Athletic Resistance Band Mat Pilates with Fiona Hermanutz

Good morning and welcome to mobile fitness and Pilates My name is Fiona I'm a master trainer for Pilates Academy international out of New York City pilates on fith and today We're going to play a little bit with an intermediate flow Pilates always a bit of athletic touch to it and we're going to use the resistance tubing or the Thera bands or Dyna bands and these ones I just actually got at Shoppers Drug Mart and there's a few different tensions So I've got one that's quite light in tension and then a middle and then a heavy you only need one I'm just gonna play around with the tensions a little bit as I do this today I'm gonna stay with the heavy initially to start I also like quite a long band So that I can get it underneath the feet and do a couple of few movements and I am five-seven So it allows me the range of motion that I'd like in the shoulders and in the legs So with that in mind Let's start sits bones engage the ABS draw them up and in and just hold that band a little bit looser along the sides Stacking the shoulders down inhale bring it up Exhale bend the elbows behind and then lengthen up and bring it down

So just working some shoulder mobility Inhale up exhale down inhale lift exhale Over one more time inhale lift up exhale just put a little tension into the band inhale up exhale Down now this time a little wider Inhale up and I'm gonna fold it all the way down full mobility in the shoulder Inhale up exhale Over one more time inhale up exhale down and then inhale up and Exhale and lower so I'm gonna bring it up just above the head line and then inhale and lift Exhale bring it back two more inhale lift that heart Exhale bring it down and one more time lifting the heart and Bringing it down bring the arms all the way down I'm just gonna fold it in peel vertebrae by vertebrae and bring your hands down to your quads Inhale start to come up exhale roll it up stretch the band over and Bring it all the way back Let's go again Peel it down vertebrae by vertebrae squatting down inhale start to lift add a little resistance to the band and open and One more time peel it down hands on to the quads squat tailbone head heavy Neutral spine neutral pelvis as you come back up into top and stretch open Beautiful on this one

Let's hold a squat down and just hold on to the legs Let's do some cat-cow articulating that spine exhale round inhale lengthen to neutral exhale round Inhale lengthen to neutral on this one We're going to go cow Exhale round angry cat inhale push out and lengthen up a little bit Let's go again exhale round and then inhale and lengthen to cow and one last time around it and Then lengthen to cow holding on to that reach that band in front shoulders and scapula pulled down and just pull open and pull down stay in your squat open and down add some resistance exhale and inhale, two more exhale and inhale retracting the shoulders blades back and Activating through those shoulders one more time and press Open and bring it down fold out all the way down Peel it down Just place that band to the floor and stretch it out Nice and long give a little wiggle on the tail bone a little wiggle on the head line Inhale bend the knees drop the tailbone curl the spine big

Inhale You come up swanda And exhale hands down center art Let's go again Peel it down vertebrae by vertebrae bend knees hips ankles hands to the floor now That's tight hands shins or quads Exhale, press it up to straight Give a nice long stretch and hold a little poodle wag down here

Just wiggling it side to side Opening it up then bend the knees drop the tailbone curl the spine bring it all the way up and then reach the arms straight out little bow and arrow here so bow and arrow to me and Then bring it back keep your hips to the front exhale bow and arrow to way and Bring it back Let's that onto that bow and arrow look a little farther Stretch that arm wiggle those fingers and then bring it all the way back and then bow and arrow away Look a little deeper stretch a little deeper wiggle and bring it all the way back float the arms right down Peel it down one more time hands down to the floor And just walk that strap out a little bit and then walk down four three knees to the floor and two and one Uncurl the toes and find yourself in a four-point stance Let's go to for some scapular drops here So drop that sternum bone down and then exhale and press away inhale drop Exhale press so I'm not moving through my pelvis My elbows aren't straightening or bending I am moving through my scapula the Sternum bone drops and it lifts up one more time inhale down And then press away so that you no longer have those little wings on your back, but you're nice and strong Go ahead and curl the toes under take an inhale lift an inch short plank one Let's hold for five four breathe into your back three Two and instead of putting the knees down lift up and find that down dog or elephant stretch Give some poodle wags here Just lengthening out the back of the hamstrings take another big inhale rise up on the balls of the feet Bend the knees to 90 and again flirt don't quite go down to the floor from here we're gonna go short plank to inhale and exhale lift one heel towards the sky and bring it back and Exhale lift the other so we're just marching those legs again push away from the floor Like you're holding that floor with strength plays if it was the ceiling above you and as you're bringing the leg up Squeeze that little butt cheek and bring it down watch your not sinking in your shoulders or your heads not dripping for it one more time, press and Down and one more exhale up Inhale down now lift up one more time push into that down dog or elephant and give some Wiggles Open it up from here back the feet up a little farther and let's go into prancing So just pushing in through the heels and getting a little cycling through those legs going Let's go four three Two One push both heels down push the tush away and then reach those four Fingers forward come up on the balls of the feet peel forward and find yourself in a full plank So if you're not there walk out a bit with your hands Give me a supported spine and let's press back and pull forward inhale back exhale forward let's go for four and forward and three Exhale out and to keep it powerful and one stay here uncurl the toes and Lengthen the hips down towards the floor as you lift your head out of the turtle shell and stretch nice and long opening Into the chest line big inhale fold back on the knees and just go into forward breathing here forehead to floor hands, come back in a little tighter take an inhale and Exhale one more big breath you guys inhale and Exhale then peel vertebrae by vertebrae big breath all the way up That exhale hands down Center heart Bring the hands to the floor curl the toes and come right back up and walk all the way back into your tall stand again peel it Lengthen it come back through And hands Center heart beautiful

Let's warm up the legs a little bit We're gonna step up a little closer grab hold of that band will use it part way through this So just having a hold of the band into both hands And I just want you to go into a squat and you're in the center of your mat here Squat it forward and pull it back exhale down Inhale up try and get those booties going back the weight going towards the heel as your feet and get some heat in those quads glutes and hands, let's go three more and three and up and To neutral spine neutral pelvis and one now hold it up here with your arms Pull them open a bit and close them exhale inhale, so I'm holding my squat and I'm just adding a little resistance to my tube two more and poke and in one more time and pull and in and Pressed at all step it forward with one leg and back with the other in that tall lunge position from here We're gonna take that strap pull it around the back right underneath the armpits have little tails And we're going to press forward and pull in So just sort of like a little air push up like you're pushing away lunge forward and come tall hipster staying Square to the front Let's go four more and four and up exhale three getting some heat in those glutes and hams two more and One now Hold it down there bring your back leg in a little bit lift the chest a little higher beautiful from here right around the waistline palms are open and press and pull and Press and pull Let's go four and in and three just gifting the arms forward and To keep that strong lunge rib hip nice and strong and pulse and punch five four three Two one come all the way up spiral your back foot out Snake the band just underneath that front foot Beautiful hold it nice and long find that long up warrior pose inhale down exhale up Pressing down into that front leg and my other hand is just holding the band just in front bun my hip right here let's go three and up and to that front arm can reach One and hold it down Row it open pull it down X in House, I'm just pulling through the shoulder blade as I roll my arm up exhale five and deepen your lunge Four stay down there if you can and three exhale two and One bring it all the way forward Rotate come right down into the hand sneak the hands in the center and step back into your plank let's go into that forward backward plank again so back and forward inhale back exhale Forward pull those abs in strong gently supported spine four more and three Breathe auntie and End one and out hold here bring the opposite leg forward Find your power come all the way up And again, we're gonna Lengthen that strap right underneath the armpits

We're in that strong runners lunge forward and push little air push up here inhale down exhale up inhale down exhale up neutral spine neutral pelvis Watch that your knee isn't going way over that toe and that you're pushing out a little bit on the knee so that you're keeping That glute max firing beautifully and hold down here and pulse five four three two one Come up a little bit Sneak your back leg in stand taller and bring it around the waistline Hold a little tighter and we're just going to gift the arms for it as we lunch gift and up Nice strong breath, let's go four more and three and Two again watch that knees not going over your toe one hold down and punch Let's go five four three two One stand I'll spiral that out into warrior Sneak that strap or that ban just underneath the foot and Trap it there Make sure you have it on the ball of the foot Otherwise, it'll slip on you and then grab a little tighter down right by your hip Sneak your legs wide enough that you're enough warrior pose that you can hold strong lean in press out Lean in press out again watch that your knees going weight not going over your toe Not your pushing that mat open with both legs and when you're ready start to add your row inhale exhale The elbow comes higher than the wrist The abs are drawn in lean in pull out four more four three Go as deep as you want to and One breathe out Bring it all the way forward pull right down Let that band go Rotate bound down again both hands on the side of the foot and spiral that leg around From here

Let's go down into a Down Dog in a minute up Lengthening pull the ABS up and in and press it down walk the hands back again in four Three all the way in in two and one bend the knees drop tailbone heavy curl sprain big and as we come up Exhales we come down so we should feel a little warmer now Stepping into the middle of your mat grab that band and let's tie the band about the distance of our waist So I'm going to keep tying and untying band's a little bit I'll keep using one single band so that I'm not speeding along too quickly and not giving you time to untie your singles so bring that down around the side of the ankles just a little higher and then Stand nice and wide on your mat pull your abs up and in let's get a little squat going and then turning the feet and the knees and the hips in about 10% of their worth get a little step touch going here abs engaged and instead of doing side lateral leg series or side kick series Lying on the ground today We're getting that little side booty gluten eat gluten TfL action in Standing you Got it and breathe and breathe press it out Little step touches Try to make sure you're not Rotating your toes to the side because you're gonna get too much quad there and we want to get that little booty going Let's go four more and three little touches and two and One now bring it right in and find yourself standing on one leg Slightly bend the knee The other foot is out to the side We're just going to keep that knee slightly bent and just lift Lower again getting that side booty if you need to hold on to something

Go ahead Let's go for more exhale three and To keep the knee in the toe facing me one pulse add five four three Two One and then find yourself strong on that leg set it up abs up and in neutral spine neutral pelvis singles and Beautiful let's go four and Three should feel those glutes warming up nicely and one little pulses five four three ABS up two one and Release give a little shimmy side to side open those hips and we're gonna do a little jump here if you don't want to jump You can kind of do a step touch side to side Otherwise, we're going to do a squat Jack to a jump So I'm like neutral spine neutral pelvis on the legs two hands are tight I'm going to lift and pull Press and pull Let's go ten and nine eight Seven six five Push out on the side your thighs four three two and One and then just come up to a little step touch

Take a little breather Let me do one more set of those you might notice that heart rate coming up Four three two one Let's set it low and Other set of 10 you guys big strong inhale and 10 9 8 breathe out 7 6 bend those knees to land five four three Two one and up Huh walk towards the front of your mat Go ahead and sneak those feet out Leave that strap close reach We're going to do that rolling like a ball but come back up to an athletic stance inhale round the spine curl and up and power four more breathe out pull and Tall and three more down and lift Tell them to sky pull and tall

You've got two more down anchor and up and Tall last one there and curl and up and tall now We're gonna stay down this time Curl it back And then lengthen into tall scoot yourself back on your mat Sit nice and tall for me catch your breath and let's undo those bands So hopefully you can hear me quite clearly now I have a new little microphone that my son got me for Christmas how the road ro de and I've got it hooked in here and here and then hooked up to my fancy little phone And hopefully that's making my auditory a little bit better Next thing there's a better camera, but hey stepping-stones, right? So I'm in sits bones different slightly bigger instead of living my toes kind of knock in I'm putting some pressure into my baby toes and I'm pushing them out to the sides I'm just gonna start a nice row here to start with int all set I'm gonna pull and reach so I really want you to squeeze those shoulder blades together behind you Now as you're doing this if it's difficult to sit tall go Ahead and sit up on a block or rule your mat up a little Otherwise, it's exhale in how squeeze your rhomboids lift Your breastbone Let's go four Exhale three nice and strong on top and to activate that outer thigh and one and then pulse it back five breathe four Three squeeze your rhomboids and your middle traps two One reach it forward Go ahead and cross the strap Excuse me Take your one hand and tag it just to the side of the knee now that depends on the length of your strap Right if you can pull it bigger, go ahead I'm going to go to the side of my knee and I'm going to fold the other strap loose I'm going to go into twist Exhale rotate inhale back, so it's not about how far my elbow is reaching now It's about my ribs rotating around the corner

So a little bow and arrow added to my twist exhale pull Inhale Center, let's go for four and in ABS drawn in sit nice and tall ASIS stay facing the front sit moon stay still and ribs rotate two more shoulders away from your ears one more and Bring it back switch the strap on the bottom just switch your hands place the other hand Tag it nice and strong roll out on the toes sit tall and now row away from me and pull exhale pull inhale as your row watch you're not pulling your elbow up and around that'll cause the shoulder to come up around your ears and That might cause the upper traps to get a little tight and that neck line to get a little tight and it's our Rhomboid that we're rowing through to get that elbow going back and the obliques Helping out Let's go for more Exhale three keep those sit spoons quiet and two Last one bring it all the way back beautiful let those feet come out You should have felt that huge connection all the way down the side So keeping a hold of that I'm going to inchworm forward a little bit So I don't kind of lose myself on the edge here sitting nice and tall I'm going to do some roll backs inhale prepare Exhale tuck the tailbone and rolled it down vertebra by vertebra head touches in health cervical not enough You need help You can use that strap

You have to keep your feet down to assist you a little bit Try not to use it very much Inhale roll it back Exhale all the way down in Health survey we're not big breath out exhale bend the knees a bit if you need to and round it forward Let's go again Inhale vertebrae by vertebrae rolling down in House cervical nod exhale come around the corner and stretch and one more time roll it all the way back And then inhale suffer but not big breath out Exhale come around the corner stretch forward Inhale peel vertebrae by vertebrae and let's just stay down there Bend your knees in re lift the spine and repeal and just bring that band Right up into your hands So we're going to go to a little bit of hundreds and some toe taps We're gonna go toe taps First

The band is just going to be used for some scapular connection It's hard to lay your head back put a block underneath find a supported spine Take an inhale knee fold one knee fold The other leg and the strap comes up You're holding it gently It's not a death grip you take that strap over if you're able to and pull it just a little So it's not that I've got a lot of intensity it's just helping me find scapular presence and rib connection and then toe tap one down and Bring it up and then toe tap the other so we are in neutral spine neutral pelvis We're trying really hard not to let those ribs pop because the arms are over the head We're pulling a little bit out on the sides of the bands making presents into our scapular placement And then we're hinging just from the hip as the foot comes down to the floor So the angle of my knee doesn't decrease or increase It just stays the same Hopefully, yep And then we're gonna go a single leg into long stretch and pull in now watch as you do this that you don't let the back arch as you send the leg farther away and really focus on Flexing the heel and then pointing to come in So the ankle goes out the ankle comes in and you're still holding that scapular presence on the upper torso That's a tough one Take a break if you need to one more time on each and Bring it up now soften that rule up and just put that band on the edge of the ball of the foot and you'll have to decide how much Tension you want once you start the first one I just gave my hands a wrap

I'm going to do some lower lifts so again supported spine lower and lift exhale down Inhale up both legs are going exhale down Inhale up Now I'm going to add to this I'm gonna roll into a hundreds position and roll back down exhale roll up and engage those ABS inhale and up exhale engage in reach Inhale draw let's go for more exhale push in Talat, three more and press So if those legs are heavy you're using this to help you and Last two and reach get that upper body rolling up use it to assist that roll up of thoracic spine and Bring it down Beautiful

So on this next set let that band rest and let's take the hands behind the head and do lower lift With the hold the whole time So let's roll up into that lower lift position of our per body and lower the legs and lift the legs continue exhale Inhale stay rolled up for me exhale in now a couple more Reach and bring it up stay lifted stay lifted thoracic spine is rolled neck is just in a gentle cervical nod You're using the deep neck flexors to roll up Not that SCM jetting out like a angry muscle and two more lengthen and draw in one more time exhale down inhale up grab behind those legs and Fold to come down beautiful So we're going to take that band now for hundreds as if you're on the reformer I'm gonna put it over our shins and then you've got two tails and you're just going to hold those tails Bring your legs right together and enforce a strength in those legs And what we're gonna do is Paddle down on the legs tends to as the legs Let's start to shake up and down keep that nice and strong by engaging that deeper part of the core so inhale cervical nod exhale roll up and you don't actually shoot the legs out now and we're gonna go Inhale, two three, four five and exhale two three four ten Inhale two three four five and exhale two three four Twenty inhale, two three, four, five roll it up nice and strong thirty inhale 2 3 4 5 exhale 2 3 4 40 inhale 2 3 abs in flat and exhale two three four Fifty we are half way stay roll that exhale two three four sixty inhale 2 3 4 5 exhale 2 3 4 70 inhale 2 3 4 5 exhale 2 3 4 80 last 2 2 4 5 exhale 2 3 last one guys to keep it strong 3 4 5 exhale 2 3 4 100 and Roly's

Whoo Bring that right out hands to side And give me a little sway So we're gonna add some rotation We're gonna do single leg circles, but we're gonna do the very traditional light Although we're gonna do it new york-style ron fletcher And we're going to put our toe and if you'd get crampy in the calf, the ball of your foot is fine now we're going to do our circles with rotation So let's bring up the leg closest to me I'm going to point the toe and Slide it into the band and then going to hold the band tight enough that I can lock my elbows Down to the ground and have some resistance here So it's gonna help me a certain amount Then I square up the hips flex this foot and extend it

So this one will add rotation We'll start with you over first So go over your shoulder stays down Open it to the side Bring it around and up watch you didn't hip hike exhale 3/4 of the movement in house we Lincoln exhale reach Inhale open so on the roll over get your hips rolling up and off and then as you come up tag the hips to roll over and Bring it up Let's switch directions Exhale open go over over over and pull it up using those obliques exhale rotate and then turn and pull up and two more rotate around and Bring it up spiral that hip in its socket rotate and up and Freeze now roll up for a second and see if you have one hike hip higher than the other We really want to watch that We're not hiking the hip on that exercise So when I put my feet back, they're both the same length That's really important

Let's bring up the other foot either the toes Point it in or the ball of foot If you're crampy now Tennessee will hike the leg that we just put in there pull that hip down and square up your hips and then just kind of Tag gently to bring your elbows down point away on the other foot or flex I like to keep it flexed as if I was standing on the floor and I go Over with my hips and then I bring it around watch the hip hike here Exhale over the hip lifts and then it tags strong and the femur bone rotates in the socket exhale over Inhale up one more time exhale circle over Inhale bring it up on that switch directions Oh, okay, and then Over it goes keep the shoulders down Open the waistline rotate the shoulder stays down and up one more time open Circle and Bring it up, beautiful Let's bend those legs put both feet in and use that to just roll yourself up Beautiful Keep that band close We're going to use it right away Let's rotate over onto our tummies

So finding a little bit of double leg stretch Or ticks should I say? You use the band for it? I'm going to hold the bands tails on either side and then I'm just going to hold on to the band fairly tight but not so close behind my back that I can't let my elbows and my Shoulders relax down turn your head towards me find your legs in parallel reaching slightly open I mean we kicked the bum for three counts and then stretch out into an extension for one Here we go inhale inhale inhale now point the toes Push them and pretend the bungee cords add attached to your heels and it lifts you into your Center Let's go inhale inhale inhale exhale Reach again, inhale pull those abs in inhale inhale exhale long Inhale any help only help? Exhale lengthen that out Help Oh, yeah Oh, yeah Exhale reach reach reach

You've got two more inhale inhale inhale and Reach and one more each direction One two three breathe out find those back extensors those glutes those hams One two, okay and reach hold here Lift the arms lower the arms pull the ABS in the neck Is it just an extension of the rest of the spine? You're in a slight lateral rotation now so switch your legs slightly squeeze the glutes and hamstrings and pull those abs in as you mobilize the shoulders if this is tough, You can loosen up your grip on that band Let's go four more and go wider exhale three more reach it pull those abs in and two you've got one more and one and release beautiful sneak that band over your chest line and Press up push back in the band I'll just dangle there go with it You're going to use it right away Oh And breathe into the ribcage inhale exhale Little forward breathing and then pull yourself all the way forward So in this one where you can use that band to add resistance On our push up so come up and have it right underneath your armpits grab the little tails and then anchor yourself So you've got some pressure happening from that band from here

You've got a couple options I can do the first level push up which is knees at 90 degrees or I can move them back a bit tuck the tailbone and come forward into a short plank or a push-up – or I Can tag the toes and come right up? I'm going to come right up pull your abs up and in nice and strong We're going to go down four set of three inhale Inhale inhale Exhale inhale inhale Inhale That's How you've got four more inhale inhale inhale exhale Nice and strong three more two three breathe out two more inhale inhale Inhale All right

So you've got one more stay strong inhale Inhale inhale exhale up fold one leg in fold the other and Open that beautiful roll those shoulders Let's find a little bit of lateral rotation and get some v stretch Thigh stretch the bounds gonna go in front and we're just going to hold it again just for a gentle scapular awareness You're not pushing out You're just holding Give me a nice strong scoop taking inhale and exhale let's just get that first little lean back feeling those quads wake up and Pull it in beautiful once you've got that as you go back open the bound of it and Then inhale come up Beautiful exhale open look to me Inhale look Center Exhale look away from me little pull v stretch and bring it back One more on each side little pull and look one direction get those thighs working and pull it in and the last time open and pull in and Release stack those shoulders release them out Go ahead and slip that off hinge at your hips Hands down curl the toes and lift up into a little Down Dog to stretch it out Walk the feet back and go ahead and pedal here a little bit We're gonna play with a bit more stretch here move that band right out of the way We don't want it to get in our way Beautiful So we're gonna go to some single leg work stabilize your left leg like a tripod opposite your arms and then come forward into a single leg plank nose to knee and Then heel goes away as you press up inhale point come in Exhale flex to go out getting some nice stretch in here inhale in exhale Out a couple more inhale in exhale out two more inhale in exhale Out one more time inhale in now stay in the out point the toe Drop into those shoulders open up your shoulders open up your fingers rotate into arabesque stretch out the hip bend your knee into some attitude make sure your hand on the floor is stable and fold open Stretch it out Bring that all the way around turn the hip right back to the center Push it back into stretch and then bring that foot to the floor set yourself We're going right in to the other side you guys inhale in exhale? In Flex the foot as you push it out Inhale in shoulders away from your ears and flex that foot two more Stay powerful guys, one more hips shoulders ankles lots of moving here now hold your point the toe Open your hip into a little bit of arabesque Bend the knee into attitude make sure your hand closest the same hand as foot is stable and slowly bring that arm off spiral open and stretch Big inhale here and then use your obliques pull bring it all the way back around stretch it up and Then fold one leg right in Fold the other leg in and roll it to tall big inhale up Whew hands down center heart bring it down

We're going to go into a little bit of hamstring work into bridge So let's swing those legs right around and then use the back of your legs to scoop the abdominals and roll back down Head is relaxed down if you tend to put a lift underneath your head nothing for bridge leave it out We're gonna do hip rolls and bridge hands relaxed Pulling the ABS tuck the tailbone roll the spine and come up nice and strong hips Both Square to the sky ribs and hips turned on harder arms straight or slightly Above and then roll it all the way down and help the bottom exhale tuck the tailbone roll the spine and lengthen up inhale squeeze those little butt cheeks and Exhale and roll it Let's go again roll it all the way up now stay here Bring the arms more in front of the chest Turn the palms to face you Neutral spine neutral pelvis butterfly open and squeeze the hands and the knees together inhale open exhale squeeze inhale open exhale squeeze let's go for five and squeeze in and four exhale out and three keep your hips nice and square and Two a little bit of supported spine If you need it one Hold your knees together

Hold your hands together Pull them down in prayer squeeze that together and squeeze your butt up five four breath three two, one release and Peal beautiful set yourself and sits bones again Nice and strong scoop the abdominals and come up to either low bridge or middle Make sure your feet are strong here lift up your far heel and then bring the leg all the way up harder both hands up, so I'm going to reach open and Flex to come up and I've done the same thing with my hands my wrist joint is if I'm pointing and flexing here the body tends to a Twist in the pelvis be hip hike and see Anterior and posterior lis tilt so you are fighting all the things that can go wrong in bridge Because bridge is about neutral spine neutral pelvis or a slightly supported spine so that you can focus on this little booty yet there's lots of stability work going on in this exercise go to more open and Close give me one more open hold it reaching to the sky a little harder reaching down by your quad pulse up five four three to One bring that foot down We're not relaxing out This is a harder level We're gonna bring that leg right up and extend it Alright, and then we're going and close open and close again, ribs and hips are nice and square so you're not arching and Flexing this hip that's moving That guidewire is holding the hip up strong and I'm not twisting open and I also have a hip hiked I hope for more huh, right three and up and two and up and One hold reaching to the sky harder a little lower pulse five four breathe three two One bring that foot down and peel Oh Lovely give a little nice way and as you're nice way lift the hips a bit to get a little opener through ql QL an erector spinae do a lot of stabilization in that exercise as do the obliques, right? Sometimes muscles aren't the mobilizers They're the stabilizers and Sometimes they're great at mobilizing, but they're not so great at stabilizing

So got to really focus on Finding those muscles that are not moving the ones that are holding your spine still and strong your torso still and strong Beautiful I'll bring it back to Center grab behind one leg grab behind the other and that's roll it up So we're going to go for a little swan dive I'm not gonna use the band's at all for this We're gonna stay traditional Let's roll over but I'm gonna start with a couple lead ins to it So come down find yourself in lateral rotation nice and open Hands are in Swan Shoulders are drawn down your lateral rotation big toe second toe reaching away Push the marble with your nose and just I do a little Swan prep Inhale here really lift those ABS up and in don't leer stuff go Gumby and then roll it down now Focus on the more half tuck your chin in a bit squeeze your butt cheek straighten out your legs fully and lift those legs So when we actually dive we have to have that active posterior chain on the lower half as well Push the marble Maybe you're okay to come a little higher Shoulders into your back pockets abs are drawn in and then pull yourself forward Nose towards the floor and lengthen those legs Glutes and hamstrings are stretching and reaching for all they're worth and bring it down one more time on the upper body And as we come down this time, we're going to do swan dive for all right as I come down I reach one leg up and then I come all the way up again pull those abs in and then the other leg reaches and lengthens and then let's lift and extend the leg squeeze that butt cheek watch you're not rotating your pelvis last time and reach and This time we're gonna press right up I'm gonna do is just dive in catch for four if you want to do full swan dive without catch and go ahead I'm gonna go forward catch three catch Two so engage those legs like we just practiced one catch lift the hips Loudly rotate the feet together and press back a little bit of forward breathing with forehead to the floor Mmm inhale exhale and Then roll it up So we're gonna do a little bit of side teaser or side sit up leading into full teaser on this side And then we'll repeat on the other side

So let's reach it nice and long Shoulders down and away and legs are reaching as well So I'm right on the edge of my mat This hand is reaching I'm gonna scoop the top oblique I'm gonna roll it back legs are squeezing nice and tight both arms reach inhale here exhale Sweep the arm and pull it all the way back right to your edge inhale exhale scoop back with the abdominals and Reach hold nice and strong lengthen up inhale And exhale reach the arm and glide it all the way That's a long way but two more we're doing four in total scoop those abdominals lengthen up squeeze those inner thighs in how Reach the arm and bring it all the way back John and you've got one more scoop and Lengthen arm comes up now stay here grab behind the knees scoop the abdominals and roll it down Beautiful now I came down a bit crooked I wasn't holding tight enough on the one set of obliques I got to pull in that a little tighter find tabletop and let's go teasers inhale serve up a lot of exhale reach the legs away and bring the arms up a little bit harder reach the arms and come down with long straight legs if that's not okay today bend the Bend the knees inhale cervical nod exhale glide up inhale reach and Exhale and bring that down We've got two more in health cervical nod Exhale bring it up inhale reach Turn exhale and lower that and we've got one more inhale cervical not Exhale bring it up

Inhale Reach and Swing to the other side And then lengthen it right up So we're doing the same thing on the opposite side here nice and long starting with the side situps and then set of teasers We're gonna go right into some hip twists Or hip circles and then into some roll overs take an inhale scoop the abdominals squeeze those inner thighs lift nice and strong and Roll it all the way back down right on to the edge of your mat right on to your greater trochanter All right, so we come right over scoop Exhale find yourself strong inhale Reach and Then take the arm back down and lengthen yourself long You've got two more for me going scoop the top oblique a little more than the bottom and then as it comes up they equal out and then a reach and Then we come back down this starts to twist and the rest of the spine lengthens back out to join the party top obliques pulling back and Then hold here Put your elbows down and drop back into your elbows a little bit of circles acts How down Inhale up lift your breastbone So your lengthened in the upper torso? But the lumbar is so lightly flexor supported circle like you've got a paintbrush and stop in the center exhale Inhale lift that breastbone exhale inhale two more exhale in Last little circle exhale inhale This is nasty but I want you to live to finish and bring it all the way down tabletop your legs and Lower them lovely Reset and we're going to go into our roll overs

I think I'm going to hit them all So I'm I'm gonna inch warm There we go Support your spine neat fold one knee fold the other take an inhale exhale reach the legs over inhale up exhale Over tap the floor if you can if that's too much compression Don't open the legs still in parallel about the size of a little Pilate ball Reach the legs and extend them down slightly open bring them together inhale up exhale over harder more work on the articulation his hands above the head totally optional if you have a really hard time coming up into this position it can either be the strength of the ABS or the tightness in your lower back legs together up and over if You grab the legs of a couch right here it'll assist you Alright, it's not a cheat roll it down vertebra by vertebra It's just giving you a little bit assistance Now let your tailbone touch and Sirk loading away legs together Inhale up exhale over Touch open the legs and not really rotate out this time Peel it down vertebrae by vertebrae tailbone touches and circle out and away inhale up exhale over touch open and Peel vertebrae by vertebrae and then circle open

We have one more inhale up exhale over touch open and peel Tailbone touches Circle away rule up and then continue to roll and Lengthen out your spine nice and long give a little no on that neckline Let's reach that arm and Switch ourselves into a little mermaid for a rotation stretch So rotate around Hands are down And then I'm going to remove my hand farthest from you as I go into a little tricep here inhale down exhale up Inhale down exhale up Let's go five So pushing that one little tricep muscle four and up and three breathe out and to Anna And one now in this one I'm going to stay down there reach this arm reach the opposite leg now if that's tough You can put this hand down and that's post both five four three two one And pull it all the way up just spin your legs to face the other way So the reason I have my back to you so you can see what this back arm is doing right? So I've got it in tricep position and it's down and up inhale down and I turn that leg So it's almost parallel to the hand position The other hand is behind the back if you're able to if you need to it can flirt down and you're finding that little tricep Here, but in the same time you're pulling your shoulder and your scapula down inhale down exhale Up as I come down I'm trying to come down like one large unit versus Flexing forward right you're using the tricep and the bend of the elbow and the mobility of the shoulder to get you there now Let's stay down there reach the leg squeeze that butt cheek reach the arm and pulse five four three two one Pull in turn both hands down and scooch back over onto hands and knees Take a nice strong inhale curl the toes and let's press back up one more time Wiggling that tailbone into our elephant stretch it out Inhale exhale stretch the back of the hamstring stretch the back of the calves Breathe for me nice and strong Walk the hands two feet in For heel-toe three on two and one we're all the way in bend the knees drop the tailbone curl the spine big inhale up Hands down Center heart we're gonna finish with some push-ups today Push-ups being the Pilate style

So at the back of our mat and I'm going to do the harder one I'm going to do it with single leg balance Am I going to kick the wall I am? I'm gonna cruise to this side Okay, I'm better Reaching starting on the one leg hips are square It's a little bit of push up four here working balance you can slightly bend your standing leg roll it down vertebrae by vertebrae challenge your balance as You go down the leg can teeter-totter up for a stretch here get as deep as you can and Then come out and walk heel toe heel toe all the way out too Long place that foot beside inhale down exhale Up push back into that stretch and then walk back for four three all the way in on two and one Stretch that up as far as you can and then the leg comes down if you need to bend your standing leg focus on your balance as you come all the way up teeter totter teeter-totter and Let's bring that leg right up and pulse five four three two one release Give a little wiggle let's do the same thing on the other side you guys so nice and strong abs up and in Send the leg back watches you didn't you didn't rotate your hips reach slight bent your stabilizer Phinney – and that's brewing it down all The way through hands down to the floor and then stretch that up reach it pull it in reach And then walk it out four Three all the way in two and one they square up the foot touches But it doesn't touch down touches the other ankle inhale down exhale up Push back into your stretch and walk your hands back four three Two and one press into your scale or your balance slight bent of a standing leg if you need it And then really carefully come all about find your balance point wobble wobble wiggle wiggle and pulse five four three two one Release whoo, give some Wiggles there you guys let's take a breath inhale up Big breath out exhale down One more time inhale all the way up vision up and exhale down Lovely thank you so much for joining me for a little bit of sarabande flow I've got the mic going Hopefully it worked

Well, I turned it up a notch this time So hopefully it's even clearer if you want little mini We're code ideas follow me on Instagram MF and Pilates and I will be starting to post five ten-minute Blasts which are just many little exercises targeting specific muscle groups but they'll all be somewhat athletic Pilates based has you know kind of that's my My love and my passion is throwing some athletic patterns into it So those would be every second week on my youtube alternating with these full flows If you have any comments or questions Please please go ahead and leave them on the thread and I'll get back to as soon as I can Take care and We will see you in the next vid Don't forget to subscribe Bye

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