hi guys it's Bailey and today's workout is some mat work to target the outer thighs hips and glutes get ready to feel the burn the first exercise today is a bit of a thigh stretch that'll really help to start activate into those smaller muscles let's take the right leg out to the side and you're going to start bending into the side waist it feels like a nice stretch through the inner thigh good and stacking back up so no real technique here just starting to warm up through those hips it's really important to stretch and warm up because we're working all of those little tiny muscles and we really want to focus on toning and tightening today three more like this or two it should feel very nice good now from here what we're going to start to do is lift the leg to the side so it's a little Bend into that side waist and then lift up so lots of ab work as well good and last just starting to get used to that feeling of lifting the foot tensing the abs three more lots of inner thigh as well for two good from here what we're going to do is start to take the leg to the mat lift it out to the side side lunge and let's see moving right along Pilates it's always so sneaky it starts feeling like it's gonna be a really nice relaxing time and then pressing that hand down really lengthening that leg so we're feeling the burn here and then we're really rotating almost pointing the toe inward so we get that outer thigh and hip good one to the side and lift to the side and left beautiful this one's really good for creating those long lean muscles through the legs good three more for two now from here hold it up we're going to bend the foot in and press it out good bend it and beautiful bend in and out so you're really thinking of pushing through the heel almost like you're kicking open a door behind you release your knees get that little like under bot area and back good so really try to keep that leg nice and high keeping that hips stacked right over the other pushing through that heel good four more four three beautiful for two good last one now you're gonna reach and hold beautiful five for four three two good now from here we're just going to rotate forward keep working that same side so the right leg is coming out and in let's actually drop the left forearm coming into some side leg lifts good little lift and lower good so getting that nice rotation open is really gonna help us activate into those side glutes just a little bit harder good lift beautiful lift and lower good job you guys get that nice lift beautiful five more really pressing open to the side working those outer thighs three more for two good hold eight little pulses down and up and good beautiful job guys five four three two good from here bring the knee down lift to both hands still working that right leg I want you guys to extend the leg back squeeze it out to the side and then shoot it diagonally across the body so you're exhaling bending it knee to elbow and back good exhale squeeze and send it back so this one's really good at working those hips the obliques and beautiful squeeze and lengthen good this one burns I know it's fine if you need to shake it out at any point just get right back into the workout whoo three more for two beautiful good from here we switch it up again so you're tapping down this time both hips face towards the mat and then pulling it to the side so let's even sit back a little bit further and then squeeze sit back sitting into our left hip squeezing knee to elbow and you're going to feel this on both this support side and the leg you're working so it's a real multitasker aiming for that back corner of your mat squeezing it it's really good to actually kind of sit into the hip and then squeeze it up really sitting back into that hip three more two beautiful last one we're gonna take it up and around finishing with some nice circles here four four four three four two last one lift it up lift that leg higher drop down to those forearms and hold for five four three two and one beautiful sit back take a little stretch let's go on to the other side so from here let's start with that thigh stretch again take your left leg out to the side just start sitting into that hip opening it up good nice stretch and really creating that length through the inner thigh and this one always feels really nice beautiful let's start to add that little list so we stretch and then we squeeze little legs stretch and squeeze so we're really stretching and then we're pulling up using that core strength using our thighs good exhale lift really strong three more starting to get ready to transfer our weight for two beautiful last one then we're gonna start to bring our hand to the mat kick the leg come back in catch yourself stretch transfer that weight do a first few kind of slow getting that balance and then really think of lengthening that leg away catch and stretch lengthen beautiful catch and stretch good lifting that hip right back up good job you guys really starting to get into those outer thighs that breeze feels nice little stretch and good three more here hello legs for two last one now from here we're gonna hold it up find our balance lift that leg flexing the foot you bend it in and then press it out so bending it forward and then you're really pushing back and out through that heel so it's working into that side and back now keeping those hips stacked is super important to make sure we're feeling it in the right place like that little side glute area good three more per to last one we lift hold it higher breathing here four five four three two and one good now turning forward so we're coming into that side work alright so from here what we're gonna do is stay on that left leg and we're going to drop the right forearm down coming into those side leg lifts so really allowing yourself to open at the hip here activating into those side glutes lift and lower this is gonna help us really start to get more into those hips those side glutes beautiful lift and lower really toning up those hips it's so hard to get into those little muscles and the hips so this is great to strengthen them tone those glutes and getting that a nice rotation it takes so much more core work than people think – very advanced three more for two got little pulses up and down try to rotate that knee open whew good we've got another five four three two and one good bring the knee down now coming back up to our hand we're gonna take our need and we're going to squeeze that left knee over to the elbow and then diagonally across the body so we're really exhale squeezing into those side hip hips glutes adds and then taking that nice stretch all of it keeping the muscles long here so strengthening but then really enjoying that and I stretch in lengthening it's gonna get us those good results and out this one's so good you really feel it right where you want to feel it like right here and really lengthen beautiful job you guys sing with it three more two one more now tap the foot down to the mat so you're sort of sitting back into your right hip and then we come forward squeeze sit back and forward it's almost like you're doing a squat on that right side leg sitting right back breathing as you come forward back really sitting into that hit good job you guys well this is where you really start to feel it on that support leg or two last one we take it up and around nice big circles to finish toning every muscle in that glute in those hips good staying strong right till the end three four two good last one reaching it up dropping to those forearms lift it higher good job you guys holding it here four five four three two and one beautiful lowering down taking a nice stretch sitting back into those hips from here let's finish off with just a little bit of bridging glue the insides of your knees and feet together starting to lift and lower lift and lower good really squeezing through those glutes lift and lower good I love these little bridging exercises really really help to tone those glutes get right where we want to work okay now when we get to the top we're gonna add a little open and close bend press open and close good a few more like this really still working into those outer thighs hips beautiful three more here beautiful two more top down and close got hold this next one up little pulses out really butterflying those legs nice and wide good work you guys stay with it five four three two glue the knees together little pulses up and down this is a good job you guys just four five four three two and one bringing it down good give yourself a little hug take one knee and each hand just draw some nice circles here I'm massaging the hips in the socket beautiful stretching out pulling one knee up towards your shoulder little rock the other knee just loosening through those hips through those thighs great job you guys thank you so much for doing that mat Pilates workout with me if you liked it leave me a comment letting me know and telling me what workouts you guys want to see next because I love hearing from you guys and taking suggestions alright I'll see you soon

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