hey guys it's Bailey and today we're doing an advanced mat Pilates workout to tone the ABS thighs and booty let's get started let's get started warming up through those thighs coming into our thigh stretch so from here leading back from the crown of our head reached the fingertips forward and then pump the arms by the side so this one's great to really start lengthening through those thighs good reaching the fingertips and then really squeeze your abs and glutes as you come forward beautiful doing another 4 good now from here what we're going to do is start to come into some sits so we're sitting back towards the heels keeping the shoulders stacked over the hips and then squeezing our but as we come forward sitting back and squeeze beautiful sit back and squeeze I love this one because it really starts to engage through those glutes and gets us ready for all the balance work and squeeze beautiful three two good from here we're gonna lift and tap the left leg to the side so we sit back we come forward and we top to the side you can take your hands onto your hips but make sure we keep those shoulders over top and then we top and when we tap we're working those muscles all through the side of the body good sit back and sit back and top very nice back this one's so good for toning those outer thighs our glutes and our obliques beautiful four more or three oh good balance challenge for two now from here what we're going to do is switch it up so it'll be one sit back top to the side and then we bring our hands down to the mat and our right leg is going to come into a leg lift good so catch your balance tap to the side bring the hands to the mat leg lifts so here's where that little bit of coordination comes in we're really working through those legs and glutes and our core has to help keep us balanced here and lift beautiful so tapping to the side drop the hand and lift good little tap and lift get ready to feel the burn this workout is one of my faves if you really want to push yourself with this workout you could do it with a pair of light ankle weights on that's what I do at home just to really add that extra toning but usually I say do the workout the first time without them and then add that resistance as you get stronger beautiful let's do another three good last one may we hold it down here we're going to take our right leg we're gonna top it up and lift and lower a little lift and lower good so keeping that soft Bend through the legs here good lift and lower good four more four three four – good we're gonna add on so from here it's going to be so tuck the toes on that left leg and we're doing one lift to the front and then we're pulling the knee in a little lift good so this is amazing for working those lower abs good really pulling that knee in this one is so strong you really need to press those hands down into the mat and then you're working so hard into those low abs it's like a tiger curl if you do yoga beautiful three more for two Remember to breathe three beautiful four too good now from here what we're gonna do is take that leg and lift it to the side so coming into a fire hydrant just lifting directly to the side I'll angle myself so you can see a little better out good and beautiful good now let's take our left forearm down to the mat so we're on a bit of an angle and we're going to do one bent knee and then one straight leg one bent knee one straight leg kick so you may not be able to get it as far to the side but as you get stronger you will so see one kick one lift one kick one lift good one kick one hydrant so you're really gonna be feeling that left glute and your obliques beautiful three four – good one hydrant one kick last one one hydrant one kick now come back up to those hands we're gonna take those last two moves together and it's going to be one hydrant to the side and then you're gonna lift the leg back tuck those toes pull the knee in good so lengthen to the side back pull it in lift pull that knee over to the side lengthen it pull it in good see you reach bend your knee to your elbow lengthen it and pull it in low do you feel your abs your butt everything's working good three more really pulling that knee out to the side squeezing those obliques or two good one more lifting to the side from here taking it up and around nice big circles to finish good four more four three or to hold it up keep up em point your toe little pulses through Center this is it stay with me we have five four three two lengthen the leg hold good and then bring it in right back up let's go on to the other side let's start with those thighs sitting back towards our heels shoulders over the hips lifting up squeeze that tush lowering down and lift good lower and left starting to get back into those glutes beautiful three or two last one from here I want you guys to add that top to the side so this time it's your right leg we sit back and we top sit back and top sit back and top beautiful back on those heels squeeze your glutes lifting to the side really working every muscle through the side of that body good sit back and tap good three more here four two good last one now from here you know what we do we come down to the mat and we add that leg lift so the left leg lifts come up to seated one top to the side come forward leg lifts capture sell find your balance top to the side this one so good for the core those glute and top good job you guys so kicking back opposite leg lifts to the side lowering down and kick so good at lengthening our legs and toning our abs beautiful good four more here for three for it to good now hold it down just the left leg kicking up and down really long line from your hip to your toe trying to keep both hips facing towards the mat for these ones good really toning up through those hamstrings back of the leg keeping those abdominals engaged good four more here four three two good now we're gonna tuck those right toes to add on with that Tiger girl so it's one leg lifts pulling in press into those palms curl the knee forward one leg exhale forward one curl one leg pressing into those hand good job you guys this one's so good at toning those ABS three more for two beautiful last one now taking that knee out to the side starting with those fire hydrants opening and closing open and close good so again your hips can open a little bit more for these ones good let's drop that right forearm and get ready to add our side kick so it's one to the side and then it's one kick one side one kick so you really feel the right glute here one side one kick lift and kick hello glutes outer thighs good and kick you're really gonna feel those muscles in the waist good form or one of each for three for two good last one from here come back up onto those hands we're gonna take those moves together and from here what we're gonna do is tuck the right toes and we're going to take the knee to the side kick it back and then tuck pull it in reach back crunch into the side lengthen pull it in whew this one is dynamic it's so much harder than it looks pulling it in reach side reach pull my ABS my arms move my butt everything is just burning in a good way let's do another four for three for two beautiful last one good from here take it around circles it work you guys good just four three two hold it and Center little pulses up up up we've got this four five four three two last one reach and hold lift it higher if you can and then bringing it in take a nice sit back on the heels let's come back onto the mat for our final exercises alright let's come on to our backs for our final bit of AB and glute work and from here lift those legs into tabletop and take a couple toe taps to start to warm up through those lower abdominals tapping down and lift good top down and lift beautiful now if you can let's start to take both toes down and then exhale little tailbone curl top down and lift top down and lift just activating those lower abdominals to make it harder hands behind the head coming into a double crunch here tapping down lifting the chest top got four more four three four two beautiful last one now tap those toes flat on the mat arms up in line with the shoulders start to roll the spine up one vertebra at a time and then roll the spine back down good rolling up rolling down so this should feel nice like a massage for your spine all the way up and beautiful squeeze those glutes at the top and roll down two more all the way up and good hold it up the top come into singles here tap and lift tap and lift really squeeze those glutes you can keep your arms on the map but holding them in line with the shoulders just makes us keep all the work in our bottoms instead of sort of pressing into our hands for support good pressing those heels down four more good for three for it to hold little pulses down and up down and up good work you guys for a 10 think squeeze release four five four three two good now we finished by taking those together so drop the hips from here reverse curls top the feet down one bridge lowering down exhale tailbone curl and lift top and curl and lift now if you want to make it even harder we're gonna add in that upper body so we lift into our bridge and then as we tap we take the hands behind the head for the curl so one left hands to temples one lift so you can always get your heart rate up people think Pilates is easy well they should try this workout excel lift good beautiful we have four four three four two beautiful last one reach hold those fingertips by your side lengthen the legs we have a hold for five four four four three four two and one pulling it in good just taking a stretch here one knee in each hand some nice big circle it's just massaging that low back into the mat reversing the other way good job you guys beautiful one more and then grabbing hold coming on up to seated great job you guys that was definitely a tough workout if you enjoyed it please subscribe I post new work ABS every single week I'll see you soon at Pilates workout that'll tone the ABS the thighs and the glute II glooty booty you

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