At home Outer Thigh and Inner Thigh workout | No equipment, Pilates

Hey guys, Chard?t here with Corp?o Fitness This is your inner thigh and outer thigh at home workout

We're not going to be using any equipment but you're going to feel quite a lot of burn So be prepared for it These are Pilates inspired exercises So they're also going to give you a double bonus of some abs here It's a super quick workout but very effective

So let's go ahead and get started Hey guys So we have four different exercises to work our way through For those outer and inner thighs Now we're going to be working just one leg at a time

For straight through those four exercises Each 60 seconds and then we will switch to the other leg That's how you get maximum effort maximum effectiveness You'll be tired but it's a short workout RIGHT? SO WE'RE GONNA GET STARTED ON YOUR MAT with exercise number one which is a seated quad lift and hold

So let's set it up before we start Because as in Pilates form is everything So what you can do is one of two things Option one if you want to work a little bit more of the ABS here You're going to lean back recline your hands are gonna come to prayer you're gonna open out your feet

So it's a little v like if you did any barre here and you'll feel the abs engage when we raise this leg up and down Option 2 if you feel a little bit less strength here and that's fine You come down on your forearms and it will be nice and relaxing for you here We don't want the lower back to work though Only the abs and thighs and mostly the thighs

So everyone v position with the feet we have them open here I'm going to do this nice little prayer one but again you can recline back if you'd like We're gonna raise this left leg up and down and then at some point we'll be doing some holds as well It's 60 seconds You ready? Let's begin you lift up, that foot is turned out and slowly lower back down

Now what we're working here are the inner thighs If you start to feel the hip flexors HERE THAT MEANS YOU'RE LIFTING too high that you don't quite have the strength for the range you're doing So just make it a little then and take breaks in between if you need to We really want to feel this line of work here And just this line

Keep lifting and lowering and now we're going to do two more and then we're going to come into a hold Two more And the second one hold If it feels super uncomfortable here rotate your foot to parallel That will make it a little bit easier but it will also change it to be more outer thigh

So you got to balance what you want here Pain or results Keep squeezing those abs in no matter where you are And we're going to hold for just one more moment and Relax and take a second

Second move again we're using the same left leg here So now we're going to go into seated quad pulses and holds So instead of coming up now you'll be pulsing come back recline hands here or ever you want them we're going to suck the belly in Get those feet nice and wide come up to a height that you can feel it here And let's begin

So it's pulsing here You can pulse lower if you want to This is fine Can still feel it Guys if you did want to make this more challenging

You can add ankle weights not necessary though Keep pulsing here So we're going to do a few more holds with this one coming into your first hold Now you might feel some muscular shake here That's completely normal

Keep on holding And then we go to back into those pulses Keeping that belly button drawn in those shoulders relaxed making just the lower body work Again hold You see that shake there? That's for real

Then we finish with pulses here Keep squeezing I know it's getting tired I know I know we're about to move it into our thighs just one more and quick release can feel it yeah? And so I'm going to roll onto my side Make sure it's your left leg that you're using It's going to look like I've switched because I'm mirorring you on the video but it is YOUR LEFT LEG THAT I WANT TO COME ON TOP

YOU BEND YOUR BOTTOM knee That leg comes forward we're going to be going into your third movement which is a hammer pulse Now I'm going to rotate so you can see me recline your head like this or you can fall down like this Your choice the more perpendicular the harder it is The further back the easier you ready? Beginning with me pulsing up and down

So I've made it quite challenging by being straight out from the hips here If I wanted to make it easier I WOULD BRING THAT LEG BACK BUT I'M GOING TO MAKE IT HARD SO YOU'RE GOING TO FEEL THE GLUTES work here the outer thighs as well Really isolating you can turn the foot down if that makes you feel more it more

Or turn it up if that makes you feel it more I personally like parallel I know it feels like it's dying a little bit but keep pulsing Keep pushing your breath into the legs by exhaling every time it feels tough here Might be a lot of EXHALES

Keeping it going We're going to have a tiny bit of a release before we go into your fourth and final movement Our release is coming very soon Can you just pulse with me two more And little release

Take a second hit that booty if you need to And we're gonna go into your fourth and final movement which is sideline thigh circles So we're going straighten the body back out again and still that left leg on top of FLEX THE FOOT point the top one though and it'll be small controlled thigh circles forward for half the time and back advanced you're gonna hover this bottom foot you can also raise this arm if you want to add extra ABS here you guys have some options you ready pointed toe squeeze that thigh nice and tight we're gonna circle forward begin So circling forward with control Sucking that belly in if you're hovering this bottom foot becomes a lot more challenging

This is for the outer thigh also hits the glutes a little bit Bless you if you add ankle weights here Ok guys Keep it going for a few more circles, just two more second one circle it backwards I'm not adding time I promise

It's the same amount of time here Keep squeezing This is where you start to feel maybe more in the bum and in the upper part of that outer thigh Very effective movements here Your release is coming very soon and I just need you to stick with me for a couple more circles here

Two more circles last one And relax Can you feel it Can feel it here It feels like this muscle just got stiff and died a little bit

We're going to flip onto the other side We will stretch Don't worry I just want to get you through the side two while motivation is still there So for our first one off sorry I got confused here

We want our inner thighs right Going straight into lying down It's when you know you're tired You set it up in that nice little V We're going to be working the right leg this time that inner thigh that seated quad lift and hold, reclining back if you want or hands in prayer As you like it's also fine

Make sure that those toes are turned now ideally unless you're modifying Let's go ahead and begin lifting up and lowering down And now guys if you repeat this video the second time you do it You don't need to touch the floor all the way and that will make it more challenging for you Lifting up and lowering

We're going to get ready for a hold here in just a few more Squeeze that inner thigh You can feel everything here Two more lifts One more lift and bringing it up in that hold

So ideally your foot is turned out so you can hit the inner thigh You may need to lower it so you don't overwork the hip flexors It's not about the flexors it's about those thighs Whoah the shake! And releasing it a second Now we have that seated quad pulse and holds and as you remember because it's not that long ago

It's very challenging So prep yourself pick a range you can stick with hands come to prayer or you recline back, feet open up find a height that you feel comfortable with and let's begin Now you can always lower that leg Let's start with big dreams NICE AND HIGH

Continuing to pulse We're going to come into our first hold in just a little bit here In four, three, two, hold stay in it You see my legs lowering a little bit It doesn't like this

And back into the pulses Lower that leg if you feel it Take a break If you start to feel the hip flexors it just means the legs need to get stronger Hold

Ok pulsing to finish KEEP IT GOING HERE RELAX THE SHOULDERS This is for me too I'm starting to hunch up a little bit nearly there and release We're going to go into those hammer pulses remember it's the right leg

And I'm going to come down to recline fully or you can cradle all your head but I'm going to go here for this one I'm going to straighten the leg FLEX THE FOOT AND we've GOT THOSE hammer pulses remember foot can point down up or parallel how ever your anatomy allows you to do it you can also have this arm up here if you would like if you're repeating the video you ready? Let's go ahead flex that foot find where you want to be and pulse And again if you want to make it easier take it back You could also do a few easy ones and then a few harder ones I mean the ideal is to stay this way the whole time But it's also to survive

Keeping that foot flexed I'm going to rotate even more so you can really see this form here And so my foot is not in your face Keeping it pulsing And you want to feel the glutes and the outer thighs here

That's what we're aiming for Just a couple more there is that little relief coming in just a few seconds And relief hit that bum if you need to relax for a second and then set yourself up for your fourth and final movement You can hover that bottom foot point the top leg Those sideline thigh circles forward for half the time and back for half the time squeeze the belly in

Maybe ADD THE ARMS to work the abs a little bit more or have a hands here Your choice Let's begin Circle forward Really feeling tiny circles don't make them big

Something I see in classes a lot is this, control your circles Think mermaid not sea creature Falling all over the place Two more after that second one hold, circle it back You are nearly there again

This is working the top of the upper thigh and the glute So full thigh workout here Squeezing Breathing through We're coming into just a few more circles so it's finding that strength to stick through this nearly there

In three more, in two and one big stretch So let's take a stretch for those legs and thighs because you worked really hard so roll onto your back Take the left leg over the right thigh Press gently away from yourself Remember this part of the stretch it's very important to get the hip flexor

So you're pressing the leg away from you You'll feel some tightness here And then you're going to pull in everything towards you Squeezing everything here Nice and relaxed

Breathing We're going to switch it out so that the right foot goes over push that knee away from you again so you get the hip flexor here Very important And then pull it in towards you And I'll leave you with one final stretch

For us to do because it is a good one So we're going to take big toes together Oh it's that nice diamond stretch open the thighs press gently on the thighs This is one of the best stretches you can do if you run a lot If you sit a lot

Basically anything that puts strain on the hip flexors This is an excellent one for you Hold it just a couple more breaths Really feel it And close the knees and rock on up to seated

Thank you guys for sticking with this outer and inner thigh workout make you like the video let me know in the comments which of the exercises was the most challenging for you and also if anything didn't feel right So I can give you some advice on how to fix that Make sure you subscribe to the channel if you haven't already so you know when every time a new workout comes up and if you want a little bit more which you could do if you wanted to I really recommend working into the lower part of the abdomen with my intense lower abs workout Okay guys I'll see you next time for training Tchau!

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