Abs Line in 14 Days! 15 Mins Pilates Workout (No equipment needed) – Belle Summer @sea_pilates

Hello everyone, I'm Belle! Welcome to my YouTube channel How's everyone doing during this MCO? Alot of new things can be learned can be disovered and to be achieved I, have achieve my ABS line in just 14 days! With just 10 exercises 10 Reps each And the last rep hold for just 10 seconds And guess what It's just 15 minutes a day If you're willing to spend just 15 minutes a day You should be seeing result in just less than a month Let's get started Standing with hip distance apart, knees soft Roll your spine down and walk out to a plank position Walk your hand back to feet Roll back up to standing While you're rolling down imagine you're peeling your spine off a wall behind one vetebra at a time roll back up to standing one vetebra at a time allow your abdominal muscle to assists you can always bend your knees to get your hands to the floor if needed remember to keep your shoulders relax keeping one long line from ankle to your ears in plank position this exercise help to increase mobility and articulation in the back, spine and neck definately a great warm up exercise start with knee bend feet hip distance apart pelvis in neutral, arm overhead with your ribcage flatten reach your arm overhead and to the side of you your head, neck and upper back is curl up with your upper abs as your arm pass your ears let your chin drop and the head, and the upper back join the motion to curl up make sure your eye gaze follow your arm to have a better control of neck posture be sure to keep your shoulders and neck relax remember, is the abdominal muscles that should be doing all the work not your neck hands behind your head upper body in abs prep position keep your leg in table top position and extend both leg to diagonal as low as you can keep your abdominal engaged remember do not arch your (lower) back if that happen you'll be using your (lower) back muscle instead of your abs hand behind head upper body in abs prep position then extend both leg up to the ceiling and lower them to 45 degree this is more challenging because both leg are straight rather than bend this will target and fire up your abdominal muscles remember to go as low as your abdominal can be engaged do not arch your (lower) back keep your belly button and ribcage tucked in both leg tabletop where ankle in line with your knee rotate into your left and right hip make sure your ribcage and abs stay connected all the time only your lower body should rotate you should feel your abdominal muscle hug towards your spine both leg at table top position hand behind head upper body at abs prep positioin extend one leg out to diagonal while you twist your upperbody to the bend knee while you are twisting you're twisting from your waist not from your neck and shoulder and while you're extending your leg remember to extend as low as your back is not arching off the mat start sitting on your sit bone with both arm forward roll to the back of your sitbone by keeping your abdominal scoop in lift right leg up while maintaining pelvis still and lift your arm up by the ear remember do not pop the ribs out and maintain the pelvis and leg stable and still make sure that there's no tension at the neck and shoulder well done and now with left leg lift up same sitting position as half roll back with right leg lifted up arm bend with forearm cross at shoulder height and twist your upper body to the right twist is from the waist not the arm or shoulder or neck your upper body move as one piece pelvis stay stable and still and does not twist at all well done! and now is the other side lying by your side and form a bridge between your knee and forearm lift your pelvis up and stay there for 3 seconds drop your shoulder keeping your shoulder away from your ear all the time make sure your keep your abs tight feel the support from your abs well done and lets change to the other side cross the right ankle on top of the feet broarden your collarbone and let your arm long by your side use your abdominal and lift your hip off the ground and leg overhead you may gently press your hand down on the mat to return, slowly lower your leg back to 90 degree position placing your spine one vetebra at a time onto the mat try to keep your neck long, shoulder wide and chest open this exercise is all about control and use the core to work not flop over or throw your leg over your head pilates is a form of gentle, low impact exercises which is so called "intelligent movement" it's not only about moving but moving with quality to make your workout more effective so if you're tired please take a break there's n o point doing with a poor form don't worry if some of the exercises may feel difficult right now it will get easier if your body get stronger everyday

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