Hi guys it's Chard?t here with Corp?o Fitness This is your at home Pilates workout specifically for the butt and thighs

Now we're going to be going over the best Pilates exercises to sculpt the lower body and the best part? We can do it from the floor There's no getting up! So go ahead and grab a mat and let's get started Ok guys So we are going to move on with this Pilates workout We are going to be working one side exclusively of the bum and thighs before moving on to the other

And like most of my workouts, there is minimal rest just basically between exercises if you can because that's how you do the most effective with bodyweight So we're going to get started with a slight warm up very short warm up just so you don't strain any of the muscles here We're going to relax the upper body, coming down all the way to the floor BRING YOUR HEELS IN TOWARDS YOUR MIDDLE FINGERS, THE MIDDLE FINGERS, slide up against the heels, slightly tilt your pelvis up, relax the belly in and when you're ready, we're going to slowly slowly raise the hips up and begin and slowly exhale back down So this warm up move is also about a minute just like all the other ones we're going to be doing and it will be about five exercises per side and they're tough but you'll be OK, inhale lifting

Exhale, lowering, inhale lifting here, slowly exhaling back down And the key when you do bridges is to not over arch the back so you don't come up as high as you possibly could, stop yourself a little bit and then go back down towards the floor So inhale squeezing the glutes, squeezing the thighs and exhale lowering back down feeling all of the body warm up Maybe on this next when you raise the heels as well And then the heels go down, that gets some ankle mobility going here

Slow INHALE up slow EXHALE DOWN taking your time to squeeze the muscles and then back down This last one hold it up, just taking a couple of seconds here and then release on the way down Now for our first move you're going to extend the right leg as high as straight as you possibly can We'll lower the right leg down towards the floor Not touching it and bring it back up to 90, halfway through we'll raise the hips if you're able to otherwise stay on the ground completely fine up to you

But one thing I want to really stress here is if you do have your hips up, you don't drop the leg all the way down or you're going to strain your back So we're going to start it off, legs nice and straight, breathe Exhale down, inhale lift it back up, exhale it down, inhale lift it back up, as slow and as controlled as you possibly can go here So do you feel the abs engage here? This is like an abs bonus one, breathing up and down, now ideally on this next one, raise your hips with me Now that our hips are elevated, the legs then go as far down

If you need to stay on the floor because it's too much, that's completely fine If this is too easy for you, arms reach up and it becomes a lot harder So you choose the level here, there's lots of levels you can choose Slowly up and slowly down, squeezing it the glutes as you go You also might feel in the inner thighs a little bit

Maybe in the hip flexors, the more you do it, the less you'll feel it in the hip flexors Raise it up and down release Pull that leg in just for a second Now for this next move the leg is actually going to go laterally to the side So I'm going to rotate just so you can see me really quickly

The knees are together the leg goes as far to the side as you can and then it comes back to center Halfway through the hips can come up That's a lot harder Sometimes we wobble Be careful

So we're going set that up, it's still the right leg Knees are joined, pull the belly button in, that lateral movement begins now Exhale out and inhlae back in – make sure I don't hit my poor orchid! And back in here, breathe and back This one is for the thighs in the front, the quads, and the side exhale side inhale back watching the wobble with the legs slowly out and slowly back in now I'm going to go to that progression Ideally you join me but if it's too much you stay here

There's nothing wrong with it Go ahead and raise your hips on that next one Controlling all the movement advanced, advanced your heels can come up, it's a lot more challenging maybe your arms come up as well This is like the most challenging thing you can do so take your time, choose your level Exhale side and inhale back

I'm going to stay here Breathing you go, a little relaxation is coming very soon here if you can stick with it a little longer Last time out, last time in, hold it and pull it in, pulling that knee in Now it's the same le, it's going to look a little different because I'm mirroring you on the camera but it's your right leg that is going to come on top as you rotate on to your side and cradle your head here, you're going to pull the legs in and I'm going to go this way as you can see me a little bit The first movement we're going to do is a knee drop and rotation so it's basically like clamshell but you're doing a rotation here if you've ever done the clam one, and go ahead and set it up

Get ready, begin Knee down and back that big toe goes towards the ankle as you go here really nice and slow This is one of those ones that feels OK Pilates is a good mix of challenging and nice, stretching and strength It might start to feel less OK but initially, initially it's all right

Staying in it, bending and bringing it back, bending and bringing it back Now we'll go straight from this move to your next one Ideally with very little rest if you can and the next one is challenging Just warning you, you'll be fine Bending and rotating here

Good The more you can rotate the better it is too for hip mobility Helps open up the hips here Last time down with the knee, last time up We're going to go to your next move

So straighten the foot, flex the foot The next move is like this, you're going to drop down towards the floor and you come back to hip level you can take a little shake out here for a moment if you want and then getting back into it slowly lower down, up halfway Now a lot of times what happens here is the hips like to roll backwards It's your body's way of taking you out of the pain This is pain that you want

So try to keep the hips stacked Try not to roll backwards slowly up and slowly down Also usually when hips roll back, that's when people say that it's easy because this is not easy You slow down and up so if it feels easy, check your hips first Take your time to squeeze as you bring it up and down

After this one, before we go into your final movement on this side, we're going to take a little stretch because the final movement is challenging but it's also one of the most effective ones you can do So try to stay through it, slowly down and up half way, breathing as you go That last one, go ahead and hold it here just for a moment, and release, pull the knee in Take that stretch Now I'm going to rotate even more so you can see this one a little better

It's a variation of one we did in the Brazilian butt workout It's equally challenging You're going to extend the leg straight, the top leg straight, pointed toes, same leg, right leg, on top You circle forward for 30 seconds and then you draw those same circles backwards for 30 seconds I hope I didn't say minutes! I might have done! Set it up 30 seconds

When you're ready, circle forward I mean that would be a killer workout, one that no one would survive Slowly rounding as you go Taking the time here to breathe, to slowly rotate, to extend that big toe Ok, pretty soon here we're going to go backwards which is good news, it means you're about halfway

When you're ready, hold it Take a second and rotat it back Small controlled circles Faster is never better with this Faster is never better for pretty much most pilates exercises unless you're doing some of the core stuff

Slow rotations breathing as you go I know, I feel it Last 10 seconds My bum is screaming as well here, staying in those circles Last one back, hold it for a split second and release

Hit it Oh just to wake it up a little bit OK I'm going to rotate Now we're going into your second side I mean now you're invested

You did one side you got to do the other Good Come on back Make sure you guys let me know at the end if you made it through all the way in the comments there We're going to switch to your left leg which is going to feel so fresh and strong after killing this one

It's your first movement which is that straight leg We don't do the bridge we'll skip straight to this one lowering down and raising it back up and we'll do all the progressions like we did last time one minute full on movement Arms down, left leg up, as straight as you can get it and lower down in down lnhale lift Exhale lower

Inhale lift The breathing is really important in Pilates because primarily you're working with the core but also it allows you to go longer and it allows you to develop more muscular endurance here Slowly up and slowly down We're going to go into that progression on this next one when you raise the leg up if you want to go into that progression with me hips are high Remember you have the option to raise the arms as well

That's another progression you can take You have the option to raise the heel, have the option to do both There are all sorts of levels here that you can take the key is to really contract the legs though that matters more than any progression you can take here Inhale lifting and exhale lowering Good

Now if you can do just one more Bring it down quick little stretch We're going to go into that lateral movement the knees align the leg goes out to the side I'm going to start with my hips on the floor and then I'm going to progress with you if you choose to do that Relax the shoulders, extend that left leg, knees joined to start, and out to the side begin and back

Now I'm controlling my abs and even if you're really advanced you should always start with the easier stuff just to make sure you know how your body is feeling You never know One day could be great, one day not so much Out to the side and back Ok we are already at the point now where if you want to, you can come join me up high

Controlling the abs Maybe you are the arms Maybe you add that heel lift It's your choice Taking your time as you go, breathing as you go here

Out to the side and back that nice little stretch is waiting for you in just a few more moments here if you can stick with it Breathing exhale out Inhale take it back This is when the breathing becomes essential Last time out and take it in, nice little stretch

We're going to roll on to your side Remember that it's the left leg that comes on top here We don't want to go back to that poor right side, it's already dead Relax your head on your hands here, you're going to bend the legs here Remember with that first movement, which is that clamshell rotation, with the knee coming down and then the toe hitting the heel

Make sure you feel comfortable with the upper body because you won't with your lower body and begin right now Knee down and up and this is that slow burner one bending and straightening and maybe you start to feel a little bit more mobility in the hips the more you do this That's one of the best benefits of doing Pilates, is you start to get a lot of more flexibility and alignment Slowing it down That's for me as well as for you

I'm getting a little speedy with this one Bending the knee and then taking it back So we're coming into your final 15 seconds And remember we want to try to go straight to that fourth move without much rest in between So getting the body ready, getting the mind ready for that

Last time, bending the knee towards the floor, last time toe Extend the leg out, FLEX THE FOOT Take a second here to make sure those hips are on top You're not pulling back Everything is on top

You have your hands in front of you FLEX THE FOOT AND begin slowly down slowly up I almost did pulsing but I caught myself Slowly down and up Slowly down and up

So I'm focusing like visualizing squeezing these muscles If you're not you should definitely do that It elevates every exercise that you do makes it more effective So imagine squeezing these muscles It's better than imagining when it's over

Now we have that stretch before you go into that final movement as well Try not to dread it too much Ok we're coming into those last few moments The last time down Last time up

Quick little stretch to release I'm going to set it up, I'm going to pivot even more towards you so you can see the leg is going to go straight out, a little cramp Straighten it Circles forward and then circles back for the second half and then we're done Go ahead

Circling forward This one we also do in some of the barre workouts and barre classes I teach but I think it's honestly a little bit more challenging on the floor so well done you for sticking through it It takes a lot OK Very soon, good news, is we are going to change direction after this next one

Go ahead and circle it back I don't know why but this side is really crying out right now Staying with the circles here Watching the hips This is when we get tired, when you try to roll and get out of it

Refocus You're towards the end now Refocus This is those last and final five seconds Now for four, three, two and one

Release and pull it in Litlte shake out to breathe We'll take a quick stretch together and then I will leave you to recover You take one leg over the other Push the knee out and gently pull in

If you do want more butt and leg exercises, there is a Brazilian butt workout up there is this sexy legs workout up And if you do all three, you're pretty much amazing All three together is insanity, good insanity Switch legs when you're ready going into the other side Or if you want to work a different muscle group there's arms and abs up there too

Relax See it doesn't take very long to work everything here And then pull everything in Make sure you stretch longer if you still feel anything in the glutes that feels like it's numb Thank you for doing this workout with me

If you enjoyed it or you felt it give a like Please comment on the exercises that you really felt or any of them that you weren't sure about Maybe some exercises you want to see more of It's a new channel so I'm constantly looking at your comments and adding stuff that you want to see Be sure to subscribe as well and click that little bell for notifications so you know when a video goes up they're every Monday

But we're gonna start surprising you with some extras too And I will see you in your next workout Tchau

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