Have you ever seen one of these props lying around your gym and you're like what the heck do I do with that? I've got some fun things planned for you today so be sure to watch this video Hi my name is Gretchen your virtual Pilates instructor as well as founder of Balance to the Core

Be sure to hit that subscribe button as well as the bell next to it to get notified whenever I have a new video because I'm here every week Today we are working with the BOSU and the BOSU stands for both sides That means you can work with the dome up or the dome down which adds an element of balance to it so you get sort of a wobbly surface What I love about the BOSU and Pilates in particular is the BOSU really allows us to work in more of a spinal extension as well as a little bit more spinal mobility so you're going to find the basic exercises that we do in Pilates when you put it on top of the BOSU it just adds another little dimension to it so it's pretty cool you're also going to work a little bit more balance so you're gonna have to work those stability muscles a little bit more you're gonna have to work squareness and centering your mind in order to create that balance so it's a really good technique to use in your everyday living so that's what I love about the BOSU it's very very functional so today we are going to work the full body in this sort of quick routine you're gonna work the spine in all directions and you're gonna work sort of really every part of your body so go ahead grab your BOSU and if you're interested and you don't have one and would like one I have a link to this particular one in the description below so go ahead grab your BOSU and let's get started sit right on top of your BOSU and you can sort of shift your pelvis back and forth and sort of find that place that you can just balance yourself right in the center of it take your legs wider than your hips they still have a bend in them but they're they're straightened out a little bit okay and I want you get right on top of your pelvis and just roll it on up through the spine getting as tall as you can pull your shoulders back and take a nice deep inhale and on your exhale just sort of let your head drop let your chest drop let your body drop right on over your legs and you're gonna hang out here really let your head and neck and shoulders relax you're gonna breathe here taking an inhale and an exhale and what I love about breathing here is it really allows you to get that breath into the back side ribs expand them and then deflate them one more time inhale exhale on your next inhale prepare and on your exhale roll it up through the spine bone by bone from here take your hands behind your head and then I want to take it inhale just open your heart an exhale come to Center do that two more times inhale open exhale Center and one more inhale exhale reaching your arms out to the side let's rotate on an inhale and come to Center other way try not to move the pelvis with you just twisting at the spine one more inhale exhale and release it down you're gonna scoop down just a smidge so that your your pelvis is sort of on the side part of the dome we're gonna bring our legs closer together and reach it forward and just inhale as you roll back and as we roll back I want you to pull your belly into that dome and then exhale as you reach up and lift tall and roll it back on an inhale exhale scoop your belly and come on up let's do three more what I love about doing your half roll back here is on the way up you can push your low belly into that dome almost like a little rebound but it teaches you to pull the waistband back as you come up one more time inhale it back now I want to stay back here turn your palms to each other and float those arms up as you float the arms up pull the belly deep into that dome and lower down and lift and lower one more time lift I'm low enough from here just open and close exhale inhale exhale inhale float the arms up take it over and roll it on up from here we're gonna have a seat now in front of the dome I might have to move this back a little okay now you're in front of it now we're gonna roll back again but this time we're going to roll all the way back and we're gonna open the chest and drop your head reach it long to your shoulders out of your ears and then circle it around scoop your belly come right back up okay two more like that roll back reach the arms scoop the belly and up if you really want to reach energy out of the crown of your head the whole time now we're going to reverse the arms pull the belt anchor it into the spine the whole time your shoulders are pulling out of your ears and roll it up from here we're gonna turn it around and I want you to place your pelvis sort of right onto the dome and you're gonna find that sweet spot for yourself but I want you to come to a place where you can keep your knees down your hands down by your sides rest your forehead down so from here we're just going to inhale we're gonna lift up and even right now to far forward so I'm gonna press back a little bit so you want it where you're you're not in your low back so just open your heart push your pelvis into the dome and then take your body over and flex your legs are sort of just like heavy on the floor pull your shoulders down reach out of the head inhale open the heart and exhale down so you can see this is a basic mat exercise we do but now we get a little bit more range of motion one more time which allows our spine to move a little bit more and exhale it down now from here I want you to take your body a little bit further up and come to your elbows and I want you to stretch your legs long okay so now like the dome is sort of right under your pelvis all I want to do is lift one leg up in there there about the sit bone distant your legs now try not to be in your low back here so push your pubic bone into the dome and squeeze your seat and hamstring as you reach that leg long and then lower down and take the other side lift it up and lower give me one more excited so this is just teaching us to just get into the seat and hamstring and do low back good now from here I want you to lift your one leg and then extend the opposite leg and then bring it down and then other side lift the leg and then extend your arm and lower try that one more each side again you might have to adjust on that dome because eventually I want you up with everything balancing so make sure you can kind of really balance here all right now reach one leg reach one arm and then reach one leg and then reach one arm again it's a fine balance hold and then lower everything down all right now reach lift lower release engage scoop push your pubic bone in lift your belly in so you're super engaged and lower one more time engage lift now hold that lift and see if you can just flutter like you're swimming shoulders out of the ears belly in pubic bone down using your seat and hamstring four five four big long breaths two and one and release it on down go just rest your back here right engage sure to let your low back just release and then come on back yes now we're gonna go to the side so I want you to rest your hip right along the dome and we're gonna take our body over so just stretch your body over find that nice side stretch and then what I want you to do is take your hand behind your head and just open your heart towards the ceiling inhale here and then allow it to close rotate your chest and then look to your opposite shoulder so notice how completely turning like that and then I come to Center come on up all the way good this way okay so you're gonna take your hands right on top of the dome and you're gonna come to a plank position with your legs sit them distant apart and all I want you to do is pull one knee in stretch that leg long and then drop it down other side pull it in without shifting your weight either side reach it long and drop it down inhale stretch it long exhale inhale exhale one more each side really try not to shift your pelvis at all one more time inhale exhale release down and stretch back good alright so now we have the other side and so let's just move this find your little kernel mermaid position and we stretch it over the dome get a good stretch first over it take your hand behind your head inhale open your heart towards the ceiling and then we're going to do a full twist you're going to exhale and then look behind you one rest your arms and your chief you're getting that full twist and come to Center and lift it up so turn it towards your dome again this time we're going to flip it for our plank so now we have a little bit more of an unstable surface so we're going to come up into plank and then we want to not tilt anything so really find your stability lift your right leg up flex that foot and lower down other side lift it up and flex it down make sure your elbow tips are going to the back of the room with a slight bend in them and flex inhale exhale one more each side really pull your ribs up into your spine one more time inhale exhale drop your knees lower it on down good spin it around again and we're gonna take our elbow up onto the dome we're gonna go to our side again we're gonna lift up into side plank holding it here and just balancing and making sure you don't shrug into your shoulder really pushing your elbow forearm away from the floor or the dome and stretch it here for five four three two one release it down other side you can just turn it I'm just gonna so you can see me turn the whole dome but you can just turn to the back the room and here we go pushing your elbow into the dome as you lift up keep pulling your shoulder away from your ear feel as if you're lifting your ribs and waistline up towards the ceiling for five four three two one lower down turn it around by onto your back placing your feet up onto the dome all right and we're just going to push our heels and our foot into the dome first so feel that engagement to engage the hamstrings then just lift the pelvis up stay right here lift your right leg up towards the ceiling stretch it up to the ceiling now keep your hips lifted flex that foot down and point it up four five four three two one Bethany lower down stabilize squeeze the seat make sure that pubic bone is reaching up towards the sky other leg comes up flex the foot and up inhale exhale four three two nice straight leg one hoping heart lower it down squeeze the seat up lower down an inch up an inch four five four push those heels into the dome stretch your knees behind your toes for two now hold it up for a one stretch your arms up towards the ceiling and soften that chest melt it down through the spine and go ahead and just hug the knees in you can also do that whole series with the dome down that's a little bit more stability but for this purpose we're just going to stretch good huh get in early yourself up to a seated position and let's sit on top of the dome one last time stretching up reaching out flexing your feet just scoop your belly dive it forward roll it on up through the spine two more times inhale exhale and last time roll it up lower those arms scoot it down so that veer in that dome again we're going to pull our belly and we're going to take our hands behind our head you're gonna take one leg up a tabletop really engage your belly here and stretch your leg long as you stretch your leg long make sure your pelvis didn't move pull it back in and lower it down as you shift your legs try not to let your pelvis shift reach pull and bring it in so let's just do like sort of like I'm marching inhale exhale inhale exhale Bend and we reach then and reach in this whole time your belly is pulling okay try not to let it poach out at all keep your ribs sort of flexing under and you're looking at your knees without shifting the pelvis two more each side three more three and we reach and in last time then reach last one ha ha ha ha and release it drop your pelvis down stretch your body over oh you can stretch your legs long if you like you can take your arms out to the sides oh whatever you'd like to do and hang out here as long as you'd like cuz it feels marvelous right uh you can even make sounds when you breathe I find that helps I'm gonna stay here for a little bit so I'll see you later oh yeah be sure to subscribe what you doin leave that tree seems like you're having good time me touch the sky the ground with everything that you

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