away from the buttocks, point and reach back Flex and reach forward, point and reach back Flex and reach forward, point and reach back Then bring the leg back to the original position, home position, and lift it an inch, two inches, three inches, back down

Lift a little, a little more, a little more Back down Lift two inches, four inches, six inches, back down Two, four, six, back down Two, four, six, back down

Then lift the leg easily and squeeze it down to your bottom leg Lift easy, squeeze down Lift easy, squeeze down Take the leg forward, lift easy, squeeze down Lift easy, squeeze down

Lift easy, squeeze down Bring the leg back to original position Now turn both thighs out, especially this top thigh Lift your leg as high as you can and lower slow Lift up and keep the neck long, lower slow

Lift up and lower Lift up and lower Lift up and hold Alright, now bend your knee, plant the foot in front of you (loud exhaling) Already feel a little bit of butt– (loud exhaling) working, okay now lift your bottom leg up

Stretch the bottom leg away from you and just do 10 tiny little lifts One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 Alright, set that bottom leg down, back to the original position Okay, now tap your big toe in front, heel behind Big toe in front, heel behind but don't let your hips wiggle from side to side

Keep your spine long Big toe in front, heel behind Big toe in front, heel behind (loud breathing) Good, then hold here Alright, last part of this

This is so gnarly Oh okay, take the leg straight out in front of you Bend the knee, heel to your butt, stretch the toe back like a bicycle Leg straight out, heel to your butt, reach it back Leg to your front, heel to your butt, reach your back, and then reverse

One, two, three Okay (loud exhaling) Lie down onto your back now and just cross that ankle over top of your knee and hugging in towards your– (loud exhaling) Breathe in to the stretch Let the hip open up after all that work that it did (loud exhaling) Alright, let's do all that stuff now on the other side

Flip over You can just turn onto your other side Okay, so first line yourself up Get the feet, everything lined up, neck nice and long Then bring your legs out in front of you

Okay, lift the bottom leg an inch and reach the leg past you Make sure that the hip are reaching evenly out of your back instead of letting the hips sink So turn on your core then keeping your top leg lifted, stretch the leg forward, and point the toe reach back Stretch the leg forward, stay long through your spine, pulled that way, and reaching the hips out of the back Stretch forward and back

Forward and back Forward and back Forward and back Good, back to the original position Lift up, two, four, six, and back down

Two, four, six Two, four, six Two, four, six Then let the leg float up easy Squeeze it into your bottom leg

Float it up easy, squeeze to the bottom leg Float it up easy, squeeze to the bottom leg Take the leg forward, float it up easy Squeeze it down, float it up easy Keep the neck long

Don't let the neck tense up, float Squeeze it down, float up easy Squeeze it down Back to center Turn the thighs out and lift up

Two, three, four, and lower that leg Bend the knee, plant the foot in front of you Stretch your bottom leg out Lift it up and then just do tiny little pulses up as you still lengthen One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10

Come back to the original position Good, set your spine again Nice and neutral and long Raise the top leg an inch, reach it out of your back, then tap big toe in front, heel behind Big toe in front, heel behind

Try not to let the neck tense up Keep the length through the crown and keep reaching your hips out through your back Did I say that already like eight times? Okay, just a good reminder Stack the legs and then we'll do our finish here, bicycle Forward and back

Forward, bend knee, thread the big toe back Forward, thread it back, and in reverse Alright Lie down onto your back again and cross ankle over knee Hug it in

Oh jeez It's so good for all those hip muscles A couple weeks ago we came out with that video, Yoga for your hips and your glutes and these are some really great exercises that you can add to your yoga practice to help with your standing pose It's gonna give you better balance and stability in your standing poses Okay, release that

Jeez, could we be done? There's still more Okay, come onto your hands and your knees now Hands are underneath the shoulders, knees under your hips and as you exhale, I want you to round your back, look back at your navel, and spread as much as you can Inhale, arch your back, roll your chest through, tip your sit bones up, exhale round it out Inhale, arch your back, and exhale, round it out

Then inhale into neutral without your hips twisting Stretch your left leg back behind you Send your right arm forward Keep the neck free Make sure the neck didn't tense up

Support yourself from your core, from your lower belly lift Change sides Stretch your right leg back and without twisting, send the left arm forward Good support from that imaginary low belly belt, cinch in as you reach, and release Press the hands evenly, stretch one leg back and then the other come into plank

Hug the backs of the armpits down, tone the little abs in, and grow your spine long And set knees down, lie down onto your belly Stretch your arms back behind you and press the tops of the hands down Lift the shoulder heads away from the floor Lift one leg up an inch but lengthen the sides of the back even so that the back doesn't feel like it twisted

Both sides of the pelvis drop down even Change legs Get the same even quality length to the lower back Raise both legs an inch Raise the hands an inch and hold

Lengthen, even out at the lower back, then take the arms out to the side, look for the same even length, then take the arms out in front of you Lift both hands an inch and then we're gonna do swimming So raise the left leg right arm, right leg left arm Don't let the lower back close to take the arm or leg higher Swim side to side but keep lengthening both hips even out of the back, and reach forward through the crown just like we practiced in the sidekick stuff

Cinch your lower belly up and release Place your hands next to your side ribs, roll yourself through into a little Up Dog and stretch back to Child's Pose Alright Sit for just a moment now Notice how strong you feel in your center, how much control you have

So it's not about like how many crunches you have to do You don't have to do a ton of crunches but we just wanna be cultivating this awareness from our center Observe how you feel Sit up straight for a moment Alright, thanks for doing this Pilates video with me

Namaste Alright, so thanks for watching today I hope that this video helped you to feel more connected in your center So it's really great to do a practice like this once in a while along with your yoga practice to help you integrate your core and the movement of your spine with how you're going in and out of your poses If you liked the video, make sure to hit the like button

Leave a comment, let me know how your practice is coming, and also subscribe I think you can click right next to my face and just subscribe right there Also I set up a Patreon account Many of you guys have suggested that I start doing hour long videos again You can check those out on the Patreon account, along with signing up for the monthly vlog or email

Alright, thanks for watching Hope you have a great day

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